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Conan O'Brien, NBC - Still No Settlement

1/21/2010 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien's negotiations with NBC are dragging on ....

Sources say they thought the deal would be wrapped up Wednesday night, but it didn't happen. As we reported, the outstanding issue involves an additional $600,000 in severance Conan wants NBC to pay his staff.

We're told NBC has made it clear to Conan -- if he agrees not to raise other issues, NBC will capitulate on giving the staff more money.

Sources now say they think a deal can be struck Thursday morning. We'll see.

NBC has already agreed to pay Conan $32.5 million. His executive producer will get $4.5 million and the rest of the staff will get a total of $7.5 million.

NBC, we're told, still views the deal as a bargain, because in the 55-year history of "The Tonight Show," a full year with Conan would have been the first year NBC did not score a profit off the show.


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and you know this    

first biaches

1734 days ago


i'm suuposed to feel sorry for Conan????? He's making BIG bucks out of all this! And his ratings of the Tonight show where awful, he should be lucky he got anything.

1734 days ago

a guy    

I am, and always will be a fan of Conan, and I am on his side in this debacle...but...the guy got paid off 32 million. If he threw out, say just 2 million, to his staff to split up, he's still friggin rich. I am no saint, but if it was me, I figure "heck, I'll still have 30 million left over, here, you guys take it. You helped make my show."

1734 days ago


I think this is something we should keep the children from following, it wouldn't be right to expose them to this.

However, he has done much worse like the story about him putting mayonaise in that prostitutes bum crack and watching the fart bubbles contaminate it so much that it slowly turned brown.

That was just sick, I don't like this man and want him locked up for life!

1734 days ago

NBC executives thinks they had a good deal, giving no-talent Conan 40 million for a few months' work. It's time for him to screw FOX now.

1734 days ago


I bet he's dragging it out to sign on his last show. OR rip up his old contract on his last show.

1734 days ago


Alternate hypothesis: Conan is dragging it out so that he CAN trash NBC right up to the end. Only then will he sign.

1734 days ago


Why should Conan have to pay anything to the employees of NBC? They had to move to LA and then got fired after 7 months. And once again, as if it hasn't been BANGED into everyone's heads enough- the reason Conan has low ratings is because JAY has low ratings: he caused the Local NBC affiliate stations to lose ratings-(which is why they demanded NBC get rid of him at 10) and that in turn caused Conan to have low ratings.

1734 days ago


Conan O'Brien will always be known as the guy who lost the Tonight Show and got fired because his ratings were so low.

1734 days ago


I don't think he HAS to pay his employees (not NBC's, there's a difference) a thing if he doesn't want to.

I just think I'd be nice if he did so he can end all this silly bickering between himself and NBC. It's only playing into their hands and allowing them to make him look like a selfish brat.

I know he's not but that's the way NBC will keep spinning this the longer it drags out. Let's just be done with this already. Please.

1734 days ago


The reason NBC is losing money on the Tonight Show is not because of Conan, but because Zucker made a horrible decision and put Leno on five nights a week at 10 pm.

Leno lost to Letterman at first too until he got lucky.

I wouldn't say Conan got lucky since NBC is screwing him, but it has provided a spark and his ratings have improved. If they left him on, he'd probably be profitable.

But instead he'll be profitable for Fox or whoever is smarter than NBC.

And Leno might get a larger audience (though he might not since even more people dislike him now), but not in the demo they desire.

NBC shouldn't have even resisted another $600,000 for his staff. Even when they're losing money, it is just a rounding error. It is just one more example of how they've completely botched this.

1734 days ago


I can't believe people want to see Leno's stale yuk yuk jokes and predictable humor. I don't think Leno will ever recover from this, and the Tonight Show with Leno is not going to bring the ratings/revenue that NBC expects (hopes).

Supporting Conan all the way!

1734 days ago


I think I'll contact every advertiser on the Tonight Show when Jay Leno is back, and let them know that I won't be buying their products while they continue to sponsor his regime.

1734 days ago


You just don't get it! TV is just a "advertising vehicle". The higher the ratings, the higher the ad dollars. Lower ratings mean lower ad dollars. Bottom Line---Conan (whether you like him or not) wasn't pulling in the ratings vs Leno. Its nothing personal. Its a BUSINESS. And if people think NBC has been treating him unfairly, you have to really open your eyes a bit. Conan has been fortunate over the past 17 years of having a late night talk show. 17 years to prepare. More specifically, Conan has had the last 5 years to prepare to have a GREAT show that could pull in numbers/ratings. It didn't happen. So, what will happen is simple---pull Conan, replace with Leno (as long as Letterman is on, so will Leno). Conan will probably go to FOX. But, I think that maybe Letterman will approach him , offer him the Craig Ferguson position, with the promise that he could take over his show in about 2 years or so. ABC would be smart to cancel Nightline and put Conan on to lead into Jimmy Kimmel. The question would be whether Conan will want to play second to Kimmel or Letterman. We shall see. To me, it doesn't matter. I don't get hooked on anyone in particular. It is a TV show. that's all it is. A fancy "dazzle" so that advertisers can hock their crap to us in hopes that we open up our wallets and buy something. And--I don't feel sorry for Conan. Come on----$30 Million payout (Golden Parachute) in a screwed up economy with high unemployment, layoffs and foreclosures....Conan has NOTHING to complain about. If he does, I want HIS Job!!!!!

1734 days ago


Ok seriously, O'Brien's moaning and b*tching and endless "I'll be available for children's parties soon"-jokes are starting to really annoy me. Ok ok, NBC breached contract, but "for his troubles" he gets a staggering $32M "golden handshake" and his whole staff have to share a few hundred thousand. I can't believe they'd feel loyal to him any longer, without them (the writers, for one) his show would be nothing.

And BESIDES - he did the same tired act (old dog doesn't learn new tricks) he had on Late Night...and it wasn't funny anymore. Andy Richter was painfully unfunny. Good riddance, I say.

1734 days ago
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