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Jennifer Aniston -- One Hot Mama

2/6/2010 2:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A few days before her 41st birthday, Jennifer Aniston tanned her fantastic body in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Eat your heart out Tate Brad Vince Orlando John Gerard America.


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You posters are sooo funny. Jennifer is in her 40's & looks way better than most of the younger women posting on this site & most of you men have never had a gf that looked half as good as Jen

1687 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

Jennifer Aniston has an amazing figure for 41 years of age.

How many women at any have a toned, cellulite, stretchmark free body like that? The answer is that very few women have such remarkably firm skin in their thirties and beyond. To me that is what is so impressive in regards to Jennifer Aniston's looks. Her body is just so youthful looking and I am sure that she kills herself at excercising and watching everything she eats to maintain her svelte figure. I give her credit for doing so.

As far as sex appeal, I do agree with #54's comments. Jennifer Aniston is a pretty woman but to me even though she has a great figure she doesn't have any sex appeal and does seem slightly boring. But in reality none of us know her real personality so it is difficult to say.

1687 days ago


such an empty and predictable life.

1687 days ago

Not buying the crocodile tears    

I guess like really does attract like. With all the psychotic Jolie fans on this board running amock, it's no wonder half the comments are filled with spite and angry words. I mean, isn't that Jolie's nature anyways - angry and spiteful? While I may not be a huge fan of Aniston's, I can say that at least she's had a successful career carved out for her, hasn't resorted to heroin or cutting out her own family from her life, has at least had fun in relationships instead of insisting each one must marry her and wear a vial of her blood around their necks, and most importantly has some VERY faithful friends - including females ... proof she doesn't have chip on her shoulder with every woman in the world, very unlike Jolie who has never really seemed to have one true female friend. Speaks mountains about her.

So I think being 41 and single and looking as good as she does only means a person like her actually does have more time to find the RIGHT one, as opposed to Jolie who is looking more and more withered and frail and unhealthy and tired as the years go by. She obviously DIDN'T have any time to spare, which is why she so desperately sunk her teeth into other women's men ... Billy Bob, Brad, and whoever else is yet to come.

So stop targeting Aniston, because I am more than sure she is not at all concerned about what a bunch of psychotic, unstable Jolie fans have to say about her.

1687 days ago


She's like a gourmet meal looking wonderful on your plate, until you taste it, and it has zero flavor. Blah!!

1687 days ago


Yeah, she looks wonderful in a bikini, but Angelina's still wrapping her skinny legs around her man at night and loving life to the fullest.

Unless Jennifer seduces Keanu Reeves or George Clooney, her chances of getting another smokin' hot big movie star husband like Brad Pitt are over.

1687 days ago


1st she has no kid, so where is the hot mama coming from.
2nd, the boobs are fake........

1687 days ago


brad said on the tonight show with leno a few months before their split-up that jen sleep-walks in the middle of the night thats prolly where her in-glorious smile comes from

1687 days ago


I think everyone's jealous of Jen. Who woudn't love to be in Cabo San Lucas, with that amazing body tanning oneself. Why don't you post a picture of yourself and see who's really better...And if you're here watching this pic, I'm sure you still want to see the latest of her, otherwise why bother on making a comment about her!

1687 days ago


How SAD how very very SAD you all sound!!!

1687 days ago


According to all the reports, Jennifer has been going out with flighty boys and isn't finding satisfaction. In that case, Jennifer, will you be my Valentine?

1687 days ago



That was awesome! LMAO. I agree with you. Has anyone ever thought perhaps Cabo is simply her famorite vacation spot? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Obviously, she COULD go anywhere she pleases (the cameras will follow no matter the location) and she elects to go there. Who cares? Jeez, jealous much, people? I know I am! LOL.

1687 days ago


Oops, obviously that was supposed to be "favorite" not faMorite! Just wanted to get that out there before the "spelling police" get me...

1687 days ago


People are incredibly pathetic (62):

That was a great post, but I (as an Aniston fan) have to remind you that she actually did cut her mother out of her life for a while (as has Jolie with her father). Rumor has it they have reconciled but I just wanted to get that out there before the Jolie fans bashed you for it.

In my opinion both ladies had good reason to be pissed at their parents for speaking out publicly about them like that so I actually have no favoritism in that regard. At least Jon Voight didn't write a book about being Jolie's father like Aniston's mom did. On the flip side Voight should have tried to hold an intervention for Jolie if he thought she was that crazy or whatever; it was wrong of him to publicly comment/humiliate her the way he did.

Bottom line: Jolie and Aniston both have great lives and they seem to be doing what they want to be doing...just because Aniston doesn't want half a dozen kids doesn't make her a selfish or bad person. She obviously doesn't want to do it alone, either. Most people would call that being RESPONSIBLE...

1687 days ago



1687 days ago
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