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Brittany Murphy Death - 'Preventable'

2/4/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's Cause of DeathSources involved in Brittany Murphy's autopsy tell TMZ her death was "preventable."

Sources say the primary causes of Murphy's death were pneumonia and severe anemia. L.A. County Coroner officials believe Brittany's condition was "treatable" but no one took her to the hospital in time.

As for the multiple drugs found in her system, we're told they were both prescription, including medicine for cramps, and over-the-counter medications, including cough syrup. Our sources say the drugs "pushed her over the line" but the underlying problems were the pneumonia and anemia.

In other words, Brittany was really sick, didn't get treatment and by self-medicating it pushed her over the line.

Brittany Murphy


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Erin, are you delusional or just an idiot. The secondary cause IS drugs, you doofus. Can't you read?

1721 days ago


People die in every hospital in the U.S. EVERY, single day from pneumonia……BUT, it is never noted that their death was ACCIDENTAL. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! There is a lot to be said about the language that is used.
Love, idolize, and protect Brittany, people, but please don't let her death be in vain. Something went very wrong. She should be alive today to kick her grotesque husband to the curb and tell her needy mother to get a life!

1721 days ago


None of this balogny lists her actual cause of death. It's all speculation at this point. Pneaumonia, severe anemia, which was it? Drug overdose is what it was. Wait and see.

1721 days ago


This was in the Silicon Valley Mercury News:

Dr. Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner in New York City, said the coroner's determination indicated drugs probably played a key role in Murphy's death.

"If she died of pneumonia, that cause of death is a natural cause," Baden said. He said the use of some prescription medications can lead to pneumonia, and that
the coroner's office may have listed that as the primary cause to lessen the blow to Murphy's family.

"It sounds more like it's a drug-related than a natural pulmonary pneumonia," said Baden, who did not work on the Murphy case but has served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile deaths. "One doesn't die of pneumonia, usually, that quickly."

Assistant chief coroner Ed Winter told People magazine that Monjack said both he and Sharon Murphy were recovering from illness before Brittany Murphy "caught it."

Truly sad. You will be missed, Brittany.

1721 days ago


TMZ is way out of line on this one. So because this woman was not feeling well and bought some over the counter medication like all of us do, she "self-medicated" herself to death? Hey TMZ, not every thing in Hollywood is some huge scandal. Sometimes people just get sick and die. It happens. Unless she was Heath Ledger and had every narcotic in the book in his system when he died, her reputation shouldn't be tarnished like this.

1721 days ago


34. 29. Anemia is a common result of anorexia and starvation. She was too skinny. Anyone could see that.

You are an idiot! My husband is anemic and he is neither anorexic nor starved!
Posted by Missy, the logic-impaired.

Missy - Anemia is commonly seen in anorexics and gastric bypass patients (in both cases, due to insufficient dietary iron). It is also seen in people with other conditions, like your husband.

Your reading comprehension and logic skills are sorely lacking.

1721 days ago


I knew it!!! When TMZ reported 2 months ago about Brittany Murphy being very ill and throwing up days before she passed, it kind of threw me off wondering why Brittany herself, her husband and mother didn't offer to take her to ER. So sad because had Britt went to the ER should would still be here...Shame on her hubby and mom for not looking out for her.


1721 days ago


People are saying that if she'd only gone to the doctor sooner, she's still be alive. The truth is if she'd NEVER gone to a doctor, she'd probably still be alive. Just like Heath, Michael, Anna Nicole, etc., she died from complications of too many prescription drugs which weakened her system and left her vulnerable to pneumonia. Of course if she'd left Hollywood and quit the I've got to be stick thin at any cost game, she'd still be here too. Some people have to have fame and adoration at any cost. How sad.

1721 days ago


To #92 that was the cause of Casey Johnson's death. By the way, I am anemic. It is correct that most women do have iron deficiancy anemia and most don't even know it. Anemia would not cause cardiac arrest. And anorexia CAN make it worse. No one will ever know what REALLY happened. Let's just let her rest in peace, regardless if it was preventable, it truly wasn't, when God wants you he takes you no matter what. It was her time. It's sad she was so young but, you can not prevent the inevitable. She had higher things to do and was called home.

RIP to Brittney and everyone who has passed.

1721 days ago

becki s    

The whole 'throwing her in the shower' thing indicates to me that Mom & Hubby perceived this to be a(nother?) O.D. as usual, lets let the shower do its magic(again) only this time it didn't work.

1721 days ago


Guess that's the end of hubby's lawsuit then hm?! If he didn't take her to get checked out maybe he should be checked out, he can't have missed her being ill!!
You'll notice pneumonia on a lot of death certificates because no matter what the patient suffered with in hospital or nursing home etc the main killer is the pneumonia they catch fighting their illness!!

1721 days ago


I guess the fact that she didn't die of a broken heart puts the smackdown on her loser husband's plans to sue the studio. So sad - no one deserved to be married to a schmuck like that.

1721 days ago


#94 what part of "As for the multiple drugs found in her system, we're told they were both prescription, including medicine for cramps, and over-the-counter medications, including cough syrup." didn't you get? Yes drugs are what killed her. She had underlying health issues but it was the combination of drugs in her system that did her in. Most people who get pneumonia aren't eating Thai food and watching movies and then suddenly dropping dead the next day. The report said she had two prescriptions one a pain killer for her 'cramps' as well as taking over the counter medications for her pneumonia. Was she having her period at the same time or did she just take them all the time because that's what happens when you get endless scripts for narcotic pain killers. Not drugs.. yes of course it was drugs, doesn't have to be black tar heroin to die of a drug overdoes.

1721 days ago


111. Pay attention!!! Not a Primary care physician, an actual Emergency Room doctor. What some are saying, had Brittany visited the ER, doctors could of performed the necessary tests on her to see what was causing her illness...

1720 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

You can not make anyone go to the dr`s or take there med`s.Its too bad.I loved her work and she was a vary pretty girl.But it was her not her boyfriend or mother,it was on her.She will be missed.

1720 days ago
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