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'Kyle XY' Star in Clone Suit

1/27/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Dallas SuedAs if the cancellation of "Kyle XY" wasn't enough ... Matt Dallas' manager is now suing the actor over the scratch he made while playing a belly buttonless clone.

Enzo Lamblet
filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he was supposed to get a 10% cut of Dallas' "XY" paycheck for providing the actor with management services.

Lamblet claims Dallas made $582,986.75 for the lead role, but only paid him $24,255.

Lamblet is suing for $34,043.68.


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dr cyclops    

pay up ya bum
first and balls!!!!!!!!!!
im not simone and im not della or ric or mr big

1668 days ago



1668 days ago


...FIRST!!!!!>>>>>>.....BAD DADDY........

1668 days ago


Show kinda sucked. But hey, lets see your boobs Simone!

1668 days ago


well...he hired him so he needs to pay up

1668 days ago


ITS MY JOB TO BE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1668 days ago


that show was corny so im glad and oh wow thats all he made some pay check they dont even play re-runs

1668 days ago

Kaylie XX    

MMmm...Matt Dallas. I'll give him some comforting.

1667 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I think what killed this show was their ridiculous, over-the-top liberal message they tried to ram down our throats each week. They destroyed a perfectly good tv show plot and used it as their soapbox to jam their anti-American/radical leftist agenda into our stomachs. Sadly, it got what it deserved.

1667 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Let's see that contract

1666 days ago


How do we get the show back on air?

1663 days ago


If you ask me it seems Matt Dallas got the short end of the stick. He wasn't paid enough, I mean think about it he had to walk down a mountain side into a town or set in his birthday suit (next to nothing), and if he had stopped to think about it admits openly that he would of had himself an anxiety attack if he had. Then he had to put up with those scenes being showed each week. I enjoyed the show, despite the little messages for us, that third season got us all through a economic crash. I wouldn't knock the messages, since even new cartoons have to teach you something these days according to the law. Admittedly they needed to stick to the Kyleness of the show, but you have to admit they did make you laugh.

As for his manager I'd counter sue saying he messed the deal up by not asking for enough, and not making ABC follow through with their seasonal contract of 24 episodes and finishing the series properly.

I would also look for a manager that is more ethical and honest and fight for his rights as an actor.

Grant it maybe a contract for 10%, however, did that manager deliver everything he said he would? Did he lt him down with the ABC contract?

1622 days ago


Too bad the media and people in general don't pay this close attention to how our soldiers are getting ripped off and screwed around every day of their lives. You people make me sick. Leave the guy alone to do his own thing.

1340 days ago


It's 3-2011. I have never heard of Kyle XY. So I watched the whole 3 seasons back to back. I absolutely love the show. I love SCIFI and fantasy movies. I thought Matt Dallas played the perfect part for Kyle XY. His acting..his expressions.. of not knowing anything.. because he didn't, except for math to start off with. And I hated it when we didn't even get to see what happened in the end. That totally sucked. Did he get his family back? Did he choose Jesse or Amanda? My self he should choose Jesse. 2 peas in a pod lol She loves him so much. Electrifying it is; but for real he should. Amanda is to imperfect for him.
As far as the manager. He is wrong and very dishonest. I don't think I would want to work for him because he seems to be a thief and and a cheat. Give him the money that is due him. If he didnt get it already. after all it is 2011 now :)

1256 days ago


This is really ugly isde of actors egos! They think they can let everyone down on the way up. What happened to morals? That actor probably would never have that role if it wasn't for the people who worked for him... a-hole

1217 days ago

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