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Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

2/10/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the members of Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team says he's not concerned about the possibility of a downtown L.A. jury dominated by African Americans, because "Dr. Murray is as much of an inspiration as Michael Jackson was."

Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

J. Michael Flanagan tells TMZ Dr. Murray is a man of "humble means who became very successful" and a jury will appreciate that.

Flanagan also told us the defense team has received a summary of the official investigation, but he says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has informed Murray's lawyers it will take several weeks before the D.A. gives them a copy of the full file.


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Murray is NOT an inspiration to anyone but possible people who want drugs they do not need.

Murray could NEVER be in the same class as Michael Jackson. Michael was INSPIRED everyone who cared to listen to his message for MORE THAN 40 YEARS! Did you get that? MORE THAN 40 YEARS!

Murray comes out of his so-called humble means and kills the most famous person on the planet, he gives patients medicine for which they have no reason to receive, he takes a job for $150,000 a month because he is a greed monger but does not do the job properly & does not protect his patient, he does not give the patient the appropriate care for their symptoms, consistently does not pay child support to several women who have a child by him and he does not appear to be telling the truth about all of what has happened... the list goes on. There is probably even more than any of us know because he has only been in front of most of us since Michael's death. What other bad crap has he pulled before any of us knew about him? I know he has had charges filed for a few issues but I don't care to study this puke enough to learn it all. The most important information about him is right in front of us, here and now.

Murray is a killer and should not allowed to practice medicine and he should be locked away.

The people of LA will do the right thing. I am confident of that.

1685 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Inspirational? As in Dr. Kevorkian inspirational?

That is ridiculous. No one knew who Murray was before he met Michael Jackson. Murray hasn't given millions upon millions to help others (he just about owes that though) Michael Jackson didn't have 7 children he doesn't take care of. Michael had three children who were taken from their father by Murray however. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

I wonder how much of what Murray's legal team is going to start swaying the public so they can say Murray can't geet a fair trial. Comments like this are meant to incite, not state their client's position.

Follow the Jackson Family on Twitter (Marlon & Jermaine use @ALLJACK5ONS)


1685 days ago


5. Mmmm, okay. Will the jury appreciate a 'humble man of little means' who becomes a doctor willing to sell off his hypocratic oath to the highest bidder knowing he does not have the skill required to do the job? Who takes reckless chances with someones life simply because the pay is so irresistable? These lawyers are really reaching in their assumptions about this jury's 'understanding'.

Posted at 1:04PM on Feb 10th 2010 by janalal4


To janalal4,

I agree with you, and applaud the fact that someone posted who knows about the Hippocratic Oath. I bet 70% of those who read and/or post here don't know about it, what it says or what it means.

And those in the health insurance industry are CERTAINLY unconcerned about it and probably just as ignorant.

Kudos to you!

1685 days ago


This is wacko jacko! Inspirational??? That's like Hank Buckett catching a Super Bowl onside kick. Sean Payton sat planning that play for days on end knowing Hank Buckett couldn't catch it.

1685 days ago


They are joking or what?
Seems Mr. Murray gave his attorneys some drugs...

1685 days ago


This is not about colour! It is, and should only be about JUSTICE, and to start a race frenzy is pure deflection on the part of murry's legal team.

What inspiration did Murry have when he murdered Michael?

1685 days ago

tony L.    

I watched Ellen Degeneres last nite on American Idol. what expertise in music does she have to be a judge? Shes a comic! wrong choice. Also heard that Howard Stern is a possible replacement for Simon! give me a break. Whats next...Sara Palen a replacement for Randy Jackson?This was a music reality gig wasn't it?

1685 days ago


I am not from Ca. but In am sure that the DA will not allow this type of questioning and pass jurors up for that line of thinking. They will make sure everyone knows that the case or case's from MJ's past have nothing to do with what Murry did.

11. Suppose you get a mostly African American jury. I guarantee you that someone on the jury will oppose child rape, and that will help Murray. I guarantee you that someone on that jury will be proud of their Black heritagae, and that will help Murray. Things are looking pretty good for Murry right now, if you ask me. The worst he faces is conviction on a manslaughter charge. That's no big deal.

Posted at 1:10PM on Feb 10th 2010 by Antwone

1685 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Running for PRESIDENT OF THE WACKO JACKO FAN CLUB is DR KLIEN Randy Jackson Dr Murray Janet Jackson please tell us YOUR PICK

1685 days ago


So he inspires other young African American doctors to procure drugs illegally and outside a hospital setting? And to use surgical anesthetic with no monitoring?
And at the same time to have children with 4 different women and not pay child support??

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson helped people HEAL by visiting military and children's hospitals all over the world, and donated hundreds of millions to charities. He found a liver for a dying boy.

MJ was inspiration... Murray is not...


It is a hoax and Murray secretly is giving information to the police about what REALLY could have happened...that is the only way I would buy the "inspirational" story.

1685 days ago


Okay...let's not get carried away. I don't think you can hold a candle to Michael Jackson...there's a reason no one ever heard of you before this situation.

1685 days ago


OK TMZ it is about time someone tells you guys enough is a enough the only people around here that gives a rat @$$ about Murray is you guys you are treating this man as if he is a celebrity in which he is not , he can't even hold up his title as a doctor, if the defence team feel like they can win this case then let them bring it on, the public has the last word, and yes a jury do to, we that care about Michael Jackson don't care about what happens to MURRAY i truly believe the DA is being paid to let Murray off lightly with a slap on the hand, but the people will NEVER forgive him for what he did to Michael, Murray can Rot in #ell

his title will always be the humble murderer the untitled killer the devil's own , he has to answer to a higher calling and that is God for what he did
are you blind Harvey and as an attorney yourself did you read the results of the report ..

bruising on his back, torso and legs, scatches on the back of his neck, a broken needle found ,needle marks on the back of his arms this sounds like to me as if he was fighting in defence for his life and you all are just reading over it ... that is why i said 2009 that the FBI/CSI team should get involved but i see right now that someone got their hands in the cookie jar, i hope they can live with that dirty money they are getting paid ..... injustice there is no justice system there is no law they are letting a killer run the show simple and plain and for Murray's Attorney's you think by respresenting him you will make a name for yourself you must be crazy you looked like losers up there with him and i hope the money he stole from Michael's house that you are receiving turn around and bite you on your ass, everything you touch from now on will turn into dirt you are cursed for taking him as a client asak your client about curses he knows about them being from TRIN, i burn a candle against all of you i will not rest until he is given life in prison i curse you all that speak against Michael Jackson i curse the one person that killed him CONRAD ROBERT MURRAY born 02/19/1953 i hope your hand you used to kill michael be torn away from your body and twisted into your eyes i hope you feel all his pain double fold i hope you fall down sick and can not move i hope all that help you loss their way and can not see i hope that you and yours do not profit nor proveil in no form i ask that you be carried you into darknest forever

1685 days ago


Is this lawyer on crack? Murray a celebrity - give me a break.
Infamous, not famous. What about that does he not get?
I'm no diehard MJ fan; but, Murray is a doctor for C's sake. You know, taking the hippocratic oath to do no harm? Manslaughter is just a little bit of harm. (sarcasm inserted here) Murray should tell his attorneys to shut their mouths; he is in enough trouble.

1685 days ago

For Sure    

Dr. Murray needs a new set of lawyers...I can not speak for the black community but I will say this...

Dr. Murray did rise above the odds and become a highly respected Dr. but... If the Defense does this...I am not a lawyer, but I think then the prosecution is then allowed to bring up.... How many... as TMZ would say Baby Mama's he many times he was behind in child support payments... before this court case ever happened... How desperate he was to take this Job...

Then Da brings up very simply You need a ventilator and paddles when administering this type of drug, which he did not have in the house...the numerous prescriptions he wrote and I think he has a guilty verdict...

I disagree with Harvey I do not think it will be that hard to prove. If they keep it simple.

No, I think this community would not want this done to their children and would not be sympathetic to him...

But this is just MHO

1685 days ago

King of TMZ    

LOL the lawyers of Dogter Conrat Murderay use ad-hominem and pathos to reach the hearts of the jury rather than their brains. present evidence and facts leave the made up ohhhhhh stories aside losers.

and die Murderer die.

I am sure he is an inspiration for people who go from poverty yet still stay incompetent because they cheated to reach their licenses.

1685 days ago
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