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Jay Leno Set for Facelift

1/29/2010 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's set is only four months old, but it will undergo a facelift that would raise Heidi Montag's eyebrows -- if that's even possible.

Jay Leno

We've learned Leno will stay put in the Burbank facility where he did "The Tonight Show" for 17 years, and "The Jay Leno Show" for 17 minutes. And, sources say, the set will be redone during the Olympics and rolled out for the re-premiere of "The Tonight Show."

As for Conan O'Brien's $50 million studio ... we're told there are no plans yet ... there's a buzz NBC may use the set to shoot TV pilots.


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53. Let's see if I got this right. Leno announces he's RETIRING from the Tonight Show. Conan gets the job. THEN, Leno comes OUT OF RETIREMENT to prime time with a show eerily similar to the Tonight Show and ironically prior to the Tonight Show. Prime Time doesn't do so well, so the Big Baby (Leno) goes crying to the nutless bigwigs at NBC, gets his way and is NOW BACK on the Tonight Show, axing Conan out of the job. I'm not a fan of Conan, and can't stand Leno and I think it's disgusting in how all this went down. I applaud Conan in how he handled it all. I think it was terrible in the first place that Leno would have a show that preceded the Tonight Show anyway. WTF???? I too, hope the Tonight Show goes down the toilet in a hurried flush. Leno reminds me of Brett Farve (retired, not retired) and is a publicity seeker. The Tonight Show died way back when, when Johnny Carson retired. Johnny's the real deal and noone can ever replace him. Goodbye Tonight Show. Hello, Late Night with David Letterman.

Posted at 10:39AM on Jan 29th 2010 by Who Cares

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No, you don't have it right. And if you don't have it right by now:

a) you're hopeless.

b) you're inventing your own facts to spread misinformation.

c) all of the above.

1726 days ago


What's amazing is that everyone like to bash on Leno saying he's not funny...yet Leno had more people watching and appealed to a broader demographic. I didn't watch Leno or Conan...or Letterman. I occassional might have tuned into one of them accidentally. But the only person to make Leno look funny was Conan. His humor was childish and really not funny. He relied on dirty comedy to get a laugh which most of us who enjoy standup know is a cheap way to go. Its like the comedian who swears all the wears off and all that is left is a turd on the floor.

1726 days ago


I like Conan. But "coco" was the first to screw with Leno, when he DEMANDED the Tonight Show or he would walk. So who screwed who? It's called Karma. And Leno's is way more likable than Conan on a big show. Conan is more a late night figure, quirky and strange, and appeals to a more niche audience.

1726 days ago


while they are at it..redesign this mans ugly face or put a plastic bag around it

1726 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I'm with Coco

1726 days ago


Everyone that loves Conan obviously doesn't watch him, his ratings suck. When Leno was on the tonight show he was always number one. Poor Jay, everyone watches him but no one will admit it, idiots!!!

1726 days ago

Mike Hunt    

He's a fat , unfunny, lame, large jawed back stabbing creep. Who gives a spit about his set? I mean really.

1726 days ago


the truth is, it took jay 2 years to build his audience. his show tanked for 2 years when he first took over. jay leno is a snake. his effort to rebuild his image on oprah was lame. he's a liar and a coward who doesn't care who he screws.

1726 days ago

Dave DiSisto    

Is the word shoot used as a pun I wonder.

1726 days ago


$50 Million for a set??? It makes me cry because I'm trying to figure out how to pay for groceries for my family this week. What's wrong with Hollywood. Why not put that money to better use like to help feed starving people/children in OUR country.

1726 days ago

northern gypsy    

i watched the interview on oprah and i tend to believe J.L.
verdict not in if he can win back his fans...
what a mess (the suit's) made... somebody needs to be shown the door !!!

1726 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Why are Jay Leno's stage sets so dark and ugly? He needs to take a lesson from Johnny Carson and brighten things up a bit. Also, start having guests come out from behind a curtain instead of just walking out from nowhere. The curtain has more of a "tah-dah!" feel to it. But it doesn't matter now anyway; nobody cares about Jay anymore.

1726 days ago


61. the truth is, it took jay 2 years to build his audience. his show tanked for 2 years when he first took over. jay leno is a snake. his effort to rebuild his image on oprah was lame. he's a liar and a coward who doesn't care who he screws.

Posted at 12:24PM on Jan 29th 2010 by ali

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The truth is that Leno didn't tank the first 2 years. He was second to Letterman in the ratings but the Tonight Show still made a profit. Conan was third in the ratings AND was losing money for the network. That had never happen before. Conan lost 49% of the Tonight Show viewers. That's HUGE. And not only did he lose older viewers he also lost younger viewers.

Leno had a more loyal viewing audience than Conan did. Leno had the same number of viewers at 10:00 as he did at 11:35. The problem was that number of viewers is excellent at 11:35 but not at 10:00. Jay was also competing against $6-10 million drama shows-O'Brien wasn't. On top of that the other networks set out to deliberately sabotage Leno by not letting any of their stars appear on his show so the pool of celebrity guests Leno could draw from was greatly reduced. Conan didn't have nearly as many obstacles against him as Leno did, but still Leno has almost 3 times the viewers than Conan had with 3 months less time on the air than Conan had.

1726 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    


And to the dope who suggested NBC give money to Haiti rather than revamping the Jay Leno set.....WHY?

Revamping the set, which is located in Burbank, CA, provides job to AMERICANS. Screw Haiti. Keep the money in the U.S. of A.!!!!!

1726 days ago


50 million dopllar? wtf? people all over this world are starving all over the world and they do this for saome creep that wiil fail...stupid move!

1726 days ago
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