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S.I. Swimsuit Models -- Check Out My Ash

2/12/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team partied their butts off in Las Vegas last night -- as in, cigarette butts.

Sports Illustrated models: Click to watch
It all went down at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel where some of the hottest chicks in the world, including Bar Refaeli partied their faces off ... while sucking away on cancer stick after cancer stick ... after cancer stick.

Not all of the models needed to smoke to be smokin' hot -- cameras never spotted cover model Brooklyn Decker with a cig in her mouth once.


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These girls are at such high risk for early onset of osteoporosis! Tall skinny bodies, poor diet, and cigarette smoking are the top risk factors! They probably have low estradiol too, also a top risk factor. I foresee many fragility fractures in their futures ....

1657 days ago


I would rather see someone smoking or smoke myself than be fat! There are way to many fat people in the world. And the ones hollaring the loudest about anything are FAT!!!!! Talk about no self control. Heartache waiting to happen!

1657 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

Considering that my husband is flying to Florida to be with his mother, who is on a ventilator until he can get there to tell her goodbye - smoking is NOT cool! Fifty years of smoking has reduced this woman to a skeleton - one who will pass away tomorrow. Smoking isn't cool. It kills.

1657 days ago


i hate when i click something and it doesnt show up in my email...

the tmz guys are probably going to be like, thats hot! they are so hot!

thats gross! i quit smoking years stays in your hair and its just nasty!!!


1657 days ago


Suck in that cancer, girls! Suck it in!

1657 days ago


#92 Dana are you fat? I bet you a million pennies you are very fat. I bet you have no self control when it comes to eating right? It's ok, no need to pretend you are better than anyone else.

By the way you said "Heartache waiting to happen?" Did you mean heart attack? Or actual heartache? Does someone need their broken heart to be mended? Perhaps?

1657 days ago


SAD really, they look beautiful & healthy...Just a fasade.

Kinda like the men who look at their pictures and think they could have them...Just a fasade fellas.


1657 days ago


Anyone with a brain knows all this smoking BS is just more of certain groups trying to control how others live their lives

1657 days ago


I could give a rats ass about these skeletons smoking, what I do care about is my hard-earned money going in the form of taxes to take care of these self induced lung cancer patients. A very selfish habit. Blame large tobacco for exploiting human nature and their unavoidable addictions. Under reformed health care, I'm surely going to see less and less of my wages.

1657 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Dana sounds like she needs some THERAPY and a LIFE CHECK. Quick.

1657 days ago


To all the ladies who smoke to stay skinny, do you really want to risk getting breast cancer???

1657 days ago


They look like a bunch of hookers. How in the hell did the Brooklyn chick score the cover of S.I.? She is super unattractive.

1657 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

Hey #92 Dana - I agree with SoCalRazzles. You need serious therapy. I don't mind to "see" smoke (as you so eloquently stated). It is the smell and the last effects that are concerning. When my son refuses to hug grandma because she "stinks", then it becomes an issue.

As far as your "fat" comments are concerned, "fat" can be fixed. Stupidity cannot - you must have the I.Q. of a sweatsock. Good luck the the old gene pool. If you don't know what that means, look it up!

1657 days ago


Umm, don't mean to be the spelling police but I have to just say, "fasade" is actually spelled "facade"...otherwise good post!

1657 days ago


You know I find it absolutely hilarious that NO ONE said anything about all the fire-fighters lighting up smokes during 9/11.

As for all you anti-smokers: you all think you have the right to condemn smokers - and some of you to their face - but they have the right to smoke without being HARASSED by self-righteous A-holes like you. Just wait until strangers come up to YOU and tell you that eating that 10 pound hamburger is bad for you and will kill you.

And the smokers will be laughing their a$$es off.

By the way, did you know that when a smoker quits they gain weight? So is that where the world is heading? A world full of non-smokers who are all FAT?

1657 days ago
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