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President Obama Keeps Up with the Kardashians

1/26/2010 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had two words for Khloe Kardashian during the L.A. Lakers ceremony at the White House yesterday -- "Great show."

President Barack Obama and Khloe Kardashian

Yes, it's true -- Obama is a fan. He didn't blame it on his daughters. He owned it.

Barack Obama -- a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" lover? Even Khloe was speechless.


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Half of you morons on here making comments can't even spell or form a simple declarative sentence. He is the president so get OVER it. Ignorant and pathetic...*smh* He is popular with the what....move on......donate, go back to school, get a LIFE.....

1695 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    


Why would anyone want to write a "declarative" sentence on here? Do you even know what that means? There is nothing more amusing than ignorant, uneducated, clueless liberals attempting to sound intelligent. What a moron.

1695 days ago


No regretz Your rationalization is an indictment of your ignorance. You are not cognitive enough to understand what I have just said. How many like you voted for Obama.?

1691 days ago


The democrats had majority vote when Bush was in power. Nancy and Barney_ combine them with Obama. They were responsible for mismanagement. And they were directly responsible for the housing crisis. Oh yes Obama withdrew troops from Iraq. He re-routed them to Afghanistan.

1691 days ago

AM Hood    

How do you meet the President of The USA and have nude picks. out there. What a undercover HO!!!

1687 days ago

AM Hood    

Rob is ugly and has a fat A$$ for a man. No wonder Adriane does not want him. He is annal for sure. he is a spoiled brat. Why does he not have a G/F? Is he G##? Bet he is on the DL. Come on out the closet Rob, your family will support you . They support anything anything of you all do.

1687 days ago


Are you still glad you voted for this guy...

Open to tax hikes on middle class...

I am proud to say that I DIDN'T vote for him!!!!

How you liken the change now????

1681 days ago


to comment # 4 the country was screwd up before President Obama came into office remember by the Bush that idiot or did you not know that like you and to all others what is the real reason for the negative and made up comments is because he is BLACK bunch of freakin haters and why do people hate on famous people that they do not know personally are you guys really that miserable and bored with your no life and any comment you make will not hurt my feelings because you guys are idiots this is my first and last comment just get tired of people acting if they know these things for sure you never met these people and people like you probable never will

1597 days ago


@ get a job, excuse you. who said he watches tv, hes being nice by meeting her. dang. dhats all yall do is critasise the poor man for stupid things. & stop blamin everything on him! BUSH dha one who did this, not obama he just got in office. wow hes shaking her hand & being nice, Omg wow. WAKEUP, get a life & stop watchin dha news cus its doin you no good.

1553 days ago
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