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'American Chopper' -- It's Over!

2/6/2010 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Chopper"American Chopper" is ending its run on TLC and the crazy Teutul family will ride their bikes off into the sunset.

This Thursday's episode will be the series finale of the show. A rep for TLC tells us, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run."

The move is not entirely unexpected -- as we reported in December, Paul Teutul, Sr. is suing his son Paul over the family business, Orange County Choppers.

The last episode airs February 11 at 9:00 PM.


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good riddance you white trash biker filth

1689 days ago


Sr. will find that money doesn't buy happiness. In the end God, family, and love is all that counts. I waited until my dad was 70 to make amends and he was dead one year later of ALS.

1689 days ago


Considering all of the lawsuits against Paul Sr, many of which he's already lost, I'm surprised that place is still in business.

1689 days ago


Oh thank God this awful show has bit the dust. I wonder what that dopey long haired kid is going to do now. He was to stupid to have a real job.

1689 days ago


Hey maybe Paul Sr. can get some tips for Michael Jackson’s Dad on how to exploit your kids. You know there is nothing more precious than the love of your child, except a million dollars according to Paul Sr. I could never see money coming between my children and me. Paul Sr. needs to grow up, shave and become a man. Paul, from one dad to another……….you suck!

1689 days ago


I have consulted my crystal ball and it says:

Paul Sr. will hit the bottle again as Orange County Choppers slowly falls into bankruptcy.

Paul Jr. will attempt to go back to motorcycle building after Coleman realizes that nobody gives a $hit about a Paul Jr. designed portable grill and Paul Jr. fails to get a single new client.

Mikey will fall off the wagon and start hitting the crack pipe because, let's face it, the guy has no talent. He was comic relief for the show and that's it. His TLC money will dry up soon.

The Spirits have spoken...

1689 days ago


I always wondered what this show would of been if the original father/son team (Arlen/Corey Ness) that they wanted hadn't turned them down.....................hmmmmmm

1689 days ago

cindi thornton    

Just a bunch of arrogant, whiny babies. I hated when my husband wanted to watch it. All I heard was a constant barrage of "beeps" every time someone opened their mouth. I hope this knocks Sr. down a notch.

1689 days ago


Geees, where do you start with these guys? First thing, they should send Jesse James a big gift every Christmas for starting the whole Biker TV show thing. Boy, talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg and then cooking it and eating it for dinner. Starting at the head of the family and working down, Vinny is the only one that is "normal" and that is because he is not with the other 3. The best part of Mikey is a brown stain on the sheet, Paul jr is a second class whinner, and his dad is a bloviating buffon. Their bikes? Come on they ALL have the same general style to them. A stretched frame with enough space between the rocker boxes and the fuel tank to throw a basketball through. The biggest rear tire you can put on the thing, can't corner worth a tinkers damn. Favorite engine, a REV TECH 100"? You could take the same basic design and just add ginger bread to it and put 5 different models side by side and they would all look the same. Yea, I know there are some cosmetic differences, but hand sticched, custom welded fenders, handbuilt handle bars, $3,000.00 paint job, and a wicked rack does not a classic motorcycle make. I live in Florida, we ride 365 days a year, yea, it rains and the wind blows and once in a decade we get a smidge of snow, but we can and do ride all the time. The kind of bikes that OCC builds are for show, you know the kind, big duelly with the goose neck is parked around the corner from the show and the bike is rolled off, don't forget to take the soft ties off. The bike is wiped down, pushed around to head in the right direction, the rider gets all his stressed deniums and antique leathers, puts the $400.00 a day hooker on the back in her best "Sluts are us" designer outfit. Then with a hardy "Hi Ho Silver" he blasts off and rides the two blocks to the show so he can make the grand appearance. I would like to see a show about a real shop and some real happening. Minus the Teutuls. Make a show with a working shop, taking care of regular cusomers, doing some charity rides and helping out people. Having a BBQ for the customers, a swap meet, a wet t-shirt contest at a rally. How about some biker games, slow ride, winie bite, bear keg roll, tire sled, motorcycle demolition derby, pototoe hunt. Cole slaw wrestling. Ever seen a scavenger hunt on bikes? Build some bikes for customers, just show a regular working shop and the things that go on there. Never been done. In a slow week showcase one of the lesser know bike events, not just Daytona and Sturgis. Anything has got to be better than seeing Paul run around and cuss and be a buffon.

1689 days ago

Grandpa Giggles    

I tuned in just last week after I had stopped watching for a long time and was blown away by the gigantic, fancy new building they have and all the glitz and glam. I didn't know Vinnie had left nor that the sons were not as mmuch involved anymore. Mikey doing stand up comedy? I don't think so! I can't stand the father, he is truly a big, whiney baby! I hated how he felt the need to wear his sunglasses indoors and muscle shirts no matter how cold it was. I watched as he destroyed good property just for fun. I hated how he had to be the one who always test drove the bikes even though all he did most of the time was get in the way and stop productivity so he could whine some more. This show should have been gone a long time ago and once the cameras go off, the old man better just sell whatever he can because that business is not going to last as big as it is now (in size, not revenue)

1689 days ago


It would seem if TLC comes into your life, you'll have major problems in no time. TLC seems to cause more issues than they bring to light. Mostly money issues. Scary!

1689 days ago


Finally! Now all TLC has to do is cancel that lame LA Ink show!!
Please note: Aubrey from LA ink was one of the Rock of Love Chicks.
Hey Mikey get a job!!Your Art & Stand Up SUCKS!!

1689 days ago


How sad it is when a father sues his son..what the hell? Paul Sr you should be ashamed of yourself what kind of parent/husband/father are you? a piss poor one. What is with all the judgmental comments here. Do you talk crap to and about all special needs people? Picking up crack pipes and going back to the bottle..are you kidding me? Is your life so great and perfect that you can sit in judgment on others...I think not.

1689 days ago

henrey rodriguez    

Now the real show begins, The downward spiral of Paul sr. Hold on !! Going Down!!

1689 days ago


Show was interesting the first season, after that, it became a joke.
Let the old man sit back and worry more about his dog than his own kids.

1689 days ago
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