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'Pants on the Ground' Guy

Grammy Bound

1/29/2010 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0128_larry_platt_ex-1"General" Larry Platt's gripe with saggy bottoms has gotten the "American Idol" star all the way to the Grammys -- dude's gonna be performing on the red carpet.

TMZ spoke with Platt's manager -- a charming woman named Pinky -- who told us the "Pants on the Ground" king will bust out his intoxicating anthem right before the awards show.

Unfortunately, the "General" is gonna have to find somewhere else to see the awards -- Pinky tells us there are no plans to actually go inside.

Probably for the best, considering Lil Wayne and T-Pain are expected to be at the Grammys ... gold teeth and all.


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His 15 minutes are up. The song is stupid, and he ripped it off from a Detroit band. All the lunatics going nuts over this guy need to re-assess their sense of taste.

1731 days ago


Fist of all check out the animated comedy Daddy's House of Pant's On The ground at
Bet he never thought this would happen, this proves that dreams do come true and I am happy for him. Now if we can get all this wack music these days to have a postive message that would change the world. I know I am sick of seeing dudes nasty stank draws. Do they think it's cute or something? what's next, not brushing your teeth? now we got all these white boys being emo and not combing thier long dirty hair and these hoes will think anything is hot. Pretty soon it's gonna be cool to play with your dogs nutts on the corner. SHAME SHAME!

1731 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Please make that crappy song go away. It was funny the first couple of hundred times I heard it, but now it makes me want to effing puke.

1730 days ago


Silly old bugger. Blimey, anyone can get famous these days. Hideously unfunny song anyway.
Take your money and hound us no more....wait, no profit made for hideous old crap dancing dude. Celebrity justice reigns.
I've got to stop watching TMZ and get some sorta life:)

1730 days ago


God, just kill us all now. Humans don't deserve to live.

1730 days ago


So now a grown man doing a children's song is talent?

1730 days ago

go away    

This whole thing was staged by American idol for publicity. I mean how else would this old guy even get in to audition when there is a contestant age limit. And now he is going to the Grammy red carpet? Yeah right.

1730 days ago


Lil Wayne is the biggest homo out there in todays version of POP Rap. I have never seen a bigger poser in all my life. I can't even look at that dbag without shaking my head and wondering whatever happened to Rap. Even if you hate Rap at least you can say the Biggies and Tupacs of the world had credability. Lil Wayne...he's the Britney Spears of rap.

1730 days ago


If hearing that song a 100 times gets just one kid to pull their pants up and straighten out their hat...its worth it. Theres very few jobs you can get with that banger uniform - no job = dismal future.

1730 days ago


The popularity of this song and the fact so many people like it almost counterexamples evolution. We are all becoming dumber.

1730 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Pants on the Ground guy "singing" on the red carpet and T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Ke$ha at the actual awards show are just a few of the reasons not to take the Grammys seriously anymore. No class and nothing but untalented trash.

1730 days ago


I don't really get why African American males feel the need to walk around looking so ridiculous. It makes me want to call the cops and report indecent exposure when I am forced to look at some idiot in public with his pants pulled down past his anus. I always thought that was the universal prison signal for "I'm available" anyway.

1730 days ago


Ya, like white kids would never do that!!!

1730 days ago


Oh my God, how did my comment appear on TMZ multiple times? Sorry about that. I will blame my computer and that bloody old pants on the ground man for forcing me to vent my rage at his somewhat pathetic yet highly publicised success, while here I sit, animpoverished and ignored extra. Ain't life grand...

1729 days ago


This guy actively supports a cop-killer. It does not surprise me in the least that the Grammys will allow this jackass to "perform" this stolen song on their red carpet. They don't seem to have very many morals or much sense of what's right out there in Hollywood... Shame on them. I know plenty of people who plan to boycott the Grammys and anything that pig is associated with. He should not be making money off of this.

1729 days ago
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