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Jessica Simpson

Laughs Off Mayer Comments

2/11/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's one person who wasn't offended by John Mayer's controversial Playboy interview -- Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
Jessica was in L.A. last night -- and when we asked her how she felt about Mayer comparing her sex appeal to a "drug" and calling her "crazy" in the sack, Jessica turned red, smiled, laughed ... and gave an official "no comment."

John has since apologized for some other "racy" comments he made -- looks like Jessica has already forgiven him.


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Wanda W.    

She pretty much has the same response to everything she does, or is asked........... She is an empty headed, talentless bimbo.Sounds like she thinks between her legs.She brings down every woman who wants to be judged by her intelligence alone,not a warm body with boobs. Without her dad running her life she wouldn't even think water was wet !!!!!

1612 days ago


I bet soon we will hear how Miss Pure, Taylor Swift is in bed!

1612 days ago


According to Perez Hilton JOhn Mayer is gay and used to pump Jessica in the arse.

1612 days ago


Let's face it, Jess ain't looking as hot as she once was. Maybe if Hank Baskett hadn't of dropped that on-side kick she would look hot. But y'all should be more concerened about Haitian orphans in Afghanistan!!! Stop the hate!

1612 days ago


Jessica LOVES this! It is the best media attention she has received a long time. Papa Joe loves it even more.

1612 days ago


Are you still glad you voted for this guy...

Open to tax hikes on middle class...

I am proud to say that I DIDN'T vote for him!!!!

1612 days ago


24. ULIC~ I'd call you a retard but Sarah would be offended. YoU are the obvious moron. And you missed the point entirely that CLEO was making. AND Cleo was correct btw. your spelling & words say enough about you already.

Posted at 10:52AM on Feb 11th 2010 by uhHuh
What does Sarah Palin have to do with absolutely anything in this post? You’re just a right winger that has their back up because someone said something bad about Sarah’s daughter. PERIOD.
Now I’ll tell you the same thing... F2ckoff with your right wing agenda and have a laugh like your suppose to when you read this crappy site. If you want “unbiased” reporting go to FOX, you’ll like what they have to say there with their stellar reporting of your hero.

Oh by the way....She used CRIB notes for three points!!!! What a genius and they way she read them was like a little kid at school trying to get away with something. When will you people just admit she’s an embarrassment to the party and find someone that will represent the party with a little class and dignity?

1612 days ago

Wanda W.    

Haitian orphans in Afghanistan ? How did they get there ? More to the point, why would they be taken there for goodness sakes? Hank Basket ? What the hell ? Don't we have ENOUGH problems in THIS country without now worrying about Haiti ? Priorities ?

1612 days ago


Why would she care? She could get some...she is white!

1612 days ago


I think John is playing this "blues man" role too hard. He's a White kid from CT who happens to be a good guitar player.

Nothing more and nothing less; how he gets these nice looking women is beyond me.

I hate to say it but someday he'll "punch out" from an OD because he's starting to believe his own PR.

Wake up Dude!

1612 days ago


All I'm going to say is that "like attracts like".

1612 days ago


After sex with John, her farts must have sounded like "splat".

She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't act, I guess her shoe line and her stink ass is all she has going for her.

Pretty sad, that's the only way she can now get attention, is by her BF'ing by some one

1612 days ago


I think this as a totally a regardless issue.

1612 days ago


You know, she looks REAL GOOD without makeup...

1612 days ago


John Mayer is politically incorrect, okay let's harp on him forever. While he tried to compliment everyone, if you read the whole interview, in his bumbling, ADHD sort of way....Mayer doesn't seem the type to intentionally hurt anyone. Douchebag, yeah. Show your political incorrectness in your music, Mayer.
He was trying to repay some kindness shown him along the way, although I don't know if it turned out that way, did it Harvey?

Btw, John Mayer, I've seen more class from Black women writing about you then anyone else..mostly Aniston fans...who you showed more respect then she deserved, you were used!

1612 days ago
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