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Kevin Smith -- Too Big to Fly Commercial

2/18/2010 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Smith ain't gonna settle for another airline diss -- we've learned he just canceled his United Airlines flight to New York City and opted for a private jet ... the seats are smaller, but you don't get kicked off the plane.

To be fair, United didn't boot Kevin -- Southwest did.

We're told Kevin is taking a corporate jet to NYC -- probably Warner Bros. because he's going there to promote "Cop Out."


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Sean P.    

Someone's working hard trying to paint a pretty picture of him. If he is so rich and arrogant that he doesn't want to sit next to another person (like the rest of us ordinary people), then he should fly first class and buy two seats there or rent a private plane. I don't think anyone who doesn't know HIM wants to sit next to him either. Furthermore, if he doesn't want to sit next to us ordinary people then we don't want to see his flipping directorial achievements (that means his movies Mark. . .probably all flops).

1678 days ago

Leigh Ann    

He should have been booted for his OBNOXIOUS personality let alone his fat behind! I for one don't believe he purchased two seats and was subsequently booted. That story makes NO sense. I smell deception on his part. He is such a miserable, whining, complaining, loud mouthed jerk I'm sure SW Airlines will be happy to be free of him. His tirades and antics have persuaded me to send SW Airlines more business.

1678 days ago


Big Deal!!!!! Seriously, if we American's are overweight, then get 2 seats.... It's my understanding that he originally had booked & usually does book 2 seats whenever he flys, therefore, he obviously is aware that he's either uncomfortable in one seat or it's bothering the passenger next to him...... He should have turned down the stand by, w/only 1 seat, & waited for his original flight consisting of the 2 seats he booked...... IMO, NICE TRY to put yourself 'out there' & promote your film!

1678 days ago


Has fatty ever thought about loosing some weight? He's not the one that's getting sat on for a four hour flight. I say they kick off the stinky people too.

1678 days ago


I had to fly between to very large men from Miami to Porland Oregon. Stopping in Houstan and Pheonix. To be Frank, It sucked! I did not want to embarass either one of them, but it was a long flight and was awful. I dont blame SW for booting him, he should have flown first class or bought two seats. Others bought tickets too.

1678 days ago


I am so tired of this guy already. Southwest is correct that this is not only a safety issue, but Judge Judy said it best last night on Larry King - this is also a consumer issue AND a civility issue. If you pay money to fly on a plane for however many hours - which is uncomfortable to begin with - you should be able to fly without your own personal space being invaded. And what happened to empathy, just thinking of your fellow passengers instead of only yourself? People fly with TB without any concern for the other passengers on the plane, people start fights on the planes without a thought to how it affects others. Why shouldn't fat people think of their fellow passengers comfort as well?

Kevin Smith chose to fly standby knowing what the rule was, and he blew it. Time to shut up, Kevin. Lose the weight and you have no more problems. Until then, go broke on your private jet.

1678 days ago


Kevin Smith -- Too Fat...PERIOD!

Why is he flying economy anyway, when he can apparently afford a private jet?

1678 days ago


Kevin Smith readily admits he is fat, that wasn't really the issue here. The issue is that he was able to both put the armrests down and buckle the safety belt without an extender which is SW's policy. He is not saying he is skinny or in anyway implying he is not overweight, in fact he is pretty free in admitting that he's a very large man, and that he always has been.

I agree with the Southwest Policy to a degree, that if you are so large you are spilling into another seat that you should purchase two tickets, but in this instance he wasn't too big, and was able to comply with the standards set forth by the airline.

If you listen to the actual story you'll learn that he purchased several tickets, and always does on every flight, but he asked to see if there was an earlier flight since he arrived at the airline so early. The clerk allowed him to get a single seat on an earlier flight, he didn't force them to do that, he just requested it so he could get home earlier.

If you had done your research and actually looked at the SW blog you'll note that they admitted as much as a major large corporation is able too that they were wrong, and also edited the "facts" of the story several times.

Furthermore, I don't see how this could be a publicity stunt to promote a movie that he didn't even put his name on in the trailers. Southwest acted against him, kicked him off the plane. If you are implying that he was some evil mastermind that could somehow foresee that this was going to occur you are giving him far more credit than any human deserves. I guess you are suggesting that he subversively coerced the flight attendant into kicking him off the flight, that he somehow told them to do it without telling them so he could blow this into a huge "scandal" to promote his movie.

Sex tapes are publicity stunts to promote a person or an event, not some stewardess kicking a dude off a plane.

1678 days ago


Newsflash ARE fat! Quit complaining and looking for free publicity. In the time he took to bitch and complain he could have gotten in a workout.

1678 days ago


GOOD!! Go get on your private plane! Makes me feel much safer knowing this fat mouthy sack won't be on any flight 'I' take weighing it down. Better still, won't have to sit next to him with his fat lopping over the seats & armrest rubbing up against me with his hairy, sweaty, smelly self. Just his 'mouth' alone would be enough to drive me crazy sitting next to this fool. If he is so 'APALLED & EMBARASSED' then why does he keep running his mouth to anyone who will listen to him & bringing attention to himself?? SHUT UP ALREADY!

1678 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

Goooood! About time they started charging these fat slobs extra. They pay for one seat and take up half of yours. They hang over into yours and it's like sitting next to an oven! Gimmie more air!
Screw them and their rights. A few less burgers might help. Better yet walk to your destination and you might drop a ton or two.

1678 days ago


Kevin's a PIG.

(End of story)

1678 days ago


CANT ANYONE TELL THAT THIS IS A PUBLICITY STUNT.. duh.. too fat to fly.. kevin smith... his new movie whatever its called 'cop out'.. this is shameless plug hour and its pathetic and sad.. since when does anyone care about how fat pseudo-celebrities get kicked off of planes? maybe when they have movies coming out and they figure... hmmmm ... lets tap the fatty market. personally im glad he got kicked off the plane and if i was that stewardess i would have kicked him off myself. he says that "his weight doesnt bother him" but im pretty confident that his huge weight doesnt do him any favours... eating healthy is A GOOD GOAL and his defensive attitude will cause his gluttony to overtake him... maybe he will have to be air-lifted in the future :).. kevin smith F-YOU! next time you want to promote a movie go and get a gastric bypass and maybe i will listen to your sob story

1678 days ago


Hey, Mark (and whomever else that claims to know the policy about armrests and seatbelt extenders). Why not actually do some research before spouting off in favor of Fatty Smith?

SWA'S policy SAYS: Customers who are unable to lower both armrests and/or who compromise any portion of adjacent seating should proactively book the number of seats needed prior to travel.

See that little part about compromising any portion of adjacent seating? Well, that's likely what Fatty Smith was doing.

The armrest is a line of demarkation, not a barrier. Anything past the armrest is TOO FAT. That means fat a$$es that flow UNDER it, fat thighs that go past it, fat arms that go over it. Putting the armrest down doesn't necessarily mean a fatty isn't flowing into someone else's seat otherwise.

Get a clue. He was too fat for one seat.

I'll bet that mouth of his was equally responsible in ejecting him from the flight.

And now Mr. Big Shot is taking a private plane? Way to leave a small carbon footprint, Fatty!

1677 days ago


If he had any class at all, he'd STFU about this incident, his future travel plans and anything else that is self-serving.

What a loser!

1677 days ago
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