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'Spider-Man' Creator in Sticky Legal Situation

2/13/2010 2:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stan Lee -- who created some of the most popular comic book characters in history -- has just been drawn into a nasty lawsuit ... and now he's gonna have to suit up against some of the most powerful lawyers on Planet Earth.

Lee is being sued by lawyers from the firm of Lavely & Singer -- who claim since 2007, the "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" creator has been refusing to pay them for a bunch of legal work they were doing for him.

The lawsuit, penned by the imaginative layers from L & S, starts off like this: "Similar to the flawed comic book super-heros he created, Stan Lee has demonstrated his own flaws by his failure to honor his agreements."

L & S are looking to punish Stan for his alleged evil deeds -- and are suing him for an undetermined amount.


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Say it ain't so Smiling Stan! EXCELSIOR!!

1684 days ago



1684 days ago

Brigadier 38357    

If that's the best writing L & S can do, Smilin' Stan's got nothing to fear.

1684 days ago



1684 days ago



That's like suing Uncle Sam, or The Statue of Liberty! Hahahahaaha...let's see them attack this sweet 90 year old story-telling man in open court!

If I'm on that jury I'll make THEM pay for the sheer evil audacity of it!

STAN LEE! Thanks for being a positive role model for a 15 year old girl in Albuquerque's South Valley you never even met...TE AMO!

1684 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Stan will unleash his mutant powers,
rip loose with an optic blast,
and smash them into the bowls of Midgard !

~ A true believer

Ya know, this is like suing Santa Clause.

1684 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Good luck. Every true believer knows “Lee” is not Stan’s real last name. They sued a person who dose not exist.

“Lee” is an abbreviation, as his real last name is about 258 letters long, and very hard to pronounce. So he shortened it to Lee when he entered the comic book industry to blend in.

The “Lee”, also saves on printing.

“Spoken is slander. Print is Liable.” ~ JJ

1684 days ago

Liv N. Withabeatdown    

I don't even have to know the particular details to know Stan is guilty. He screwed Marvel's shareholders & bondholders who lost thru his shady dealings during a deal w/ ToyBiz & then defaulting on Marvel's zero coupon bonds mere months before their payout date. He did it again to shareholders of Stan Lee Enterprises. Now Marvel gets sold to Disney, he gets millions & the previous (MRV) shareholder who've been waiting for their money since 1997 get nothing. I hope Stan rots in hell.

1683 days ago


Spidey senses tell me Stan's the man!!

1683 days ago


"Imaginative layers?" Come on TMZ, how about a little simple proof-reading before you guys publish. Or is Harvey a "layer" now too?

1683 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Stan fact:
In the 1960s and 70s, Stan Lee and Mick Jagger, (Ya. That one.), would enter a bar in NYC and see who could pick up the most girls. Mick did not always win.

Shows the power of a good story-teller.

Lawyer fact:
Lawyers evicted an orphanage ran by nuns, where they all died on the street and eaten by wolves, because one orphan did not have US citizenship.

Hmmmm. Now who is the evil doer?

1683 days ago


SHAM on TMZ for this bullcrap story- why dont you focus on STAN's NEW COMPANY POW and their new superheros that have helped dumb fat lazy American Children read.

immmm =aaaa lwwwyyyyerrrrr

1683 days ago


Lawyers Suck

KO'em!... Stan-Lee

1683 days ago


This is a big joke. It is not worth reporting at all.

1679 days ago


Love reading some of these comments. "Stan screwed over Toby MacQuire in SPidey 4." "Stan pocketed millions in the Disney deal, and his shareholders get nothing!"

Obviously, you guys don't know how Marvel works. Stan never 'owned' Marvel. Marvel always has been owned by a corporate entity, Stan was just the head writer, and head Editor. Did he have influence in the company? Oh yeah, huge, he was what made the comics arm into a media powerhouse in the 60's and 70's. He was briefly the President of the Company, but voluntarily stepped down in the 80's.

But the President is NOT the owner. The owners are the chief shareholders, CEO's, and other corporate officers. After Lee's rejection of Presidency, he went back into publishing, and was eventually asked to leave that position as well by Corporate. However, Lee was granted a $1 Million per year contract with Marvel so long as they could use his image as the figurehead of Marvel, since everyone knew his name and face. He'd write little jokes and inserts for the 'Soap boxes', because he made a good mascot.

When Marvel went bankrupt in 1996 and was bought up by Avi Arad, the resulting reorganization found Lee without his lucrative contract, and was no longer with the company outside of royalty checks for his past works and creations. (ie, $10 Million awarded to him in 2005 for Marvel Movie deals)

But, you see, Stan Lee cannot and did not fire Tobey Macguire. He never had the power to. Hell, Marvel as a corporate entity doesn't even. All Marvel does is collect money from Sony for renting them the characters. Sony pictures makes all the business decisions.

And I can assure you, Stan didn't get one red cent from Disney buying Marvel. Will it increase his royalties from reprints of old Spidey stories? Will he get more cash as a creator's reward when Spidey 1 version 2 comes out? Dunno. Could be.

But put the blame where its due, guys.

Oh, and poster referring to Stan ripping off share holders of POW! Entertainment: Stan was never implicated in that. Never even a question regarding his innocence. It was his douche bag lawyer who took the cash, skipped the country, got arrested and sent back by whatever other country he was in, and was found guilty of ripping off Stan AND his clients. Again, blame where it needs to go.

1679 days ago
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