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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Friday's the Day

2/4/2010 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray will be arraigned Friday and charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told Dr. Murray will turn himself in to the LAPD Friday morning. He will be booked and then taken to Airport Court in L.A., Department 144, where he will face a judge at 1:30 PM.

A pool video camera and a still camera will record the event.


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Uhhh, He Travels, I know you people tend to forget this but THE VICTIM is also "afro american" so that kind of cancels your little theory out.

Posted at 10:59PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by Ironic

EXCUSE ME??? Michael was an Afro American?? I don't think so!
The last time Michael wore an Afro was...what?...1979?

I think you meant African American.

1686 days ago


TMZ boy,why don't you go fu.k yourself?See if you get tired of that,moron.Go comment on Jack Nicholson daughter's thread.

1686 days ago


why did you leave me?
I love you Mike
I love you

1686 days ago


Pray God will let this turn out in Michaels favor by making the jury see and convict this so called doctor who had no right to take another person life. murray is just like any other murderer and should be treated like a murderer. murray needs to be charged second degree murder and not manslaughter. he knew exactly what he was doing and what he could do. he knew how all those medicines is suppose to be used especially if his ever done any surgery on his patients. So nobody don't need to call that negligence it is murder when you keep giving different kinds of medicine back to back, and him being a doctor knew he should never mixed that many kinds of medicines together. Michael didn't ask for all these medicines like murray claims. this is murray trying to blame everything on Michael. murray knew that these medicines in a combination would be deadly. so individuals who are for murray why don't you let him be your doctor so u can be done the same way. he sounds like someone who knows more than he is saying. Pray God will help the DA to change the charge to murder before Friday. Michael deserves justice not murray. murray don't deserve to be free and walk the streets ever. if the jury don't find him quilty may God get him.

1686 days ago


Yeah OK!! Lets see if all the major news stations are sitting outside! I bet the only one out there is TMZ!! HOAX HOAX!! FAKE
MJ Is ALIVE and watching. He made a great plan here. . So all of you sheeps just keep doing what you do....

Posted at 10:46PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by screamin in dig

What are you going to say when a jury is picked and the courthouse is jammed? Are you going to make some other excuse? Over 30 years afte Elvis died, there are some who swear he's alive. Are you going to be one of those people 30 years from now screeming that Michael is alive, he's 80 years old?

He is not alive. Murray killed him.

1686 days ago


balls sucks balls

1686 days ago

Linda Lovelest    


(plural Af·ro-A·mer·i·cans)
Same as African American

-Af·ro-A·mer·i·can, , adj

See African American.

Dated yes, irrelevant no.

1686 days ago

Just Me    

Angel, I completely agree with you! What book did you read? I have read a few and am currently on another....

1686 days ago


MJ died on the 25th.. Murray surrenders on 2/5....

1686 days ago


There was nothing involuntary about MJ's murder.That doc from hell got paid really well for this hit job.He will get a couple of years behind bars,if that much,and then go to the Bahamas and enjoy his millions for the rest of his repulsive life. It's taken that long to charge that motherf@ker because "they" were fixing all the details,not because they wanted to build a good case. LAPD has no love for MJ.

1686 days ago


"Afro (hairstyle)" redirects here. For other uses, see Afro (disambiguation).

Lauryn Hill wearing an Afro wig during a performance in Central Park. (2005)An afro, sometimes shorted to "fro", is a hairstyle in which the hair extends out from the head like a halo, cloud or ball.


A woman with an afro at the Tribeca Film Festival. (2007)In the 1860s a style similar to the afro was worn by the Circassian beauties, sometimes known as "Moss-haired girls", exhibited in sideshow attractions in the United States by P.T. Barnum and others. These women were claimed to be from the Circassian people in the Northern Caucasus region, and were marketed to white audiences captivated by the "exotic East."

1686 days ago


MJ died on the 25th.. Murray surrenders on 2/5....

Posted at 11:20PM on Feb 3rd 2010 by TwentyFive

Totally suspicious!! LOL *cue up Twilight Zone music*

1686 days ago


If Conrad Murray still has a few days to administer Propofol, can he take out the Federal Reserve? Just a few dozen heads, lead interests and prime investors would do, so perhaps about 300 of them? A free man is a free man!

1686 days ago

They were in it for the money    

cut some slack, jack. I live in Iowa excuse me then african american. Showed my age .

1686 days ago

Sand D    

It sounds like the Dr is getting some good advice and taking the path of lest resistance. He no doubt does not want the drama of MJ groups will bring to his family and friends.
Has any one thought that perhaps MJ distroyed a good man, because he misused his life. The Dr. became an employee of MJ...yes he blinked but I really thing the death chant started years ago for MJ.
Which is to bad.....but perhaps he had to leave this earth so his children could live..for they sure look healther now....even thought they loved their dad.....and will forever love him.I only hope other money makers learn from his mistakes. Money can not buy love, nor can it buy your way back in reality after you have sold your soul.

1686 days ago
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