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Sen. Brown's First Task -- Get Kid Back on 'Idol'

1/31/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown gets officially sworn into office, he's going to use whatever political power he can to write a terrible injustice -- his daughter's dismissal from "American Idol."

Brown explained to Barbara Walters that his daughter was only 17 at the time Simon Cowell described her performance as "robotic" and "empty" and he'd love to have her get on the show again.

The way Brown's luck has been lately, she'll probably win next season.


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my god talk about some a-- kissing to simon cowell , just to get his daughter back on the show . moron . instead of teaching her how to go to school and get a real career , the chances of her winning are 1 out of so many million . as a dad . and yes I have kids . he should be ashamed

1734 days ago


I DON'T KNOW IF THE NEW SENATOR IS A BORN AND BRED NEW ENGLAND YANKEE AS I AM, BUT, I hope he displays a little more 'CLASS' in the future than he did during his acceptance speech. I am still puzzled why he embarrassed his daughter, that night, without thinking. Certainly hope he does better for our country. I wish him, well.

1734 days ago


Good to see another politician with his priorities in order. forget helping the tax payers of America, no let's promote his untalented offspring... another reality show in the offing perhaps. Mass brown nosing.

1734 days ago


So... he is mis-using his influence ALREADY? He'll fit right in down in DC.

1734 days ago


Another hottie!! I don't care what his politics are...he sure is easy on the eyes.

1734 days ago


Uhm... I don't exactly understand why everyone is jumping on him because of the idol comment. I mean... she asked, didn't she? It isn't like he decided he'd jump off topic and push for his daughter to be on idol. I think any parent would probably want their child to have another chance...

1734 days ago


Ho common Senator Brown, your daughter didn't make it the first time, how many little girls miss out on their first time at American Idol, so she should try again and just like all the other little girls she should stand in line and wait her turn.

1734 days ago


Instead of American Idol, why don't he help her follow in his footsteps and pose for Playboy.

I feel sorry for the half of Massachusetts that has brains.

1734 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

He should write a bill to have his gay centerfold re-published too.

1734 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

I'd like to go undercovers to expose him and get to the bottom of his game and play gotcha journalism with his little acorn.

1734 days ago


Anyone who watched this interview knows this story is completely made up. He did not say that, why would you want to misrepresent him like this? Oh, wait....

1734 days ago


Yet more proof why I love to call these guys:


How fitting, I just wish they all would stop proving me right. This guy shoves his foot down his throat often. How he got elected I'm still trying to figure out.

Try and catch his acceptence speech where he pimps out his daughters to his wife's horror and she keeps screaming at him to stop....and never does. Moron.


1734 days ago

Joe Smo    

Oh poor babies. I think its funny every time demos or libs lose they cry like lil babies. Just like Obobo in his speech last week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Haha

1734 days ago


"whatever political power he can to write a terrible injustice"

Don't you mean "right"??

1734 days ago


TWO WORDS "self serving" well maybe "daughter serving".
She will register again but now when shes auditioning it will be like so .

Simon: Hello again miss robot, I remember you you felt like an empty robot with no passion or skills. So why you here again today . Think you can do better, Can you remind us alittle about yourself.
Browns daughter: Well my dad is this really powerful politician.I like music and i don't like politics, hihi (giggling), and im here to not be so robotic and empty like last time Simon.
Simon: Great someone get me the puke bucket and two aspirins (whispering to the other judges). Okay missy do you best.

If she doesn't have talent or a combination of qualities to be a star then she does not deserve a free ride.
Papa is only trying to make things easier for her to tryout again. Maybe hoping that simon say "okay your not robotic and empty your just robotic"..

1733 days ago
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