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Hopper's Wife: He Smokes Pot in Front of Our Kid

1/25/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis HopperDennis Hopper allegedly smokes pot in front of his six-year-old daughter and once threatened to kill his soon-to-be ex-wife ... this according to legal docs in the couple's divorce.

Victoria Hopper
has had legal papers drafted in an attempt to get custody of the couple's daughter, Galen, plus child and spousal support.

In the docs, Victoria claims Dennis is very sick from his battle with prostate cancer and has been smoking medicinal marijuana ... sometimes in front of Galen.

Victoria also claims Dennis "threatened to 'end' [Victoria] if [she] ever tried to leave him" and that he has left loaded weapons -- including a pistol and a shotgun -- within reach of Galen.

Victoria also claims in the documents, obtained by The Daily Beast, that Dennis has told her he doesn't actually want to get a divorce -- and that she believes his family members are controlling him in order to cut her out financially.


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1730 days ago


My cousin who doesn't have cancer gets medical marijuana in LA. I don't know how. He such a loser and works as little as possible in his whole 40 years.

1730 days ago


Shes an American female, she married for money. This isnt news.

1730 days ago


...Maybe she shoulda been rollin the poor man up a DUECE FATTIE...instead of standing around in the room gettin high with the 6 year old! I love the way people holler about pot smoking in front of the kids AFTER they leave someone...I mean its not like she was pullin the fire alarm whats up NOW?

1730 days ago


2. My cousin who doesn't have cancer gets medical marijuana
in LA. I don't know how. He such a loser and works as little as possible in his whole 40 years.

Posted at 5:07PM on Jan 25th 2010 by befuddled

Do YOU smoke pot, Befuddled? Because what the hell does this have to do with someone dying of cancer who is smoking pot and what do we care that "your cousin" is such a loser? Thanks for your meaningless two cents.

1730 days ago


I hope Dennis gets his divorce before he dies, since that is what he wants.
It's his money. She'll still get the kid anyhow, and $$ to care for her.

1730 days ago


Some father he is!!

1730 days ago


Nothing like kicking someone when there dying. If she's so worried about him smoking in front of the little girl why doesn't she take her out of the room or out of the house. Same with the guns where the hell are you when all this is going on standing there with your note pad and calculator?

1730 days ago


Vincent D'onofrio just died of a heart attack while on the set of his new indie film "Chlorine". This just happened minutes ago.

1730 days ago


Didn't take the money grabbing wife long to challenge the divorce.

And there is a BIG difference between doing illegal drugs, getting drunk, hitting your spouse etc and smoking medical marijuana by someone who has a serious illness in front of kids. The kids knew Dad was sick and smoking was something that made him feel better - hopefully the kids knew this. I just love all of the idiots who come out complaining about medical pot use, but, they get drunk off their butts and scream at their kids etc and think that's fine.

1730 days ago


Listen people, the man is dying from cancer, if smoking prescribed cannabis in front of his daughter is the worst accusation his vindictive wife can come up with, well, that says a lot.

1730 days ago


I have met his wife and she is one cold bitch. When he was first being treated she was so bored she couldn't see straight. She thought she should be the one being waited on, not him. Trust me, he should have gottne rid of her years ago. This is one nasty, cold lady.

1730 days ago


He just figured out she's a money grubbing skank? I hope he gets his divorce and can live out the rest of his days in peace.

1730 days ago


naming a girl galen is just wrong

1730 days ago


Denis is the original bad boy. Most people over 12 know this. So she is just pissed because on his death bed he hates her.

1730 days ago
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