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Letterman Alleged Extortionist to Stand Trial

1/19/2010 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just rejected Robert Halderman's motion to dismiss the David Letterman extortion case.

Robert Halderman: Click to watch
Halderman is due back in court on March 9.

UPDATE: After leaving court, Halderman's lawyers bailed on him and used a car service -- while Robert walked around for 15 minutes, surrounded by cameras, looking for a cab.

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ray ray    

I am still gay. Is it wrong? Sue me!

1740 days ago

Rip It Up    

This guy's going down....and he'll be doing the same in prison afterwards, too.

1740 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Wow, his mouth disappeared!

1740 days ago


Hope this ripe this jack-off a new ass.

1740 days ago


His lawyers won't even hang with him?


1740 days ago

J C    

His lawyers display the same disinterest and lack of motivation that would occur once the government takes over heatlth care like they did GM and everyone has a bulletproof union job funded by the government.
Scott Brown = Hope (in liberal Mass.)
Vote out the democrats !save America

1740 days ago


He may have been a desperate man, but David Letterman is an old and disgusting man who has likely paid-off his secret paramours to keep them out of the press. This guy's former live-in lover who was having an ongoing sexual relationship with David Letterman is a swine, too. When a man or woman does not maintain integrity in one aspect of their life, they do not maintain integrity in the rest. You couldn't pay me to watch either the David Letterman Show these days.

1740 days ago


Letterman being a leech doesn't excuse a crime.

1740 days ago

Rock Singer    

An absolute MORON

1740 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Mara, David Letterman is a comic.He is an adult entertainer. He neer catered to a children's audience. He NEVER proclaimed himself a pillar of the community,a reat moral man, a Manofthe Cloth,or a politiican.

His wife was a staffer.They finally married after she was the one and only to get him to spit a kid out. They both are older parents. She is not a model/actress/beauty queen,as most of us are not.
HE dated MerylMarkie,something like that way when he started in the early 1980's for a long time.She is some big comic writer.
Letterman was wrong to cont.hisaffair after he legally married this gal, Regina. Sort of seems there was a semi-open relationship there for a while until they got legally married.

Hats off to her,Regina Letterman,and David for always being really private. There are hardly no pics of this woman around.

Letterman had to handle his mess like a man and did and still may get divorced.

Because this guy Emmy winning produer Halderman needs a pass. He is not vicous but clearly depressed, dangerously harmful to others because no telling what he might have done to Letterman's son or his wife. This guy did this extortion thing,so demented, and anyone could have told him, David Letterman does not take crap and lay down.

Halderman is dangerous. Just stupid. Desparate people like that can do desparate things and dangerous criminal things that do bodily harm or be a matter of life and death to others.

THis mand had IT ALL. GREAT career. Health. Good living, somewealth.
That slut trash girlfirend was not wroth the spit onmyshoes.He no longer has her. She was nothing to look at. MEN HAVE IT SO EASY. All he should have done was get her get the hell out.
HE could have found MANY good,career, sucessful, pretty ,good catch,women in 1 week.

1740 days ago


I'm happy this guy is finally getting what's coming to him...but who's the douchebag behind the camera taunting him when he gets in the taxi?...damn.

1740 days ago


Your camera man is annoying as hell. Granted, Robert is a piece of work - but your camera man is complete trash. Just because someone did something wrong doesn't give another human being rights to become a disrespectful piece of dung. You run a very low class operation.

1740 days ago


This guy only did what Gloria Alred and Rachel Ukatel did to Tiger! They got away with it, so should this guy!!!! . . . especially since Letterman's an A@@!

1740 days ago


I meant @SS!

1740 days ago


The no-talent slut Dave was f00king was awful on camera. She'd wear stupid outfits and Dave asks "why are you wearing that?" She'd say "cuz you made me?" and I'd go "Who did she f*ck to get on the show????"

But, I hope they throw the book at the slimeball for trying to get $$ for privacy.

1739 days ago

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