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Jay Leno Set for Facelift

1/29/2010 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's set is only four months old, but it will undergo a facelift that would raise Heidi Montag's eyebrows -- if that's even possible.

Jay Leno

We've learned Leno will stay put in the Burbank facility where he did "The Tonight Show" for 17 years, and "The Jay Leno Show" for 17 minutes. And, sources say, the set will be redone during the Olympics and rolled out for the re-premiere of "The Tonight Show."

As for Conan O'Brien's $50 million studio ... we're told there are no plans yet ... there's a buzz NBC may use the set to shoot TV pilots.


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Jay is Boorish and obnoxious. Never watched him. He stole bits from Howard Stern. EVERYONE now knows he's an A-hole.

1727 days ago

New FOX Fan    


1727 days ago

disgusted & angry    

Watching Oprah's show only proved more detrimental to Jay Leno's reputation. He is a greedy & unkind human being. It is all about
him & money. We can absolutely tell he was lying. As for Oprah, she tried to be neutral but revealed she is one of the 4% on his side or is she again trying to kiss up to the one who is bigger.
She used to be a favorite but through the years realized she's another fake. All pretend kindness for show. Conan is the funny, well educated, witty and kind one. Too bad they underestimate the audience's intelligence & perception. But our favorite right now is...Jimmy Kimmel..he just says it how/what it is. More power to Conan and Jimmy.

1727 days ago


Leno's voice sounds like two midgets screwing.

1727 days ago


I hope Zucker and Jay Yoko will be very happy together. From the look of Jay's recent guest line-ups they may need to create their own new set of amnesiac celebrities to be on his dumbed-down Tonight Show.

1727 days ago


I guess some people here like to overlook the fact that Conan is now producing a show for NBC.

I think Harvey and I have pretty much the same take on the Leno thing. It might be because we both have a longer work history and been around workplace politics longer than some people here.

What pisses me off the most is how NBC is letting Leno twist in the win and take the blame for their missteps. It also pisses me off how Conan really never addressed or has come clean about what tactics he used to get the Tonight show in the first place.

1727 days ago


wind not win

1727 days ago


THIS IS FOR BLING, #73. Were you and I watching the same show or is it your hearing? I cannot find anything in your statement that is accurate to what I heard and saw! Even if you HATE him, how could you not understand what a decent and genuine man Jay Leno is? What I saw was a man who was decent, cordial and complimentary toward another comedian considered to be his rival. Conan O'Brien has not, to my knowledge, uttered one kind word for Jay Leno. He has only succeeded in USING his audience for his own agenda of HATE against Leno. He has played his supporters like a fiddle and they, like you, have fallen for his line. O'Brien's people are the only ones who constantly use fowl language and descriptions against Leno. Some have even wished him "dead." Jay Leno has attracted a better class of fans than O'Brien's. What could be better?

1727 days ago


Jay should never take over Conan's old set. That's like standing on his grave.

1727 days ago



1727 days ago


Jay leno has nothing to worry about. When he was the host on the tonight show, he left on top and when he comes back he will still be #1. He beat the cheater guy Letterman by millions of viewers. Letterman has been bashing Jay only to take the heat off of himself.
Then Conan took over the tonight show. It was all down hill after that. The viewers twindled , or if you will disappeared. Nbc was losing millions in their investment of Conan Obrien. It was cheaper to pay of Conan with 35 million to get rid of him. Nbc knew they made a HUGE MISTAKE when they hired Conan for the tonight show. Conan should be so lucky to have had it for 7 mos.
LETTERMAN the cheater, should be very worried when Leno comes back. So what if Leno has millions and several cars, motorcycles , ect.. He well earned it.
As far is what BUTTERFLY said, I totally agree with you. Leno draws a better class of people.

1727 days ago


If you examine a list of Jay Yoko's recent guests you will see that they fall into four basic catergories:
1. Damaged goods. People on the outs in Hollywood. Mel Gibson, James Cameron, etc.
2. D-Listers. Peole too inconsquential to matter. Chelsea Handler, Bill Paxton, etc.
3. Has-Beens and Never-Weres. Self-explanatory. Billy Crystal and a bunch of unknown British startlets and unknown stand-up comics.
4. The Very Young. Disney stars who have management that knows that their fanbase don't yet care about ethics and morals. Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, etc.

There is n reason to believe that this trend will not continue and even amplify when the Jay Regime comes back in March.

1727 days ago


The set isn't the problem ... and kvetching to Oprah — even Tiger knew better. Go away, Jay.

1726 days ago


The set isn't the problem ... and kvetching to Oprah — even Tiger knew better. Go away, Jay.

1726 days ago


Paul, your last sentence was actually a clause, not a proper sentence. As a literate Conan fan, I'm appalled and thoroughly amused.

1716 days ago
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