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'Murder' at Jay Leno's House?!?

2/18/2010 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two cop cars were outside Jay Leno's Beverly Hills home yesterday -- and according to Jay, they were there investigating "the murder."

Jay Leno: Click to watch
We're told the police are actually there because of filming in the area, which makes more sense ... since the only things Jay's capable of killing are Conan O'Brien's dreams.


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Apparently one of the TMZ snot-nosed writers is a disgruntled "CoCo" fan. Harvey, if you're going to hire kids, at least make sure they can be more objective when reporting.

1708 days ago

2 Fisted Drunk Irish Bastard    

to bad it wasnt a murder of leno.cant stand the ugly bastard since all the BS he pulled with the best late night man since johnny carson dave a movie about it from back in then i cannot recall the name of it but it was a made for TV movie all about jay whining and crying for johnnys spot after he retired and screwing dave.jay is a whiney cry baby bitch that no one likes and will get destroyed by dave letterman as usual no matter what he does.

1708 days ago


OMG, who did Leno backstab now?
Maybe Kevin ?
Oh well, I'll never watch him again.

1708 days ago


I agree with CB. TMZ needs to stop being one sided on the whole "Jay killed Conan's dreams". Conan has no real talent or humour. He killed his own dreams when he killed the tonight shows ratings. If Jay was so mean and rude then why does he always talk to the toady TMZ reporter when they ask him questions?

1708 days ago


I'm so sick of listening to Conan was entitled to the Tonight show.

He left with millions for failing, so stop the pity party.

Here's a news flash TMZ, TV is not a government entitlement program, you either sink or swim, and Conan sank.

1708 days ago


I agree with most people here...Conan killed his own dreams.

1708 days ago

know it all    

"Killing Conan's Dream" just stupid,even for your writers...A cheap shot..not accurate...I love the Gossip but when you folks write things which you know to be UNTRUE it goes to undermining your "credibility"..Rumour,innuendo,even stretching the truth,are acceptable on a gossip site...but when you pretend that what you are doing is ought to be accurate

1708 days ago

Ima Latina    

STOP already with the Leno thing! What's wrong with you people?

1708 days ago


jay's "joke" to you about murder is about as funny, not, as his on-air jokes.
not funny. murder is not a funny thing to joke about here. what a jerk. par for the course.

1708 days ago


I can't believe how TMZ is still whining over this situation. It was NBC who "killed" Conan's dream. Jay Leno was fired twice by NBC. When NBC finally realized they didn't know what they were doing regarding late night and it's audience, they reversed their mistake and offered Leno his job back. Why is Leno being made the bad guy? Conan tanked in the ratings in his time slot. Why should Conan be exempt from producing the same numbers Leno produced? I guess you think if the situations had been reversed, Conan would have refused the offer of having his old job back so Leno could have his "dream"? Yeah, right.

1708 days ago

yessayana Hartfield    

I guess it's not his "Jay's" time to throw in the towel. His fan's love him. "That's what it is" All you can do is learn from people like that who steals others material "CYA" "ATTORNEY" "COPYRIGHT" remember the movie The God Father "Never tell outside what the inside is thinking"!

1667 days ago
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