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Will & Jada Sue

Don't Blame Us for Bad Movie

2/5/2010 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith claim they're not to blame for a movie that made absolutely no money -- even though Jada wrote the script.


It's all over a movie you'll probably never see called "Human Contract" -- which Jada wrote in 2007.

In legal papers filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, the couple claims the guy who financed the movie is threatening to sue them because he believes Will and Jada "guaranteed" a return on an investment to get him on board. Will and Jada claim they "made no such representations."

Long story short -- the movie went straight-to-DVD and Will and Jada admit, "it is unlikely that it will ever make a profit."

Will and Jada aren't going after the investor for money -- but they want a judge to declare that they are not liable for the investor's lost cash.

In the meantime, the movie had some serious star-power -- Ted Danson, Idris Elba and even Jada herself.

Too bad no one ever saw it.

: TMZ spoke to a rep for the couple who told us, "Although we normally shun this type of controversy, we felt compelled to respond to the baseless threats and absurd allegations put forth by Mr. Grasso's counsel."

UPDATE #2: TMZ spoke with the investor, David Grasso, who told us, "I am disappointed that my perception of the Smiths was so off base. I am shocked that they would use the courts to try to intimidate."

Grasso added, "I sincerely look forward to the truth being revealed and remain optimistic that we will be able to resolve our differences amicably."

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If they put so much into it, I don't understand why it flopped? Oh well... they can't guarantee that it will do great anyways.

Brian @

1685 days ago

Just sayin'    


Who cares!

1718 days ago

Just sayin'    

They both think they are some kinda Hollywood royalty so I can see them saying that. I believe it. Sue the pants off of them guy!

1718 days ago


Win some lose some...big deal

1718 days ago


I agreee with #1, slow day today huh TMZ?

Give us some juicy gossip! Today's stories blow!

1718 days ago


Saw it, my wife loved it, I thought it was ok.

1718 days ago


This story is strange to me because I thought the movie was fine. Maybe not a classic but, good enough to get some money back. It was just a drama after all, not Avatar

1718 days ago


The lead actor was very good, and Paz Vega was crazy awesome.

1718 days ago


I agree with #6 and 2. They both seems to believe that they are some kind of royalty in hollywood...FAKERS and definitely OVERATED...both of them...they need to pay up, because I definitely believe that they made something off the wasn't a total lost for them...and they have to money to finance their own movie....why ask someone to do so....HOPE THE JUDGE MAKE THEM PAY UP!!!

1718 days ago


there is something very, very shady about these two. i wouldn't trust either one of them for single second. and if she wrote the script and he was an executive producer then they certainly seem pretty responsible for the incredible failure. hope the guy wins in his suit against him. they are not above the law. maybe they can go running to xenu to save them.

1718 days ago


Watch Jada perform like a crazed woman with her heavy metal band Wicked Wisdom. The woman is not cool. Will should have dumped her for Tom Cruise ages ago.

1718 days ago


Sounds to me they should be held responsible for a dismal flop as much as their blockbuster movies. People in Hollywood are immature anyway, so it's no big surprise they blame everybody except themselves when things go wrong.

1718 days ago


Don't understand the anger here for some of the previous posts. This is simple folks. If the guy financed the movie, and didn't get anything in writing from Will and Jada for guaranteed profits, then he is plain out of luck. Just like Wall Street tanking for the last week and me losing money in the stock market. Come to think of it I think I'll sue Wall Street. Who's with me?

1718 days ago


I actually saw The Human Contract in Cannes two years ago ... the funny thing is, it's actually a really good film.

1718 days ago


This guy should not win anything. You never know if a movie will flop or not. This guy probably thought that he would make a fortune with the Smith name attached to it & got BURNED. This is what greed will get ya.

1718 days ago
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