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Brad Pitt -- The Real Real Estate Story

1/28/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There have been numerous reports that the home Brad Pitt recently purchased is the smoking gun that he split from Angelina Jolie ... and that Brad intends to use the home as a new bachelor pad -- but TMZ has learned it's all BS ...


The home -- located in the Hollywood Hills -- is the newest piece of Brad's master plan to expand the sprawling compound he shares with Angelina and their 86 children.

The evidence is clear -- first off, Brad purchased the home back in August -- long before rumors of a break up began to make the rounds.

Second -- the place was a dump and Brad couldn't move in -- even if he wanted to -- because the home was far from livable at the time he bought it.

But most important -- Brad is a real estate PacMan, who's purchased several properties surrounding his home in an attempt to expand his already sprawling estate. It's kinda like expanding your kitchen -- if your kitchen had 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and a view.

Brad's newest home is contiguous with his compound -- and perfect for his ever expanding family ... a family that still includes Angelina.


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They still seem like a creepy couple; The Adams Family!

She appears to be nuts and he's a pot head. Great environment to raise all those kids in folks.

1731 days ago


In the end people will realize how stupid they were for trusting a shiester like pitt. he is a redneck with the best of em. people think Angelina is evil but just wait to see the evil that comes from brad pitt's story. you guys should stop trying to feed off of him now before you realize how sick HE is.


npw I had to switch emails because tmz doesnt want to post the truth about pitt. Pitt is weirder than michael jackson and thats without angelina.

1731 days ago


You forgot another important detail, the home was purchased with Brad and Angelina's Mondo Bongo trust, the same trust that purchased their New Orleans home - and means that BOTH Brad and Angelina own it, as 'Mondo Bongo,' is their trust together, kinda like the Jolie Pitt foundation? Kinda like how Brad gave his children a new surname that combined his and Angie's names?

Oh, and another sweet detail? If that name sounds familiar, it's because 'Mondo Bongo,' is the love theme song in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Sweet, eh?
Oh, and tmz would you please keep a lid on some of thes vicious old cat lady fans of Jen Aniston that are spewing their bile all over this thread, they are beyond ridiculous.

1731 days ago


Why would Brad buy such a gloomy home???

1731 days ago


Several people with children try to stay in the same school district and close area. They also... if they are adults about it... put their differences aside for the children and stay somewhat friends. In my family my sister and ex have christmas together with the new husband / wife they also have dinners together with their children. Because your marriage did not work out does not mean you have to be a hateful to each other. Grow up people, set good examples for your children... they have enough stress in their lives than for their parents to put them in the middle of crap, because in the end it is just crap... Sorta like what our President was talking about last night... we need to stop the game play and help the people... I so agree with that. Wipe the snarls off your face, grow up and do the job you are suppose to be doing and stop with all the crap.

1731 days ago


40. Why would Brad buy such a gloomy home???

Posted at 8:02AM on Jan 28th 2010 by gabby

That's why he's renovating it. Clever home renovators always have an eye for cheap or ugly structures in excellent locations and converting it a thing of beauty or one that suits their personal taste. Say anything you want about Brad Pitt but he is definitely a very astute real estate investor. His interest in architecture is a good asset.

1731 days ago

Speed Racer    

This is the worst story I have read on TMZ. Where do we start. First, they could of been having trouble before August. Maybe the media does not know exactly what is going on inside their house all of the time? And expanding the compound? So, is this going to be a big playroom for the kids? Generally, parents want to be with their kids and spouses and not have them in separate buildings! It is SO obvious that at one point or another they planned to live separately and the house is so both parents can be close to the kids. Or, it is widely known that Angelina does not like being monogamous. Maybe as the kids are getting older and wiser, she needs a separate place to have fun.

TMZ just wants to be on Brad and Angelina's good side, so they wrote this story. The same way the media does not think it is odd that George Clooney finds a girlfriend only when he has a movie coming out and then hangs out with guys the rest of the time. Remember the waitress a couple of years ago? She and this new one made a lot of money playing the girlfriend part. By summer you won't hear about the girlfriend. Everyone was shocked when Rock Hudson died and was found to be gay. There are certain things the media does not report with celebrities.

1731 days ago


Brad doesnt need to make a statement, they can go on forever in this facade. He is virtually never with them anyway. So, what? Do we care if he has a whole host of younger women. Ya know Brad loves him some 20 somethings...

1731 days ago


he looks so unhappy, im not fan of jen, but for sure angie isnt the right woman for him. i feel sorry for the kids

1731 days ago


Makes sense. No compound is complete without its own cave. I'm sending bats and blind fish for the house warming.

1731 days ago


Brad more then likely bought the house to keep looky loos and others from intruding on his private space, and people from being nosey. It's not that uncommon for celebrities to purchase the homes next to theirs in order to keep that privacy. But either way, this story by TMZ does not mean that they did not break up, or that they are not going to break up. Look at Hugh Hefner and his ex wife. He brought the house next to the mansion to keep his kids near, and so he could be in their lives regularly. As for Angie being out on location, shooting a new movie, she just got done shooting Salt, and Brad and the kids regularly accompany her on these film shoots, or visit the sets often, as the paps have proven & shown us over and over again. So the fact that this could be the case is not believeable. I still think something is up, and for those that think she might be in seclusion because of the anniversary of her mothers death is also not believeable. If you love someone that much, you would want them near for support & love, while you are going through this tough time. So space from brad and the kids for that reason, also doesnt make any sense. They regularly make appearances, and suddenly they are not ? Maybe they are separated right now. But both of them have proven to be serial daters / relationship hoppers, so I really wouldnt find it hard to believe if they did break up. Also look at Madonna, she was out and about for quite some time before she & Guy Ritchie called it quits, with not one siting of Guy for quite some time before they made the announcement.

1731 days ago


#43 -
it is widely known that Angelina does not like being monogamous.

You are so right ! They actually posted an interview with her about 1-2 years ago on the internet a few days ago, where she plainly said she does not think just because you are in a relationship you need to be monogamous. I wish I could find this interview, as I would post it here. I think she gets bored in her relationships and she is more then likely getting tired of old man Pitt. Too bad for him, he didnt read up on her before getting involved with her, while f***ing up his marriage in the process. All of her past relationships have all said this is not going to last with her and Brad. I think they would know, cause they've been there, done that. But, # 43, you are right !

1731 days ago


I would have loved to see this "unlivable dump" in the Hollywood Hills no less, before Brad bought it. I'll bet it would be a palace to anyone but the elite.

1731 days ago


I don't believe the press knows anything. And for those wanting a break-up
That's about all it is ..somethng you want.
If the press and i mean any press knew the truth it would be out there. Maybe in increments of part lie and part truth but for sure we would have our splashy pages of crap for starters. Possibly b/c these two don't owe anybody a response the JP's said Screw it! 5 yrs later could be where the time has come that they both have decided they are not playing the game anymore. Why bother anyway b/c what ever they say is always turned into hate and lies so pisss on the press they get nothing.
My biggest guess is they are packing up their brood moving to Italy for the A's upcoming movie and afterwards moveing back to France where the privacy is so much better taen it is in the States.
I am only guessing just like everybody else here. But lets be honest not one of us knows anymore then the other and this time that goes for the press as well. I would like to see them shut everybody down. I find all of this Brangalina stuff totally rediculous.
LOL I just looked up and saw the post above which will not be above when i press send but it says 'He is never with them'. I find that funny. Out of all of the HW stars they are the only two who are expected to be together 24/7.

1731 days ago


Tom and something is brewing there. Or who got married out of country, and she's gained the upper hand over the controller of self, kid/s, $$, life....because he's got a secret little life himself? Turns out there marriage wasn't legalized in the States first. JP positively photographed all the time together compared to these two.

1731 days ago
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