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Madonna & Jesus Luz Kiss & Make Up

2/11/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Putting an end to the breakup rumors, Madonna and her 23-year-old boy toy lover Jesus Luz got back into the groove by mauling each other at a club in Rio on Wednesday.


The 51-year-old Queen of Pop really does suck.

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I'm so jealous of her.I hope I can get a hot young guy like that when I get older.I sure as hell will kick my husband's wrinkly bag of nuts for a young handsome guy like that really fast.50 year old men are boring,fat and can't perform well.It should be mandatory to kick those old fossils to the curb once they get to that age that only viagra can help their souls.Hell,no.I'd rather get a fresh handsome young thing like Jesus.
Madonna is a pretty,smart,accomplished woman,so stop hating.

1685 days ago

Dirt Burger    

I thought her acting was bad but watching her french a young guy is just GROSS! What 22 year old would want to make out with a 51 year old granny like Madonna?

1685 days ago

Dirt Burger    

What guy doesn't want to suck face with a woman old enough to be his grandmother that also has had a facelift? Yuck!

1685 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Her facelift is so tight she can barely pucker up for this kid. He is probably closing his eyes and pretending he is kissing Kim Kardashian instead of this old bag.

1685 days ago


He doesn't give a crap about her, all he cares about is her fame and her money and she's loves the press of her with a 23 year old.
That pic makes me wanna hurl. Her poor daughter having to see Mom behave like a whore...but I'm sure she already knows that her mother has slept her way around Hollywood three times, full circle.

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


la mayoria de los comentarios son malos bola de envidiosos

1684 days ago


WOW, you people are jealous! Dang, if I can nail down a 23 year old man at 51....I certainly will. Don't be hating because she can steal your man!!!!! Go Girl!!!! Hit it once for me!!!

1684 days ago


I think you are all jealous. Jealous of her fame, power, money, and ability to still have a great body at her age and the fact that she is still capable of having intimate relationships . . . except you Jan. Kudos to you for standing up for defending women. We too have a right to be in relationships, regardless of our age. We work twice as hard as men destroying our bodies to be moms, working, remembering birthdays, consoling our best friends, putting up with men's b.s. And this is all you women can say???? Besides, our lives are all predestined to meet who we are going to meet, when we do meet them. You all, except Jan, need to grow up and find your spirituality.

1684 days ago


Go Madonna! This guy is so damn attractive, if not the most
beautiful man on earth... even i, at 40 who never date under 30, wouldn't be able to resist those eyes....those eyes are wiser than 23 so high 5 to Madonna.
And they seem to be very happy. So who are we to judge 2 people in love? That guy is lovely and Madonna is a great entertainer/businesswoman, they are in love, great for them!

There are a lotta comments from BITTER people, get a life better start putting that much energy in finding yourselves a man,damn! That will lighten you up, cause y'all must have some sorry lives to put so much negative energy in bashing a woman you will probably never meet....think about that.
Madonna has achieved so much, not even the haters can deny that one...try to do that first before you judge someone...
I'm happy for every person in love and Madonna and Jesus are 2 of them.
Y'all haters should try it too, it will enrichen your sorry a.. life ;-)

1683 days ago

Jodee Borgerding    

Madonna is an old, mean, nasty skank. I heard this from past boyfriends. That she was rude and mean. I guess only good for 1 thing huh? Robbing cradles and doin' it with a guy half her age on a staircase. Yup! Sounds like Madonna. She's just...ewwwwwww.

1683 days ago

Jodee Borgerding    

Jealous? I would never, ever be a Madonna wannabe! I have always found her vile and disturbing. Had it not been for her whorish acts that were discovered and put in front of us to puke over, she would be a street girl. What has she accomplished? Singing and making herself out to be a whore? With a mommie like that,I am sure her daughter hasn't been taught any different and will need therapy! 51 with a 22 yr. old. Its going to be funny after he gets noticed and dumps her for a 22 yr. old that didn't have to have plastic surgery all over her body and won't drop dead in the prime of his life.She is in for a big heartbreak and I must say...she deserves it.

1683 days ago


You can't help who you fall for...and as long as they are of age...which he is...Go for it Madonna! Life is to short ...Be Happy!

1683 days ago


The only people who approve of this old bag being with a young, handsome guy are the love-starved, lonely old bag perverts who fantasize about being with him themselves. Madonna is nasty. She probably pays him to be her gigolo.

How does he know which wrinkle to put it in??

1681 days ago


Yuk, she's old enough to be a grandmother.
I wonder how she REALLY looks without all the botox, face lift, skin tighteners, breast lifts, etc. and other treatments to make herself look artificially young?? She's a ho and a sleazebag trying to recapture her youth with a pretty boy.

1681 days ago
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