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Alleged Travolta Extortionist Maintains Innocence

1/30/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pleasant BridgewaterAccused John Travolta extortionist Pleasant Bridgewater continues to proclaim her innocence -- and now she's doing it through the words of Martin Luther King.

In a rare statement, Bridgewater tells TMZ, "I do maintain my 100% total and complete innocence and will defend myself. As one great writer said, 'No lie will live forever' and 'truth crushed to the Earth will rise again.'"

Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne are both accused of demanding millions of dollars from John Travolta, in return for keeping a document related to Jett's death secret. The first trial was famously declared a mistrial -- they are due to be retried on September 6.


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Wake the hell up    

There is a word for people who commit crimes like atempted stealing and demand money from poeple that had nothing to do with them (like people who lived about 150-200 years agao and rich clebs that have $$) Whats the word... rymes with trigger, bigger or somthing... let me know cause thanks to the afirmitive action of the 90's i had to go to comunity college

1726 days ago

Flying Spaghetti Monster    

Let's not forget Scientology committed the top domestic espionage case in US history. Look at Wikipedia - "Scientology and the legal system - Notable Scientology court cases." You have no idea what these guys are capable of. Let's withhold judgment on the case until we find out what really happened. I find it odd that the Scientologists tried, and failed, to have this case moved onto US soil. I don't trust that organization as far as I could throw them.

1726 days ago


Another great quote that Ms Bridgewater might want to consider is "The Truth Shall Set You Free".

1725 days ago


Simone, do us all a favor and go f**k yourself

1725 days ago


You have got to be one low-down, mangy, tick-flea infested, no-good, sorry assed mother****** to try to extort money from people whose son had just died. I hope that the truth comes out, but if this is true then if there is a Hell she and her buddy are going there.

1725 days ago


John T would never lie!!!

1725 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

She's full of CRAP !

1725 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Miss Bridgewater, I've had my fill of your type. Leeches trying to suck the blood from the decent citizens of this this city. That court may have declared a mistrial, but I gotta tell you, your name may by Pleasant, but you leave a very un-pleasant taste in my mouth.

1725 days ago


She's innocent, yeah right. They've got evidence that will convict her if they can get past all the other corruption in the Bahamas.

1725 days ago


- regarding Post #2 from "Flying Spaghetti Monster": refer to

en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Scientology_ and_the_ legal_system

(to utilize the above link, just close the spaces and add in front of the "en." http colon forward slash forward slash).

This wiki page is an interesting read - and an utter indictment of the Church of Scientology. Plus, when you consider it is on Wikipedia, and thus subject to "clarifications" and "corrections," by The Church, it becomes a much scarier read.

Looks like L. Ron Hubbards' musings of the 1950's and 1960's come back to bite him (and his follows and "The Church") in the butt. This was a man who was ruthless in his pursuit of establishing his "church". Do good, religious people trying to "save" people and convert them to their religion really need to set proactive harassment and intimidation recommendations for their followers to adhere to? What would Jesus say?

As for that miserable b**** P. Bridgewater? I say, turn her over to the Scientologists, and let them work their "religious magic" on her...

1725 days ago

Scientology Murder    

Has JT reached OT VII yet? Scientology charges $300,000+ for this level and recently one of their OT VII's was charged with First Degree Murder for killing his business partner and then attempting suicide. Not a very enlightened thing to do. Google Rex Fowler for more information.

1725 days ago

Bruce Benson Angela Gupta Nina"Steve" Reyes07    

"There is a word for people who commit crimes like atempted stealing and demand money from poeple that had nothing to do with them"

Yep, Scientology.

1724 days ago

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