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Khloe to Barack Obama -- I'm a Big, Big Fan

1/25/2010 5:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dateline Washington, D.C. Time: 3:08 PM. Subject: Decline of Western Civilization. Khloe Kardashian gets face time with President Barack Obama.

Khloe Kardashian and Barack Obama
We kid. Khloe is there because her husband, Lamar Odom, is there with his L.A. Lakers teammates to celebrate their 2009 NBA championship.

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you mean the #1 loser

1731 days ago


Love the president... don't like the trash in front if him. He needs to get rid of it like that hillbilly, redneck Bush family.

1731 days ago


I thought she met all the Laker players already? You mean to tell me that one of them is a ghetto organizer? Well I guess she's running with the right crew then. Why are none of the other Laker Wives in any pictures, oh wait, none of them are filming a "fake for tv" reality ho show!! Seriously though, she could have left the kneepads at home, she may have bamboozled a ugly Laker player, but she forgot Obama is half white, half black! Perhaps Mr. Clinton is near by!! REALLY???

1731 days ago


So which ones the entertainer and which one is our president? 2012.....over and out.

1731 days ago


Gotta love the people that whine, cry, whine, cry. It's all the President's fault. blah blah blah. After spending years driving in your Japanese or German cars, listening to your Chinese-built iPods, calling techs in India for help with your PC's that were built in Malaysia, overspending for toys and gadgets instead of saving, driving up real estate prices with wildly overinflated values and ridiculously boneheaded financing...

Housing a wreck, is our economy is a wreck, and we're at war. All of which, happened BEFORE Obama got in office. Incredibly, People are still screaming for Sarah Palin. She's just as superficial and conniving as you claim Obama is. She can't even control her own kids from hooking up and getting knocked up by a guy who should be considered for Jersey Shore season 2 and posed for Playgirl. So she can hunt a moose and talk real folksy. Yeah, that's who I want running the country. Those qualifications nailed it. What? Oh, you say she was a State Governor? Would that be the state with less people than most large cities and the post she abandoned because she couldn't take the pressure (and realized the grass, as in money, was greener in exploiting her overnight celebrity)? The sad part is, you never hear anyone saying "McCain should have won". It's always "Palin", despite the fact that he could run circles around her in experience. Why is that? Could it be that McCain dared to extend his hand to the man you so bitterly hate while Palin was off working crowds into a hate-filled frenzy yelling "lynch him"? TMZ is full of racists. That much is obvious. Obama hasn't been perfect his first year. And he has ticked me off more than a little bit with some of his about-faces. Truth be told, if he doesn't grow a pair and quit being afraid to shake things up as he promised, I very well might vote differently in 2012. But rest assured, it won't be for a "you betcha" saying, moose hunting, hate-spreading, former beauty contestant who can't even control her own kids. There are quite a few much more qualified candidates out there. People want to vote for her to stick a middle finger after losing the last election. Then, when she gets in there and preemptively nukes China or Russia during one of her "oooh, what does this big red button do" moments, you'll be back to whining and crying again. Oops, no you won't, because you'll be vaporized.

1731 days ago


She's so ugly. Really is this the best she could do to meet the president? And why the hell is she there anyways? This is an honor for the Lakers not their damn relatives. I wonder what she's gonna do when Lamar gets his ass traded to another team in another state because his game sucks.

1731 days ago


She must have gotten that smashed face from her REAL daddy's side

1731 days ago


Hey Obama DO YOUR JOB!!!!! He was elected to lead this country and so far he has not done a darn thing other than ignore the people of this country to forward his own Progressive agenda. And anyone who wants to argue with me that he is anything but a Progressive needs a real history lesson. Progressives are KNOWN for IGNORING what it is the people want and so far Obama has done a wonderful job at ignoring what the majority of people want and what the majority of people do not want. Instead the crap coming out of this administration makes no sense what soever.Like the spin they have put on MA voting a Republican into office for the first time in 40 years-the WH is saying that MA were just so angry with the last 8 years that they voted that way Huh? The voters are so mad at Bush,who is a Republican,that they voted a Republican into Ted Kennedy's seat. Makes no sense what so ever. Obama is pathetic,he doesn't have a clue,he's a liar who has not done a darn thing he said he would do and he and his cronies are nothing but a bunch of bullying thugs. Enjoy the next three years in office Obama because come 2012 your butt will be voted out.

1731 days ago


Why the need to bash PRESIDENT OBAMA because he is gracious enough to take time to shake hands with yet another constituent? As for #2 douchebag comment "he created this mess" uh dummy DUBBYA did for 8 years...PRESIDENT OBAMA INHERITED THIS MESS. At least he is trying to clean it up. Who cares what anyone thinks, face it, he is doing his job. He has gotten more accomplished in less than 1 year than MANY. Nobody is perfect and if he wants to greet that Klo Odom so what? You are just jealous that YOU haven't met him. Get over it!!! HE IS THIS COUNTRY'S PRESIDENT FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!!!!!

1731 days ago


To busy publicizing himeself AS ALWAYS... get over yourself Obama and TRY to fix this mess you created...or better yet step back and put a republican back in office that achually knows what their doing instead of basing his term on publicity...

1731 days ago



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1731 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

Hey Erica - you dimwit - the Bush family is blue blood. Your getto love affair with the Kenyan Born racist is pretty apparant.

The background of the Bushes is much more elevated than anyone would realize if they had not seen the Bush pedigree. Not only are they descended from kings and queens, but their wives are also, and they are related to other former U.S. presidents, who are also descended from royalty.

George Herbert Walker Bush has three lines that go back to King Edward I of England. He also is descended from King Henry I and King Henry II, both of England, and William I and Robert II, both of Scotland.

Bush has common ancestors with 15 American presidents: Washington, Fillmore, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Cleveland, both Roosevelts, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon and Ford.

Oh and by the way - our economy went down when the Democratic Congress took control. Try educating yourself.

1731 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

2010 and 2012 can not come fast enough! The State of Michigan is facing almost a 20% unemployment rate! It doubled under the messiah. The President, the House and the Senate has sent this country spinning out of control - not Bush Administration - the Obama Administration! The biggest culprits is the Pelosi and Reid! They have been in office longer than Oblamea - THAT is when the economy started taking a dive.

1731 days ago


that's nice Barrack is having a good time, meanwhile the country he has yet to visit is still in ruins, Go to Haiti Barrack, if it was Bush he would have been there a day or two after the quake!!!!!

1731 days ago


Can you do a side by side of Khloe and Monica Lewinsky please?

1731 days ago
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