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Lawyer for Matt Kemp's Ex -- Abuse Was Real

1/23/2010 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt KempThe ex-girlfriend of Matt Kemp -- the L.A. Dodger who is currently dating R&B star Rihanna -- is lashing out at Kemp's people, claiming they are lying about a relationship that was abusive and threatening.

David D. Diamond, Felisha Terrell's attorney, tells TMZ he's pissed off that Kemp's agent is now saying Terrell lied in her 2008 restraining order application against Kemp.

Terrell claimed Kemp was verbally abusive and threatening, but both sides ultimately agreed to drop the matter.

When news of the restraining surfaced earlier this week, Kemp's agent told one outlet, "She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it based on the fact that the statements made within were false."

Diamond says his client never lied: "The temporary restraining order was granted because of an actual and real threat. The matter was quietly resolved until Mr. Kemp's agent began making false public statements."

Diamond adds, "...my hope is that Ms. Terrell tells her story, because it is a compelling tale of betrayal, abuse and survival."

Calls to Kemp's agent were not returned.

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It makes absolute sense that Rihanna would get involved with another abuser. Google it and check the stats. And guess what, girls, it ain't you! Abusive men seek YOU out. Believe it. Check it out for yourself. If you are being abused, get out now! If you are "staying for the children", no you are not. You are staying for yourself. If you really want to save your kids, LEAVE NOW! Google "No Contact Rule" and "Abusive Men" or "Why women won't leave abusive men." Kids raised where they are exposed to violence or ridicule of their mother by their father or any number of the different forms abuse takes, the chances are your children will grow up to be abusers or abused because it is the only thing they know and will feel most comfortable in bad situations. Do the right thing for yourself. He Will NEVER change. Only 1%!!!! of abusers EVER recover and that is only after self-realization and years of therapy. If he won't do that, get rid of him.

1734 days ago


Oh great.....just what Rhianna needs. Another abuser!!!!

1734 days ago


There is a pattern and sadly most people don't change. Whether it's true or not this is not a good look for Rihanna. As a celebrity, you have little girls looking up to you a role model (not a chosen position but part of the price for fame). Get it together ladies. I'd rather be alone that with some trifling man. And Rihanna needs therapy also. You don't bounce from one man to the next. Take some time and heal - become a stronger person for your sake!

1734 days ago


riri likes drama..she's okay with it..

1734 days ago

jane doe    

I know Matt personally and well and know for certain that the story that is being put out on him is significantly fabricated. Read the fine print. This woman was hoping for a huge payout. He is a genuinely good person with nothing but love for men, women, and children. It's sad that in order to get a good media story, someone's life and all that they have worked for has to be so severely damaged. Please consider this before you tear this person apart. I promise you he doesn't deserve this.

1734 days ago


Re: #4 - My husband and I personally knew a couple for 20 years!!! and only found out last year he has been abusing her since they met. They hide their behavior!!! He sounded to us like the nicest guy, always wanting us to visit when she could participate and all that, but we found out he was slugging his wife in the chest and SPITTING in her face, he was ganging up their kids on her, he ABUSED her without ANY OF HIS OR THEIR FRIENDS BEING AWARE! It's what happens behind closed doors. If they advertised it, they wouldn't have any friends at all.

1734 days ago


Whose partner is perfect??? The media should stay out of her personal life and stop trying to run off every man she could have a healthy potential future with!
I think Matt is an overall great guy... and we don't know the whole story, it's probably fabricated.
Matt's past doesn't mean he hasn't change. His past doesn't mean he'll abuse Rihanna. SMH

1734 days ago

jane doe    

#5: I get where you are going with that, but I know because I dated Matt myself, and I stand behind my statement. He is a generous, sweet, gentle, fun-loving, guy who loves his mother, his family and the Lord tremendously. I feel for him for what he is going through right now and just want him to find peace through all this. For everyone else this is just a fun celebrity scandal, for Matt and his family, this is a a real life nightmare. I ask for people to remember that and cut them all some slack. Thanks.

1734 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Everyone of you phony crybaby broads can go screw yourselves. My ex-wife is now out and about with new random gentlemen friends and ROUTINELY throwing drinks in their faces when she is drunk and argumentative. And don't bother telling me I didn't choose the right woman. She's a bead counting Catholic and sings in the church choir in Des Moines Iowa.

So I guess that makes her a church going HORMONAL MANIAC...

So why does she treat men this way???

One reason:

Because she can get away with it. None of her new gentleman friends have fought back.


And funny... it's worth noting that my old lady never threw a drink in MY FACE.

And gosh. I wonder why???

1734 days ago


She needs to chose more carefully who she lets in her life!

1734 days ago

sayy it aint so    

WHAT EVER HAPPEN WITH MATT AND THE THEN GIRLFRIEND IS OVER NOW, AND ITS SUPECT THAT IT IS BEING BROUGHT UP AT THIS TIME AND RIGHT NOW. natt and that chick did not work out just like rihanna and cb did not work and there are people looking all under rocks for something on this fellow matt and all of you needs to fall all the way back because its none of your darn business in the first place!!!!

1734 days ago

sayy it aint so    

why are these lawyers for matts ex grasping after straws. if it was such a bif deal she would have gladly told her story when it first happen to her, are she upset that she has losed two ballers and can't seem to get any traction??? what is wrong with her in the first place??? why are they bothering matt kemp at this time in the game??????

1734 days ago


Media Take Out got a story about him being accused of raping some girl with other athletes when he was 17! He was not charged with anything. Sometimes women lie and sometimes these up and coming athletes pay these women off. I am glad that this lady has her lawyer out there to fight for her name.

Matt Kemp seemed to want publicity, first he dated Latoya Luckett and then he was out groping Rihanna's behind while looking directly into the cameras! He had a big grin on his face like "I HIT THE JACKPOT WITH THIS HO!!!" Soon after, he had his agent put out a statement that he was not in a relationship with Rihanna--and not dating her even. I thought that was uncalled for.

Well, how do you like the publicity now, Matt? Haha!! I think it's called karma!!!!

1734 days ago


It's very common for those closest to the abuser not to have any idea it's going on. Except, for the women he's hurting, of course. Rihanna is young and still immature IN ALL THINGS. I pray she looks for the warning signs, listens to her instincts, and RUNS when she knows she should. God Bless Rihanna.

1734 days ago

sayy it aint so    

why is his es lawyers trying to dig up the pass which is already gone that is yesterday news , and they know it matt has moved on and matt relationship with his ex is over why did she not bring this up before he and rihanna started dating,,, matt needs to sue her for her mess. she need to know that she can not make no one love her if they do not want her no more ,,, and you are telling me that this girl could not hold on to two high profile ballers why did she break up with owens??? why couldn't she hold on to him??? i wonder what mr owens has to say about this lonely girl,,, shes just pissed because she see matt moving on with his life and with a beautiful, very talented, sex pot named rihanna, and she can not stand it!!!!!shes jealous as all get out!!!

1734 days ago
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