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Charlie Sheen's Wife OK, Court Hearing Still On

1/20/2010 4:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife OK, Court Hearing Still OnTMZ has learned Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's wife, is going to be ok and she still plans to make the trip to Aspen for the hearing on Friday.

Mueller's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ the infection that put her in the hospital today is under control -- an infection she got as a result of oral surgery earlier in the week.

Galanter says Brooke -- who was admitted to the ICU with a fever of 105 -- was pumped full of antibiotics and she should be released today.

Galanter says the goal is for Brooke to make it to the hearing on Friday -- a hearing to modify the protective order that prohibits Charlie from having any contact with Brooke. Galanter says he's not sure if Brooke will be in any condition to travel and it's possible he'll ask the judge to allow her to testify by telephone.

We're also told a motion should be filed shortly in Aspen to allow Charlie to have contact with Brooke, while she's in the hospital.

Charlie went to the hospital a short time ago .. under the protective order he's allowed to be in the same room with wife Brooke Mueller, but technically he can't communicate with her.


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bsb fan    

what kind of sense does that make... he can be in her hospital room, but can't ask if she's okay?

that's so frigging stupid.

1739 days ago


What kind of bull crap is this, Chris Brown is barred from Rhianna for 5 years, but repeat offender Sheen can come and go as he please.

The Judge in the chrisanna case must know OPRAH.

1739 days ago

J Mills    

Wait a minute - she's so bad she's admitted to ICU but in less than 48 hours she can get on a plane and fly to Colorado - somethings not adding up here.

1739 days ago


Heidi Montage should study that photo. Look! Someone with a life story, emotions, thoughts, ideas, hopes, desires, regrets, pain, pleasure, and EXPRESSION! Wowsa! Yes, all that INSTEAD of being a pointless 0-dimensional moronic retard like Heidi. No news at 11.

1739 days ago



1739 days ago


Ain't karma a bitch!

1739 days ago


This story is BS. There is NO WAY she was admitted in the middle of the night INTO ICU with 105 fever and she's going home today. This is a cover for something else going on.

1739 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Oh yeah. This all sounds about right.


1739 days ago


Whatever works for them should be OK with everyone else!

1739 days ago


I don't believe she had a fever of 105. She died 3 times too, right?

1739 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

TMZ uses the best photos of

1739 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Love whoever it is at TMZ who picks these Brooke fotos. The one with the O-face is awesome, this one is priceless.
Hang in Charlie, kick her to the curb with some cash THEN MAKE BETTER VAGINA CHOICES!

1739 days ago


Someone said, "how do you go from being in ICU to going home all in the same day? Must be some miracle antibiotic, to go from having a fever of 105 to being all better and going home in a matter of a few hours."

Yes, an antibiotic can work that fast. Each generation of one-celled pathogens is generally about 20 minutes long, so the antibiotic makes a serious dent in the population quickly. I've had the same experience with a bad urinary tract infection that gave me high fever, confusion, etc. - a half hour or so after getting the antibiotic, I was alert and normal temperature. With the relapse a few weeks later (just as bad as the original disease, but I got to a regular doctor rather than being dragged unwillingly to a hospital) -- by the time I left the doctor's office after an injection of two antibiotics, I was obviously walking and talking much better. That was probably after just a couple of microbeastie generations.

Being in the ICU doesn't necessarily mean you're on your deathbed - it often just means that they want to monitor you carefully for a while to make sure things are okay. They put me in one after getting me on an antibiotic, and I was really fine, just couldn't move with all the monitoring devices attached. I could have (and really should have) gone home instead with a bottle of pills and been even better, since then I could have slept and eaten non-allergenic food. All the stories comedians tell about hospitals are true - they don't let you sleep, and in my case they had no idea how to feed a vegetarian allergic to eggs, dairy, and tomato. I was begging for at least a can of beans, since I'd hardly eaten anything for the previous 2 1/2 weeks (thought it was the flu) and was a tad low on protein, but the hospital kitchen only had overcooked green beans. Hospitals are awful places for sick people and convalescents!

1739 days ago

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