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Denise Richards: Charlie Called Collect from Jail

1/26/2010 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Christmas call to his ex-wife Denise Richards came collect -- and from jail -- this according to Denise.

Denise Richards: Click to watch
On today's "Oprah," Denise said Charlie called to talk to their daughters after he was arrested on domestic abuse charges Christmas morning in December.

Denise added Sheen flung "a lot of verbal abuse" towards her when they were married -- but he never hit her.


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I watched the Oprah show and denise lied SO BAD when she said she only dated heather Locklear's estranged husband, Richi Sambora because she and Heather were "no longer friends"... LYING WITCH!! A few weeks before she snagged Richie she was out with heather onNEW YEARS a limo and everything..painting the town they cried over their lousy marriages..heather to Richie and Denise to Charlie...although I admit that she came off well when she bull crappped Oprah today the fact is she pretended to be a great and loyal friend to Heather and she was stealong Richie right under her nose. She thinks we are all idiots and don't remember that their friendship lated RIGHT UP until the last second she stole Richie. Fortunately, Richie is not an idiot and quickly saw through her and dumped her..but Denise..stop lying woman....Charlie may not be a saint but neither are YOU....If you had a problem with his sluttiness, prostitures and horn-dog behavior then you shouldn't have married a guy who ADMITTED to spending a fortune on PROSTITUTES all through his life..or id you REALLY think he would change just because he met you???????????

1732 days ago


Oprah has put on weight.

1732 days ago

um, no thanks    

How much money do you think he sends that woman every month for child support and then when he calls and ask to speak to their kids they said no, they would talk to him later.

Those kids sound well adjusted, par for the course I guess.

1732 days ago


All calls from jails must be made collect, trust me been there and done that.

1732 days ago


Denise also told Oprah that he pushed and shoved her (but didn't hit her). OMG he is such a punk and a dangerous one at that. He shot Kelly Preston and beat up another girl. The children need to be closely supervised around him because who knows when he's going to snap again.

1732 days ago

really now    

So , here is my question ..... Would Denise Richards be on Oprah's show if Charlie Sheen was'nt arrested ? hmmm.........

1732 days ago


Hey Heather, is that you

1732 days ago



1732 days ago


What would you have done to yourself if you would have been born a man, Women Rule Over Men?

Besides not having a different perspective you would probably be the opposite and say that men rule over women!

It's funny how they still use the word women with m-e-n being the last three letters to describe their sex.

Why haven't you feminists found a word to describe yourselves without the m-e-n or m-a-n in your categorization?

1732 days ago


Once again no career Denise is there with her mouth wide open. Why is Oprah giving her the time of day? Another pathetic d loser with no career!

1732 days ago


Denise will continue to be beautiful till the end of time, and i think that she's a very interesting woman with a lot of character, i looove strong women. On the other hand Charlie Sheen is a very disturbed individual, the fact that he's a comedian does not make him OK.

1732 days ago


this woman is in her thirties and some people called her OLD?????? You've probably killed your parents and will commit suicide when you reach such old age! I wish I'd look like her and I'm only 19!!!!

1732 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

I don't believe a single word that comes out of this bitch's mouth. Who can believe the words of a women who FALSELY ACCUSES the father of her kids of MOLESTING them. That is 1,000 feet deep hole in the ground low.

1732 days ago


oprah is worthless and a has been

1732 days ago


You Charlie wannabe tranny chasers make me laugh. Aren't you old enough to stop licking your Huggies and get a life?

Saw you at work yesterday and wish you'd wash your hands before making that next cheeseburger.

1732 days ago
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