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Fan Buys Michael Jackson's Vegas Home

1/28/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas home is now in good hands -- a fan of MJ's just plunked down $3.1 million to be the new king of the singer's old castle.

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas Home

Problem is ... selling the house wasn't as easy as you think. One of the real estate agents tells us after Michael's death, tons of fans flooded the mansion pretending to be potential buyers ... but were lying just to get a peek at the King of Pop's old digs.

One deep-pocketed fan ended up being the real deal -- and ended up buying the nearly 16,000 sq ft. palace.


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Who Cares reads a wonder    

Castle Ireland,Home Bahrain,Mother's home LA,Home NV and paying RENT at the HOLMBY HOUSE and 150K P/M to Murray,Neverland bills.His medical bills plus living costs...WHY WAS HE PAYING RENT IN L.A.

1676 days ago


Oxman was in a Los Angeles court Thursday where a judge set May 26 as the date he will hear testimony in Joe Jackson's request for a monthly allowance from his son's estate. Joe Jackson, 80, said he depended on his son's financial support for years before his death.

The administrators, lawyer John Branca and former music executive John McClain, contend he has not shown how he was "actually dependent" on Michael Jackson.

The estate lawyers said the expenses Joe Jackson wants covered by the estate -- including vacations, air travel, assistants and legal fees -- are not reasonable. They also noted that while Jackson's mother and three children were named as beneficiaries in his will written in July 2002, Joe Jackson was not.

Joe Jackson is challenging the validity of that will, which names Branca and McClain as executors, but so far the court has refused to hear his arguments.

The judge overseeing probate of the will already awarded $60,000 in monthly support for the three children and $26,000 a month for Katherine Jackson, starting from June 25, 2009, the day Michael Jackson died.

CNN has learned that Katherine Jackson has not received any of the money ordered for her because of a judgment in a lawsuit nearly two decades ago.

A South Korean newspaper, the Segye Times, sued Michael Jackson in 1990, claiming he failed to perform at a series of concerts they had already paid him for. The lawsuit also named Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson and another one of their sons, Jermaine Jackson.

Michael Jackson's lawyers reached an out-of-court settlement with the newspaper, but his parents and brother did not. When they failed to fight it in court, a California judge issued a $4 million summary judgment against them, which has now grown with interest to about $8 million, according to court papers.

1676 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1676 days ago

For Sure    

Great Article MIMI

OMG no wonder no one has any money.. Maybe that is why Jackson Family Dynasty ...doesn't have an answer yet. Jermaine must not be able to make any money off of that show either...
Between the IRS that Jermaine owes and that Yikes...

1676 days ago


does anybody know if this is legal?

I't should be shown to Michael Jackson's lawyers.

1676 days ago


Yes, good question how could Micheal who was supposedly broke pay for a Las Vegas rental, Heavenhurst, and Holmby?

1676 days ago


I didn't think that Murray had received any money and don't know to date that he has, because Micheal never signed that contract.

1676 days ago

For Sure    

. Yes, good question how could Micheal who was supposedly broke pay for a Las Vegas rental, Heavenhurst, and Holmby?

Posted at 6:36PM on Jan 28th 2010 by pia

He wasn't paying ...AEG paid for Holmby....I do not know the name but the Owners of Neverland (with MJJ)
I believe rented Las Vegas
and if you remember they were going to forclose on Havenhurst ...that is why Janet bought a house in Las Vegas for her mother to live in.

1676 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

There is another new claim listed on a new story! Wait till you see this one....LOL

1676 days ago


Posted at 6:13PM on Jan 28th 2010 by Roe50

Oh, now I see your point, Roe: The family believed Dr. Murray helped Michael to detox, while in fact he did exactly the opposite. So – had Michael told his family that fairytale in order to ease them? And if so – wasn't it naive to believe he would detox just when he was more stressed than anytime during the last years? Fighting that battle during the rehearsals and the concerts seems extremely unlikely to me.

However, I can figure out that Murray's defense will jump on that "rehab-doctor"-bandwagon quite avidly. I really hope there will be a trial soon. But I dread all the mud and the dirt they will throw on Michael then.

1676 days ago

just an observation    

If Katherine is not receiving any money, how is she paying expenses at Havenhurst? The childrens money would pay for things pertaining to them and I would think it would be monitored but I'm not sure.

Jackson family should be involved in decisions concerning Michael's estate. JMO

1676 days ago


mimi..thanks for the article ..the korean businessman situation..did you read jackson family values..jermaines ex wife or just mother of some of his children wrote it.i think reverend moon wanted the jacksons to perform in concert but they had to have mj of course or the deal wouldnt go through..i think i remember the korean people sweetened the deal by offering any family member a million dollars if they could talk mj into it..i think katherine might have gotten the money for talking him into was so bizarre that there was almost a bounty on poor mj head and his own family was after it..i think they use to put companies in katherines name cause joe had already owed people money from messed up maybe they are strapped for cash over there...interesting stuff,thanks

1676 days ago



Didn't Grace say they we charging MJ took much for Holmby (100 K)monthly when he could have gotten a comparable house in neighborhood for 25K? And didn't Janet buy that house several years ago, Joe has lived actively in L.A. for a while.

1676 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Attact him with LAW SUITS and the will FAIL.SALE OF THE SONY/ATV SONGS is the GOAL...the game is very simple but long term goal is to get that""""" COLLECTION OF SONGS"""".

1676 days ago

For Sure    

Yes Grace said that but MJJ was not paying for Holmby part of his doing U2 concerts ...Of course they over paid it was MJJ. They always over charged him.

No years ago MJJ bought the estate...because Joe and Katherine were fileing bankruptcy...

Recently they thought they were going to lose Havenhurst ...After 2005 trial MJJ paid for Havenhurst as long as he could but ...they cash ran out for havenhurst he needed it for Himself and his family. Too many law suits and too many legal fees...

If I remember correctly...some one please feel free to jump in if I missed something here ...Age you know my memory goes with

1676 days ago
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