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'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D -- Beantown Bound

2/15/2010 8:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly DSeason two of "Jersey Shore" might be looking for a new locale, but we know Pauly D will be spending part of his summer in good ol' Boston.

Pauly D's got a new gig spinning at a club in Beantown called Royale. The club opens next month in the space that used to be the Roxy and is said to be the biggest club in all of Boston.

We're told Pauly, who is from nearby Rhode Island, will start up in May with the hope that things go well and the gig will turn into a more permanent (and lucrative one). Famous DJs like Paul Oakenfeld and David Guetta are expected to land gigs there as well.

Dave Ralph, a management consultant for the club, tells TMZ they are looking to bring a Miami feel to Boston -- and apparently a guido feel as well.


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I live here in Boston and I think Pauly d.will do a great job here.I think it's just what the city needs.I saw him dj in New Hampshire and he was great!and not to mention nice to look at.People that talk crap about him and the rest of the cast are just HATERS!!!They are laughing all the way toi the bank,this may be there 15min of fame,I say LIVE IT UP.Welcome to beantown Pauly!!can't wait to see you.

1661 days ago


Headline News :

DJ Paulie is quitting Television for good. He will also not be doing any guest appearances this Summer in Las Vegas, New Jersey, New York & LA. Please visit DJ Paulie's official website for further updates.

1661 days ago


Headline News :

DJ Paulie is quitting Television for good. He will also not be doing any guest appearances this Summer in Las Vegas, New Jersey, New York, Boston & LA. Please visit DJ Paulie's official website for further updates.

1661 days ago


Yeah right!! A Miami feel to Boston huh? Best thing to come out of B-Town was Boston Baked Beans and Ben Afflec and both of those things suck ass.

1677 days ago


The Domain Name: is for sale

1677 days ago

ray ray    

pauly d, hero to the stupid, envy of the moron.

1677 days ago


More like Pauly D for Douche!
My puppy is smarter than this guy...

1676 days ago


I'm glad to see that his appearance on the Jersey Shore has upped his career. People might rip these people apart every chance they get, but the bottom line is the show was a hit to the dismay of all the Italian-American groups, Dominos, Gatorade, etc. I think those companies are the reason the show became a hit and it all back fired on them. But if MTV moves the show out of New Jersey then more than likely MTV is making a huge mistake too. Changing the dynamics and location is going to ruin the original idea and what the story line is about. A bunch of kids renting a house at the Jersey Shore. I'll never understand why MTV is going to fix something that isn't broken. But I'm glad a couple of members of the group are getting careers.

1676 days ago


Miami feel? I know Pauly D has trouble speaking english but if you want a Miami feel you need someone who can hardly speak english and has a spanish accent. He does have the greaseball part down though.

1676 days ago


Pauly D is one of the worst Djs out there. It's sad that alot of positions within the industry have resorted to a popularity contest rather than that of substantial talent. :(

1676 days ago

Really Pissed

Check out this video of the cast using anti-gay derogatory terms.. Hey Harvey, you should do something about this... This is terrible..Stand up for the gay community

1676 days ago


LOL as a Boston native I don't think we're looking for a Miami feel LOL. Funny words.

1676 days ago


Boston is a lame town w/ an inferiority complex w/ NYC.

1676 days ago


First off ARE YOU KIDDING ME, IS THIS A EARLY APRIL FOOL'S JOKE???.....Pauly D getting a spot @ a Grand opening of a "Remodeled" version of The Roxy under new management....

The problem with Beantown is they try to hard to be like Miami, Vegas and all the other hot party spots around the country.. Boston doesn't support their local talent/DJ's they constantly have to book celebrity DJ's or in Pauly D's case a "Wannabe DJ" to come and try to build a night up..

If this Royale spot aka The "Old" Roxy wants to pay a no talent DJ like Pauly D thousands of dollars based on his "Jersey Shore 15 minutes of fame" shame on the owners & Boston nightlife... You can call me a hater if you want, but I am stating nothing but 100% facts about this "Situation" as I stated before Pauly cant mix beats or transition songs to sound like they are blended, so how can you say your a DJ, Oh wait because you bought Serato like every other OVER night DJ does now...

1676 days ago


New Englander:
Do you want to know how to piss someone off from Beantown, slightly misspell the name of their revered Ben Affleck. Oh heaven forbid we miss the "k" at the end of his name. I suppose we should understand. Mop the floors huh..oh I suppose I would be mopping the floors of...let me guess..MIT. Then I would write solutions on the chalkboard too?! Very convenient for you to rip the story out of GOOD WILL HUNTING..which stars your pride and joy (and your future mayor)Ben Affleck. Get your head out of your ass, there is more to life than beans and Ben. Boston sucks ass and you just reaffirmed this notion.

1676 days ago
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