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Charlie Sheen's Wife in Rehab

2/16/2010 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Wife in RehabIn what could be a blow to the prosecution's case against Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller is now in rehab for substance abuse ... TMZ has confirmed.

The criminal case in Aspen comes down to Charlie's word against Brooke's -- she claims he put a knife to her throat and threatened her life. He denies it.

As we first reported, Brooke had been drinking before she called 911 and that could affect her credibility.

Now we've learned Brooke checked into The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu last Tuesday -- the day after Charlie's arraignment on felony and misdemeanor charges. If Brooke struggled with substance abuse around the Christmas Day incident, it could severely impact her credibility.

TMZ could not reach Brooke's attorney for comment.


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Take those kids from her she doesn't deserve to be a mother . They are in danger with a addict like her but of course she is rich and famous they will not do nothing about, being rich and famous is different if one of us do the same thing we will be in jail and our kids taking from us .....those children are in danger .

1689 days ago


where are the pictures of her battered face or bruises? ryhiana's pictures were posted right away. Harvey has such disdain for Chris Brown, the 19yr old with no know prior history of physical abuse, but not many harsh words for Charlie Sheen, grown ass man with proven history of physical abuse with several women. How fair is that?

1689 days ago


I am sorry that she has found herself in this situation. An addiction is a chemical change that takes place in the body and it is very hard to reverse. I wish her luck.

1689 days ago


The Brittany Murphy Foundation has just been handed a cause on a silver platter....."Save the Celebuspawn".

Could Madonna, Gwen Stephani, Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie and the Afflecks PLEASE donate some time to giving Parenting classes for celebrities???
There is a tremendous need least some of them seem to be doing it right!!!

1689 days ago


Ummm.....I'm not understanding all the hate. Here is a women in an abusive relationship with a substance abuse problem and people are attacking her without sympathy. How is this different from other abuse cases?

1689 days ago

just me    

Is child welfare checking into this ? Two infants with rehabbing parents - how lovely.

1689 days ago

Bobby From NY    

she flat out lied about this and is now scared because the DA has said he would prosecute if found to be a false statement.she knows she will go to jail and doesnt like it so is using this as a way of getting herself out of trouble.any lawyer including harvey will tell yah if you get in trouble for an alcohol related incident the best way to handle it and get sympathy is to go to rehab.oldest trick in the book.

1688 days ago


Carlos Estevez = big mess. At least his brother Emilio had the good sense to stop after one crazy celebrity wife.

1688 days ago


I use to read these articles, and wish I had a place in Aspen, CO!! But if this is the kind of territory that comes along, forget it.

Just proves, money doesn't buy happiness.

1688 days ago


Thisis not about whether Brooke is a substance abuser or even has a problem with alcohol or drugs, it is all about the old ploy when the abusive spouse or abuser wants to play the balme game so his actions or abuse issues are not looked at. Charlie Sheen has a huge problem as an abuser, this is not the first time he has threatened a woman, he actually cut one woman, threatened to kill a couple and said he could kil them and no one would know he did it, he had the people that could do the job, the cops were in his pocket, What more do you need, I would hate for this to trun out like the lady that wanted the restarining order and was killed the other day after the judge neded to look into it further. Sheen is clearly an abuser, has a huge problem and needs some help like jail, get him off the street so no one gets killed. He mistakenly thinks he is above the lawy.

1688 days ago


Boy this is some nice person he got mixed up with. What gutter did she roll out of?

1688 days ago

Kooky Fan    


1688 days ago


This is a planned plot to clear Charlie from going to jail. This family is screwed up.

1688 days ago



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1688 days ago


I think Charlie married a wack job.

1688 days ago
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