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Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

1/30/2010 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A temporary restraining order has been filed against Paris Hilton ... but it would take a government-trained handwriting analyst to figure out what the hell it's about.

Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

A guy by the name of Ramiro (or Ramoro) Benitez filed for the TRO on Wednesday, claiming Paris has threatened him both physically and financially and Benitez appears to mention "numerous sexual assaults."

Beyond that, we can't piece together enough of the handwritten TRO to figure out what exactly Paris is accused of doing. The TRO was denied, pending a hearing next month.

No immediate comment from Paris.

If you want to play the Paris Hilton TRO Game, click here to read the docs and try figuring out what it says for yourself!


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It makes sense if he is a hair dresser. His "boss" does "favors" for her like loaning him out to her. She "rattles on" about other people she has disc'd in the past and how she has a "stun gun" that she carries with her encase she feels the need to use one. He probably tells her that his "boss" is not paying him for his "services" to her and could she please pay up instead since he has a son he's trying to support. Being "typical" Paris she goes all conceited and tells him that he should be happy that she's allowing him to fix her hair. When she tells him something like this he finally gets enough of her and tells her he won't do her hair any more. Again being "typical" Paris she can't take rejection so she starts playing games with him. She leaves drugs in his bag at work and has others play mind games with him and his son. Probably writes him letters, leaves messages about what she can do to him and his son and niece (which he probably talked about while doing her hair, "girl talk" and tells him she has "people" to physically hurt him). I think the interpeter's are impersonater's and she has threatened him with "black listing" so he can't find another job. I don't think he is "nuts", just sick and tired of her and her games. She's like the "popular girl" in school who belongs to the "Click" and he has become the kid that doesn't fit into their group and so therefore "fair game" for harassing by all her friends and any one else she can influence.

1692 days ago

I can read most of this    

It looks like Benitez keeps writing Mind Interpreter, Or Mond Interpreter, The order is for her to stay away from his son and his sons uncle.
He writes Back in 1997, She (?) her friends had some (?) plan for my family was involved and words were exchanged on the phone with myself.
Who was there: George and employer I was working for is doing favors for her and there for (he spelled it wrong) not paying me for m y work and now is
(I can't see the rest because it's cut off.)
He checked yes for harrasment or distress saying: I was told I would get punched in the mouth or trash my property which (he spelled it witcsh) she has
over the years of my (?) stolen property
For D. he wrote: She has payed several people including my family to to play out a game and has made impossible to get (Expolored or Expolorer?) She has
put(Something I can't read) in my bag and or (Corner? Carver something?) For reasons unknown. It also looks like he tried to scratch out the word
For number 9 her writes- Influences that are not proper for young children to be written to and or (transport?) in.
11 says:Stun Guns of somekind
12 says Threats both sexual physically and financial.

1692 days ago


It says, "I'm an attention loving whore who wants to get my name linked up to Paris Hilton. If not, then this is me trying to get her attention."

1692 days ago

Brianne Lee-Kennedy    

Okay, I can read almost all of this. But, it's clear that this person is Schizophrenic. He is in serious need of some big-time help. It's sad.

1692 days ago


here's what I get:
5) Back in 1997 she told her friends had some game plan where my family was involved and words were exchanged on the phone with myself
6B) George and my employer I was working for is doing favors for her and there for not paying me for my work and now _____
6C) I was told I would get punch in the mouth or trash my property witch she has over the seven years of my _____ stolen property
6D) she has payed several people including my family to play out a game and she has made impossible to get employed she has put drugs in my bag and or corner ______ for reasons unknown
#9 (previous pages to above) influences that are not proper for young children to be witness to and or take part in

1692 days ago


I don't think this guy sounds crazy; it sounds like English is not his native language. It also sounds like he's been taken advantage of by a spoiled, manipulative little brat who threatens him in every way she can think of, including physically, emotionally and sexually. Maybe when this thing plays out, if it ever does, she will get what she finally has coming to her for years and years of being so mean and rude to those who work directly for her or for the countless others in service industries who are doomed by having to try to pacify and satisfy her every whim.

1692 days ago


Does this have anything to do with her antics on "Simple Life" or anything? Didn't it say something about "back in 1997"?

Even if she'd punked him or something back then, he can hardly be in fear of her doing so any longer.

1692 days ago

Charles Collins    

The restraining order is not real. It states that on every single page. So, what is actually going on with this? I think it is just another eye catching ploy by Paris Hilton to be on tv or have some smut to help her gain attention.
I mean come on, she is ignorant, ugly, and has absloutely no real talent. Just another daddy's girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
I read the order and can tell you that the reason it was so poorly written was to hide the fact nothing actually happened.
I rate this "D-"

1692 days ago

Luke Romesberg    

This is hilarious... yes, Paris Hilton is just so threatening.

1692 days ago


This useless no-good c***, is nothing but a human condom. Lock her up in some third world country prison where they treat them like it's still the dark ages. One less s***b** to infect the incurable herpes to others and one less dou**e in the world is a start at reclaiming america.
sonic pressure!

1691 days ago


my head is being crushed and i forgot to put i hope she gets ***** right in the as$. lmao!
sonic pressure

1691 days ago


Ha! Its the best excuse for a TRO and totally makes sense! Paris Hilton needs a "MIND INTERPRETER" lol

1691 days ago


These accusations against Paris Hilton are absolutely baseless. Paris Hilton has never threatened anyone. The judge should know that Paris Hilton has the total support of U.S. Army Cooperative Dr. rer. nat. Peter Erich Keller, member of the International Union of Crystallography, member of the International AIDS Society and member of the European Peptide Society

Photo (wearing Battle Duty Uniform)see: NPR Community: Peter Erich Keller user:(drkeller)

1691 days ago

sultry siren    


1694 days ago


looks pretty clear that we have an active paranoid schizophrenic who has gone off his meds......when he adds "mind 'interpreters' or something close to that he is stating that he feels she is also able to speak to him as a voice in his head and so his brain needed to be added to the places she wasn't allowed to go.......poor Paris, off the A list in even a schizophrenic brain....what's a girl to do?

1694 days ago
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