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Brittany Murphy's Hubby Will Sue Warner Bros.

1/27/2010 7:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

britney murphy's husband simon monjackUPDATE: Warner Bros. just gave us the following statement: "Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy's tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible, and defamatory. Despite press reports to the contrary, Warner Bros. Pictures and Ms. Murphy never entered into any deal for "Happy Feet 2," and thus, there was not a contract to cancel."

Brittany Murphy
's husband, Simon Monjack, says Warner Bros. is responsible for the death of his wife and he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

Monjack told The Daily Beast Murphy was devastated after reportedly losing a role in the sequel to "Happy Feet." Monjack believes losing the movie caused Murphy to have a heart attack.

The L.A. County Coroner has not released the cause of death.

Before the "Happy Feet" setback, Brittany Murphy had been fired from the film, "The Caller," shot in Puerto Rico. There were numerous reports about her erratic behavior on the set.

Monjack said, "Warner Brothers relied on conjecture and hearsay about the Puerto Rico film for why they canceled Brittany's role in Happy Feet."

Monjack reportedly is days away from filing suit. Warner Bros. has no comment.

UPDATE: The producers of "The Caller" tell TMZ "The decision for Brittany to leave the film was mutual and amicable, and was in fact related to a serious illness in Brittany's family. Any rumors to the contrary are false, and in the circumstances, particularly hurtful."

Remembering Brittnay Murphy


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I blame Obama

1738 days ago


Didn't take the loser dirtbag long to start looking for the blood money now did it? What a douchebag!! To this day I have NO CLUE as to what that beautiful girl saw in this bloated free loading PIG!

1738 days ago


Sounds to me like he wants to play the blame game. Probably to cover his own role in her death. Whose to say they didn't have a huge arguement that brought on a heart attach. God-let the poor girl rest in peace. She was a big girl, if she lost roles due to her own actions so be it. Everyone knows what is expected of them when they go to work everyday regardless of what your job may be. Personally I think he just wants to cash in on her death (kind of reminds me of another group of brothers)instead of grieving for the loss of his wife and attempting to move on with his as I'm sure she would have wanted.

1738 days ago


Britt was FIRED FROM THE SET OF 'the 'Caller'.

wwwDOTjobloDOTcom / forums / showthread.php?p=3147664

Correct that above u r l and go to that thread and READ IT. OR Google "Brittany Murphy FIRED FROM THE CALLER SET" and you should get to the "joblo" page.

According the poster "Picu" there at joblo dot com... Britt who ARRIVED LATE to the set w/ *SKUM-jack*... was on the set a total of FIVE HOURS. During that time, *SKUM-jack* had shown up on the set intoxicated, caused numerous interruptions to the production, and was belligerent to the director of the 'Caller' as well. When *SKUM-jack* was asked to leave, *he* became recalcitrant and refused. Sadly Brittany came to *SKUM-jackA$$'s* "defense" and said to the director in effect that "where ever [SKUM-jack*] goes I [meaning Britt] go". Which gave the director no choice but to call a WRAP and thus KICKED both Britt AND *SKUM-jackA$$* TO THE PUERTO RICAN CURB... OFF the SET and OUT OF *the 'Caller' flick*. Subsequently both stayed in PR hoping to "sabatoge* the 'Caller flick*.. that did not occur although *SKUM-jackA$$* was subsequently involved in a quarrell w/ some of the local 'Ricans.

On the flight back to LAX... *SKUM-jack* apparently lost consciousness mid-flight, but Britt assured the flight crew that [*SKUM-jack's*] loss of consciousness was nothing but an "asthma attack" and refused *SKUM-jack* medical treatment. However the captain thought otherwise and called for paramedics on the ground, who were waiting when the plane landed at LAX. Thus the sordid and tragic "rest" of the *story* is "Em"deed history and *SKUM-jackA$$* and Britt's ENABLING "Mommy Dearest" have BOTH been LYING NONSTOP and threatening to "sue" those holders of THE TRUTH. You people who are reading this need to spread the 'WORD' that *SKUM-jackA$$ is A CON and A FRAUD who* NEEDS TO BE STOPPED... "legally" that is.

... so GO STOP *SKUM-jackA$$* and 'NUFF SED.

1738 days ago


This ones' easy. Brittany's will didn't mention Simon b/c they weren't married when she wrote it. Her mother will inherit everything she had. The ONLY claim Simon might have is to half the money she earned (community property) so he's trying to sue WB b/c she *might* have earned the money and then he would then get half. He's a turdbutt.

1738 days ago


Simply put:
This man _must_ die of the same thing that caused his wife's death just for this exploitative, disgusting, frivolous lawsuit.
He _deserves_ it!

1738 days ago

Just Saying    

There is no way to establish causality between the heart failure and her prior job loss; therefore,there is no basis for a case. The husband is stupid.

1738 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

There is something really CREEPY about this Simon. It must be the limited gene pool on that island! ;p Brittany seemed like a fragile flower who only wanted to please. This guy took advantage of that. Eventually, Simon will be found out for the CAD he is. Justice prevails over time.

1738 days ago


From what I understand, it was the constant interruptions and antics of MONJACK that caused Brittany problems on the set...
Wasn't it reported that he would show up on set, uninvited, and disrupt shooting?...
Isn't he notorious for being a huge pain in the a$$?...
This idiot is in a realm all his own...At the bottom of a peep show dumpster, underneath the used condoms and spent Kotex...
Brittany deserved better in life, and she certainly deserves better in death...

1738 days ago


well the creep lived off of he'll live off the studio......he should get cancer

1738 days ago


Meal ticket is gone so he is trying one last thing to get money from her name. Please he describes in the NYpost doing CPR on her and feeling his hand getting stronger and her heart weaker; he is a 300LB man and she is a tiny thing I think her mother should sue him. He probably caused more damaged to a already weaken heart by using to much force. If we are going out of the limb here; we might as well jump. What a loser !!!

1738 days ago


What a crock of ****. Dont try and shove the blame onto someone else and make them feel bad. YOUR the one that shoudl feel bad by not looking after your wife and not noticeing that she is not feeling good.

Stop milking fame from your wifes death. SICK
Who are you anyway? some fat loser that is only "famous" (i will use that word lightly" because of who you married.


1738 days ago


This guy clearly is a wack job! First he wants to cover up her
cause of death by trying to stop an autopsy now this! Someone
should sue this guy for wrongful death. He was probably feeding
her crack.

1738 days ago


Give me a break. Just move on.

1738 days ago

Martin Bormann    

I'm going to wait for the brief. Sounds to me like TMZ is helping Warner Bros. do "pre-filing" damage control in the hopes that Conjack will rethink ANY plan he has of filing suit vs. WB for ANY reason. Does WB advertise on TMZ? Any interlocking directorships between TMZ and WB?
Just saying.

1738 days ago
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