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Denise Richards: Charlie Called Collect from Jail

1/26/2010 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Christmas call to his ex-wife Denise Richards came collect -- and from jail -- this according to Denise.

Denise Richards: Click to watch
On today's "Oprah," Denise said Charlie called to talk to their daughters after he was arrested on domestic abuse charges Christmas morning in December.

Denise added Sheen flung "a lot of verbal abuse" towards her when they were married -- but he never hit her.


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What a joke! A few weeks ago, Denise said she was going to "tell all I know", which is obviously why Oprah booked her after this LATEST domestic violence incident regarding Sheen. Instead, she beat around the bush, kept referring to her girls. You had your chance to "tell all you know", and you squandered it, so don't ever bring it up again. Everyone knows his track record, with shooting Kelly Preston, with Heidi Fleiss, in another brief marriage and silence forever, in the divorce papers which tell the story Richards is obviously holding back on in the hopes of some more payoff money from Sheen. Sickening example for her poor girls!

1667 days ago


Oprah got that fine azz going for her...good thing she has several homes, cause she ate herself out of 2 of them.
Starting to look a little greasy too.

OOw that smell...

1667 days ago


Oprah is the pathetic one!!! This pig needs to get knocked down a notch or two.

1667 days ago


This broad is an actress. Perhaps she was acting diplomatic. If you want to be diplomatic....SHUT UP. What was the point in talking to Oprah about it. I would guess that the verbal abuse cut both ways.

1667 days ago


I have changed a large part of my opinion on Denise. I still think she used to be a real pain in the posterior but she seems to have grown up. I think a bunch of you idiots need to realize that Oprah was doing her job and asked the questions. How would it have looked if Denise refused to discuss the subject? She would be catching even more crap from many of you losers. She can’t win with many of you.
As for her looks, Denise was once one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She still is extremely photogenic. Even at 38 years old, she still has a great body but she needs her old breasts to complete the package. I really appreciate the fact that regardless of what work she might have had, she didn’t go extreme and still has a natural looking body with exceptional curves.

1667 days ago


no wonder oprah is quitting if she has to listen to you. he was verbally abusive. how many playboys did you pose for when neither one of you needed the money. he call collect. he ought to ask both of for money for breach of contract pain and suffering and any money returned that was given toward marriage.

1667 days ago


i watched the discovery channel today. yhe coroner was named denise. she did an autopsy on cadaver named charles she cut his man hood off and tried to sell it on e-bay. she said she was doing a movie this wold be a good plot. no one cares about your ordinary waste of film.

1667 days ago


the mens first families always tries to cause trouble for the second family. it never fails. denise can have the dad charles and playboy. if it was up to me. hey den dont you think your skin looks a little dry. and your so perfect.

1667 days ago


Nice to know she is still riding on Charlie's coat tails. He called her in confidence and she goes on international tv to tell the whole world about it. All she ever talks about is Charlie this and Charlie that and Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

1666 days ago


14. I think she has every right to speak up. Why not? She didn't say anything bad about him. Heck, he probably asked her to. Sounds to me like she was very diplomatic and could have said a lot worse. Good for her. And for the record, most celebrities want to remain relevant. She is no different than the rest.

Posted at 6:00PM on Jan 26th 2010 by Sgirl

No, she didn't say anything bad about him but she was booked onto the show because she promised to "spill the beans". Not like she has a new project she is selling. When was the last time she made a horrible movie which no one wanted to see? The only reason she is still relevant is because of Charlie Sheen. Everybody knows all the things she accused him of. I mean, you'd have to be dead not to know. Not like she's helping her daughters by running her big mouth on tv about Charlie's business. So what he called his daughters on Christmas day? He'd be a jerk if he didn't. I notice she never talks about how she stole Heather Locklear's (her best friend) husband in her interviews, how she broke up a marriage. She's known for trashing Charlie and splashing his personal business to every news outlet who would give her the time of day.

1666 days ago


Most of the ass clowns defending Charles and cussing Denise are men, or lesbians;
Guess the men wanna chase trannies too and the lezzies are mind-melding with his pecker.
Every 'mo in the country has apparently logged on and sised with the homocidal idiot. How many interventions did his family try? Not enuf....

1666 days ago


I DVR the show because I thought Denise would say something "interesting". Now I am thinking what a waste of time.
Oprah asked pretty good questions and Denise danced around them.
Why the hell did she even bother to come on the show if she knew that she wasn't going to be totally honest with Oprah and answer the damn questions?? I get was for FREE Publicity.
As for Charlie Sheen, he is an abuser in all of the worst ways.
None of his relationships with women work out because he is a sick, spoiled bastard who needs deep therapy and a good ass kicking!

1666 days ago

Melissa Black    

ET breaks news that Brooke Mueller is in rehab!!

Sources confirm that the Hollywood mom is now seeking treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab center in North Carolina.

Her attorney Yale Galanter tells ET that she's doing ok, but that he still has concerns for her. He adds that Mueller has fluid in her lungs from the pneumonia she is battling, and that she has been advised by her doctor not to fly anywhere until the fluid clears up. Following her release from the hospital, it is believed Brooke traveled by train to seek help.

Read more:

1666 days ago


i know why she went on the show. to rub it in brookes nose she was with her husband on x-mas. its like training pavlovs dog i give you money and you desperately sit by the phone to get my calls from jail. i just wonder if they did the horizontal mombo.

1666 days ago
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