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Michael Lohan's Ex Won't Be Prosecuted

1/20/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: We spoke to the court, and officials tell us the judge has ordered Erin to be a good girl -- plus complete community service and a court ordered program -- for one year before the charge is officially dismissed.

Erin Muller
is officially off the hook for allegedly kicking her ex Michael Lohan in the head last year. She's off the hook for two reasons. First, the misdemeanor charge filed against her has been dismissed. Second, Michael probably deserved it.

As we first reported, Michael claimed he tried to stop Erin from driving on November 14 because she was too "drunk and high" -- that's when she allegedly kicked him in the head.

A judge in New York's Nassau County Court dismissed the criminal case against Erin this AM. Michael's restraining order against Erin was unaffected by the ruling.

Erin recently filed papers claiming she's the real victim -- accusing Michael of abusing her over a dozen times between 2007 and 2008 ... including a kick to her lady region. Michael has denied her allegations.

Love ... it's a beautiful thing.


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Joe Miller    

Though Michael Lohan is a piece of dirt (too keep it clean), I don't believe a word Erin Muller says to anyone. She's sooo full of excrement that her eyes turned brown! She should of been prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Now, if she were a man, she would have been prosecuted!

1738 days ago


Lohan should be prosecuted for impersonating a human being.

1738 days ago


I thought kicking Michael Lohan in the head automatically got you a key to the city.

1738 days ago


I guess RiRi deserved it a well? I'll remember you said the next time a woman is punched in the face..WTF Double Standard or what..Let's make a joke when a woman beats on a man but reverse that and the world comes down on your head if a man so much a pushes a woman.

1738 days ago


"Michael Lohan" means:
M - most
I - imposing
C - condemned
H - hideous
A - A-hole
E - extemporaneously
L - liberating
L - laughter
O - obnoxiously
H - hoarse
A - and
N - nauseous

1738 days ago


I have an excellent fund raising idea. $50.00 to kick Michael Lohan in the head. I would sign up for 20 shots right off the bat

1738 days ago


Put them in a room together (maybe a double-wide room) with some whiskey. Let them slug it out. Hopefully they will at least both lose the functionality of their reproductive organs. Lindsay could referee the fight, providing she doesn't pass out before the participants. Put the whole thing on TV. Yea. Great stuff. Good thing we don't have smell-o-vision yet.

1738 days ago


I wonder which one is telling the truth, Lohan or Muller?

1738 days ago

Joe Miller    

Q: How can you tell that a woman is lying?
A: Her lips are moving!

1738 days ago



1738 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This man is a nobody he is a pest like s*hit on your shoe the smell won't go away just like him. Stop giving this wanker any kind of publicity

1738 days ago

oh jeez    

To What a Crock
Dear What a Crock AKA Michael Lohan,

Erin Muller hasn't said a word. It pisses you off doesn't it? Why else would you freak out so badly that you don't believe a word she says. She hasn't said anything. Only you have, and NO ONE believes a word you say. So go move to CA and leave her alone. Get a life and stop hanging around and trying to make her life miserable. It isn't working. You are nothing but a 50 year old loser. You, your family and even Abbey knows this!

1738 days ago

Erin's friend pissed off in NY    

First off THESE were FALSE CHARGES that were pressed against Erin....judges just dont DISMISS charges for NO reason! It is NOT a double standard! She NEVER KICKED the son of a bitch in the head in the first place...morons!!!!

There were police reports pictures to back up his abuse submitted to the judge, not to mention the man calls out all his EX-friends to the freaking boxing ring for his "Celebrity" boxing matches! So cool! NOT!

She will have HER day in court.....there is much more to come.....just wait and see...........

1738 days ago


Warning to people around the vicinity of Michael Lohan: you may be sued, arrested ,used, abused, spied on, lied to, betrayed, dumped, attacted, falsly accused, etc, ect. I could go on and on. I have never read about anyone so foul in my entire life! What a d-bag!

1643 days ago

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