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Anderson Cooper --

Haitian Hero

1/19/2010 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper raced to the aid of a badly injured boy in Haiti yesterday -- dropping the camera and carrying the bloodied child away from a violent incident in the middle of a chaotic scene.

Cooper claims he had heard gunfire in the area and raced to see what had happened -- when he noticed some people on the top of a store throwing slabs of concrete down at looters ... one of which smashed a child in the head.

As blood streamed down his face, Cooper carried him to a safer area and handed him off to a local for treatment.

Cooper says he has no idea what happened to the boy.


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How on Earth can anyone say this was staged? AC is obviously a very compassionate man. Like someone else said, people that are saying this is stage must not watch AC because he is such a good person that there is no way he would stage this. Of course he put down the camera because ITS A CAMERA who cares like CNN can't afford a new one?

1735 days ago


Anderson has proven to be the most amazing Journalist ever, God put him on the right place at the right moment, who knows what would have happen to this boy if AC wouln't have been there.
Great job Anderson

1735 days ago


Anderson you are just a great Human and a wonderfull journalist. I take my hat off for you . you are great.

1735 days ago


What AC did is awesome. I mean do you really think he could look on and see the boy hurt and not do anything. I have a feeling they will learn what happened to the boy....hope he got to a doctor.

As for sanjay Gupta, I don't think a doctor could stand by idlelly and not do their thing when people are in dire need in front of them. I think it's instinctive for him

BTW, that Ivan Watson reporter with CNN is a babe.

1735 days ago


I saw this last night... We are so blessed here in the United States. I could not imagine going through what those poor people are going through. God be with them.

1735 days ago


I TRULY ADMIRE THE WORK THAT ANDERSON COOPER AND DR. SANJAY GUPTA ARE DOING IN HAITI !! They have earned my total respect over and over again with their compassion !!! No other news coverage can compare to Anderson Cooper's ! AND HE'S SO HANDSOME !!!

1735 days ago


Yep Im back because words simply cannot explain the amazing job that ANDERSON COOPER, DR. SANJAY GUPTA and the rest of TEAM CNN are doing to help Haiti. KUDOS!!!! KUDOS!!!!

We need more people/organizations to care like they do.

1735 days ago

Get Real!    

@ Butterfly-(10:55am)...VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!

@ Gapeach336-(11:07am)...AMEN!!!!! As for you being a FOXNEWS fan...Thanks for your kind words!!

@ Eastwood-(12:17pm)...It's obvious that these ppl have not experienced such a catastrophy as this...So, until they go through
something that is out of their control and then cry for someone to give them a helping hand, there's no hope for them! Keep living you morons...You will see!!!

1735 days ago


Coop and Gup are the best reporting team ever. Very impressed with their reporting to begin with and even more by their courage and compassion in a very dangerous situation. (I can't wait 'til Geraldo does some crazy grandstanding thing to try to get the attention on himself - it won't work!)

1735 days ago


Well done,AC! I know you didn't do this to be a hero, but you deserve all you get!!

1735 days ago


AC could so easily sit back on soft pillows and thumb through the Social Registry all day long because he is truly entitled as a true blue blooded American aristocracy but he is so cool to actually LIVE life with PASSION and INTELLIGENCE. His dad was waaaay cool and his mom is so creative. Anderson embodies what is all good about a human being because he is a "human doing".

1735 days ago

Reggie in Atlanta    

It is amazing how journalists often times have to be medics, soldiers and counselors. How do you prepare to walk through 100s of dead bodies with the stench of death? What a long way from an ivy league school newspaper.

Awesome job Anderson.

1735 days ago

Just sayin'    

Where are all the losers who always post "Other countries hate America or The whole world hates America" comments? We send money and help and yet people "hate" us?

Hmmm... Well. I don't remember Hati helping us during 911.

1735 days ago

Just sayin'    

If this was a Fox news reporter I doubt you would all be singing his praises...

1735 days ago


Sounds like a good deed, but I would be more convinced of the authenticity if the cameras weren't rolling.
Somebody may be trying to boost ratings.

1735 days ago
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