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Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag -- Total Manure

1/22/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is a total fraud -- and so is the horse he rode in on.

Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag

On last night's show, Conan claimed he blew $4.8 million dollars on a gag in which he trotted out Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird -- problem is, Conan's horse wasn't the REAL Derby winning horse ... of course, of course.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watchTMZ spoke with Mine That Bird's trainer, Chip Woolley, who told us, "That was not the real Mine that Bird last night, it was an imposter."

Woolley added, "The real Mine That Bird is up at the ranch in New Mexico resting up before he gets back to racing in the summer."

One thing is definitely real -- NBC really will seriously have to pay up after Conan played a long clip of a Rolling Stones song in a similar attempt to blow NBC's budget.


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If Conan is hurting the station so much with all his nonsense and it is not just a publicity stunt, then why doesn't NBC cut him off...just run an xtra rerun..Conan should just grow up and get a little class. People in America are getting let go daily and do not get paid ridiculous sums of money to leave. Conan is set for life financially..he should be thankful and stop acting like a child. It is not funny and not cute and very boring. Everything is always about Conan..not the guests..he loves the attention..he is awful.

1704 days ago


To the person calling others "moron" and "idiot" does not get it either! This "joke" could be at a high expense for my friends, the owners of "The Bird". Yes it has put their horse back in the lime light briefly, however, they knew nothing of this stunt. Not cool! Foreigners interested in buying horses do not understand some of our American humor! Also my first posting was within minutes of the story being broke by TMZ and yes many people were not sure it was actually a joke.

1704 days ago


I get that all this crap is a joke and done in the name of comedy but problem is that he is just NOT funny and never was. Way too egotistical and too busy trying to get attention for himself.

Can we please get off this subject now??? Been quite awhile and extremely boring. These guys are all wealthy and this whole thing is so tedious. There must be something else going on in the world to concentrate on...ya think?? People get let go every big deal. Shows change every day and no one gets this much attention..enough already..let it go please.

1704 days ago



1704 days ago


Do any of you have real jobs, with real bosses? When you accept a transfer and promotion in any job, you agree to the risk and chance of failure. You are also subject to the whims and wishes of your company. Everyone is. Then when you leave that company, you do not bad mouth and act like a little child. Man, this has been milked for all it's worth and then some. There is no way Conan can turn this mess into success. I am embarrassed for him. A small number will watch a new show, but then it will be back to the usual small numbers. There's enough money to share with his staff if he feels the millions NBC gave them isn't enough. Stop poor mouthing in this economy.

1704 days ago


Geez, what a bunch of marroons!!!

I didn't see the bit, but I am a huge Conan fan, so I 'get' his humor. He isn't wasting any of NBC money. He didn't spend millions on a horse, and he's not causing any financial hardship to NBC, he's just messing around, with NBC's blessing. They may not like his humor, but they know his little gags and stunts are not costing them what they appear to the uninitiated or just plain stupid. NBC, like all networks has legally binding contracts in place, that curb what one of their employees can get away with. They're letting Conan have his little snubs and gags, and they're thrilled that everyone is tuning in to see what enormous amounts of 'NBC money' Conan is wasting.

And you dipsticks who think the money should go to Haiti, get a CLUE, there is no money wasted.

1704 days ago


He just seems bitter and whiny now. His image as just a nice funny guy has been spoiled. I wouldn't even watch him on FOX. He's getting 32 million, why should we feel sorry for him. He needs to move on and stop bitching!

1704 days ago


You Conan-haters need to get your heads out of your bum... it's not just him...

Every late night comedian, and I mean EVERYBODY, is making anti-NBC jokes. It has nothing to do with being a poor sport.

Leno, Letterman, Ferguson, Colbert, Kimmel - they all have been making "NBC sucks" jokes all week.

NBC has become a big showbiz joke throughout this whole fiasco - it's THE big showbiz story of the past two weeks - so of course Conan and Leno and Letterman and everybody else is going to rake them through the coals. That's their job.

1704 days ago

The Skizzler    

Oh! I get it!
(awkward smirk)

1704 days ago

SoCal Gal    

Conan is showing just what a jerk he is. Millions of people have been fired the last couple of years with nothing but a final paycheck if that. Yet Conan is getting paid 35+ million to act like a spoiled brat bitching every opportunity he gets. NBC should have turned the light out on him last Friday after they say how he was acting. Get a clue Conan. I hope Fox and others think twice before giving him a contract and a forum in the future.

1704 days ago


Conan is a self-righteous jerk and is glad he is leaving. Maybe he would like to give up half of his 45 million deal to the Haiti relief victims. It is the least he could do for all the money is wasting attempting to stick it to NBC. I hope everyone realizes it is us the consumers that will end up paying for it, NBC will raise their franchise fees to offset, as all businesses would, and it will pay down to us from there. I never cared for him,(could stand his ego) way before all of this started. Thank God we had Letterman to fill in the slack, I was a strict Leno fan, but now will probably split it up a bit. I couldn't see Jay or Dave pulling all this junk, they are gentlemen for all general purposes.

1704 days ago

mr t    

Read his contract, there was no time clause . He was asked to start 30 minutes later to help both shows. He now gets millions while his staff is out of a job. nbc didn't put them out of a job. Conan did. His actions just added to the unemployed.

1704 days ago


All of you mentioning Haiti as a reason for Conan being a jerk should all get your heads checked.

THEY ARE ALL JOKES. No REAL money was spent on the bits. He has used a portion of his show every night to mention Haiti and bring awareness to Ben Stiller's charity for it.

If you want to have a serious conversation about how dare he take 33 million dollars in this tragedy, then someone needs to get me a list of EVERY movie star who signed a contract these past few weeks. I bet they are about to make millions too on movies you are going to enjoy this summer/fall. So if you want to attack Conan for it.. Fine but don't act like he's the only celebrity/millionaire who signed a lucrative contract this week. He is just the only one in the news.

1704 days ago


Oh my god, you mean it wasn't really the Kentucky Derby winner in a mink snuggy??? Next you're going to tell me that Amy Poehler isn't really Andy's little sister... and that the Masturbating Bear is just a guy in a suit...

The intelligence of this website astounds me.

1704 days ago


The only thing that made it funny was making the audience think he actually bought the derby winner.

The bit was about spending NBCs money on nothing.

If he didn't actaully buy the horse, it wasn't funny.

Of course Conan has never been funny before, which is why he is gone.

1704 days ago
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