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Tiger Woods To Break Silence At PGA

2/17/2010 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The following message was just posted on Tiger Woods' official website: "While Tiger feels that what happened is fundamentally a matter between him and his wife, he also recognizes that he has hurt and let down a lot of other people who were close to him. He also let down his fans. He wants to begin the process of making amends, and that's what he's going to discuss."

The PGA Tour's website just posted that Tiger Woods will speak publicly at the PGA Tour Headquarters on Friday at 11:00 AM ET.

Tiger Woods

The PGA typically announces on Fridays who will play in the following week's tournament.

According to Tiger's agent, Mark Steinberg, Tiger plans to apologize for his behavior and discuss his plans for the future. Woods will be speaking with a small group of his friends and colleagues during the news conference.

Steinberg said no one will be able to ask questions during the news conference. There is a report out that Tiger will read a prepared statement.

And this is interesting ... the news conference will take place during the Accenture Match Play Championship -- one of the sponsors that dropped him in the wake of the sex scandal.

Steinberg said, "This is all about the next step. He's looking forward to it."

Story developing

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No Avatar

London not England    


"For the last 15 years Tiger has been a PHONY based on screwing consumers and golf fans so he can grab the millions upon millions of the little guy's cash."

Wha Wha What?!?!?!!?



If a Brotha is Good at something other than Breaking into yo HOUSE (unlike Rip Torn) he still ain't good enough!!!!!

He EARNED his Millions, but ya'll just jealous....it has nothing to do with WHO he cheated on....

Brotha Soulja is right...ya'll just hating on the Brotha cause he transgressed on the Pretty white, blond flower....

1645 days ago

London not England    

#34-2 Fisted Drunk Irish Bastard

yeah...and Rip Torn MUST a foolish Irish DRUNK...always DRUNK,........... and always fighting.....

and always ending up in JAIL because of it.

1645 days ago


I am glad all the haters here are absolutely perfect and have NEVER ever made mistakes in their lives.

Anyhoo, I hope Tiger responds like he know how; by kicking serious ass all over the tour. What he did was reprehensible but should not end his life in shame. I hope he grows and learns from this. His wife is willing to forgive him, why can't others also learn from this event by proxy and move on.

I am not a hipocrite yet personally I would not go back to person who did this to me. I would try to forgive and move on. Elin has decided to hang on. I hope for her sake she can forgive him.

1645 days ago


I don't see how some people still voted no on the poll. I mean sure he did mess up with his own "personal" life. But in no way should that effect his professional career. He's great at what he does and shouldn't lose that along with his fans for a mistake that a lot of others have made.

1645 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

I hope he'll apologize publicly to his wife and kids for the public humiliation he put them through.
I was a huge fan of his and frankly I don't need his amends or excuses. I don't live with him and he didn't hurt me.
He has to win a lot and pretty quickly to regain some of his fans. I am not very convinced he'll change. But wait and see....

1645 days ago


Athletes are mere mortals. Tiger Woods is a talented athlete and his personal life has no bearing on that skill.

1645 days ago


Where are da white women??

1645 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

He doesn't owe any of us an explaination. Period. Golf sucks with him gone, and I'll be looking forward to him coming back.

1645 days ago


hello zebra.. the playboy golfer..he should change his nic from tiger to zebra ha ha

1645 days ago


Tiger did nothing to besmirch the game of golf only his personal life. Sponsors paid him because he represented GOLF as a gentleman and he’s the best at what he did. Did he make money telling everyone he was the best husband or the best father? They weren’t paying him to be a marriage counsellor. I would suggest Fuzzy Zoellers (sp?) comments where worst with his “chicken and collard greens” comment because they were said in the context of the clubhouse and directly disparaged a person on the tour. Tiger acted despicable to his wife and children...quite a different and private thing.

1645 days ago


Too little too late. It just demonstrates how he demands everything to be under his control. I don't think he should be allowed to do this. What makes him so special.


1645 days ago


Is it possible for Tiger to open his mouth without putting some bimbo's nipple in it? I guess we will see!

1645 days ago


Why does everyone want him to do so well? I hope he blows the other knee out.

He had a chance (like 16 of them) He blew it. He deserves NOTHING!!!

Forgive him? He didn't cheat on me.
I just think there are plenty of other heros
's for you dummies to support rather than this low life. Are you guys just so engulfed in self pity that you must worship a guy on TV who hits golf balls? That is very sad. Same folks that supported Michael "the pedophile" Jackson also supported Kobe and OJ...See the trend there?...Bunch of pathetic souls bowing to a child rapist and murderer.
Impregnating a porn star? Disgusting indeed.

Please fail Tiger, that's all you deserve!!!!

I love TMZ, it exposes exactly what ails us everyday.

Tiger and Kobe make how much money combined? wow

1645 days ago

London not England    

#46.- juniper "hello zebra.. the playboy golfer..he should change his nic from tiger to zebra ha ha"

Listen to this Racist SH!T....!

And people will Blog me and say "Eeew...you're SO racist for saying that this is a black/white issue"....

but the minute you can do so, the WHITE DEVIL comes OUT!~!

when REALLY the issue is the fact that this guy makes RICH WHITE MAN MONEY....and deeeeeeep down that bothers YOU!
He should be shinin some white man's shoes, NOT F-UCKING THEIR WOMEN, Going to THEIR Country Clubs, and HAVING THEIR YACHTS....

Admit your shame ya bunch of Racist Red necks!
the Truth will set you Free!

or at least be honest!....kinda like you claim you'd like Tiger to be....

1645 days ago


Right on schedule...like a well-orchestrated plan.

Call me sceptical...never bought the sex addict excuse. (Did he require that from Elin, too?)
It's just an excuse for having the power, the money and the opportunities that being a celebrity brought him.

To those who say it's none of our business, you're wrong. He has marketed the Tiger Wood name as an image...and been paid good money for it. He has deceived more than just his wife and children. He allowed that image to deceive us all.

1645 days ago
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