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Tila Tequila

Baby For Sale

1/26/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila -- Baby For SaleTila Tequila says she's pregnant and she's willing to confirm it -- for a price.

We've learned Tila is shopping an ultrasound around she says proves she's having a baby.

As for who the father is ... God only knows.

UPDATE: Tila tells TMZ, "I hope it's a boy but I'm not gonna find out 'cause I don't wanna know. But if it's a boy the name is Jayden. A girl - it's Violet."

She says the baby daddy is "a Swedish man - gorgeous."

Tila Tequila pictures.


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How did this person become a 'celebrity'. Before TMZ made her famous, I had never heard of her. Ick.

1729 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

Poor KID ``` is ALL I can SAY!! Tila should NOT be allowed to bare children!! PERIOD!! She's a mess ``` and will always be a mess!!

1729 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

What good is a baby without the father´s 18 years of tax-free child support? Cha Ching.

1729 days ago


are there really ppl out there that would pay for her ultrasound? And who really knows it's her ultrasound...who really cares...and she's such a mediawhore...sooooooo Dumb!!

1729 days ago


Actually she said she was talking to her brother and his wife still about being their surrogate, that was the first story as to why she had to rush back to Texas (right after coming home to LA from there?) over the New Year, conveniently when Casey Johnson died. Then That story changed on JVM to she went home for "family business". Ya know, I guess she now has family business that quick with the family she claimed to be estranged from for years, until of course "wifey" Casey, the "love of her life", convinced her to go home for the first time this past xmas.

Last night, she first called the picture of the baby's heart a "scan"... Until we all said she's obviously insanely lying, and that it is called an "ultrasound." Also, the bigger problem is that even at this very date - there would be no such picture yet - becasue she couldn't possibly be pregnant six weeks yet and that is when the first picture of anything is done. When Casey died @ June 4 she hadn't even decided how she was having a baby yet??? She is the biggest most disgusting liar on the planet. I really wish she were put in jail for her lies surrounding Casey's death. I don't know how the police can not do something about this. It's been made so plain to see with all her lies and inconsistensies- the public has been calling it out for weeks. It's not right that we are still subject to this mess.

Gotta love how she went boasting about how beautiful her baby will be becasue of the genes of the mother and father - esp being non-american??? Who is she trying to sell her bs to - Americans??? Moron.

And her latest - that 20,000 people were going to show up to her appearence at MoM and that is why it was cancelled??? Not because people protested.

Please TMZ - do something that will make this person go far far away. I actually think that is the nicest thing we can do for a personality like this one. She will be forced to get help. Even just one friend or alley gives this personality the ammo to keep going.

1729 days ago


Poor child -- it doesn't stand a chance. Hopefully, she will lose custody as soon as it is taken from the womb! Would be the only humane thing to do for the child.

What a train wreck!!

1729 days ago


Don't give this whack-o a DIME! She obviously FEEDS on this attention. If she's pregnant she needs to get a job to care for the child!

1729 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Start calling CPS NOW,NOT LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1729 days ago


What an embarrassment to humanity, specifically Vietnamese Americans who have come to America looking for a brighter future from a war raptured nation. She represents all that is wrong. It's a shame that good folks don't get attention, but rather TMZ prefers to showcase the worst of the worst. I guess that is what sells, unfortunately.

1729 days ago


Who would do something like this?? What a skank!

1729 days ago


She is just so nasty!!!!

1729 days ago

dr cyclops    

maybe tiger woody is the father..he certainly would do her..i actually think she is hot looking and a really very good actress in reality shows..she just seems misunderstood and im never quick to judge a person,,

1729 days ago


that is one ugly looking little troll

1729 days ago


She is such a stupid, lying, whore. Gee, why doesn't that crappy Radar online do a video interview with her doctor to prove it then? That is the only way i would believe it, because all she does is lie. You can spot a liar in a second when they say "they dont lie." Can't wait till Tila's next publicity stunt is her "miscarriage from all the stress."

1729 days ago



Tila Tequila says she's pregnant and she's willing to confirm it for the right price!!

Tila has been contacting blogs, magazines and TV stations, shopping an ultrasound that proves she's having a baby.

And remember how she was SO IN LOVE with her "soon-to-be-wife" Casey Johnson (who sadly died)?! Well, Tila is now ready to marry someone else...

"Im so happy that I texted my baby daddy if he will marry me. I told him life is short. Let's not waste time being dumb."

Urgh... I think Kelly Osbourne had it right when she compared Tila to a fart!!

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1729 days ago
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