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Chris Brown Dresses Down for Court

2/18/2010 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was casual court day for Chris Brown, who got high marks for his community service over the whole Rihanna thing.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
Brown and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, presented proof to the judge that Chris had performed 32 days of hard labor in Virginia. He's also attended 17 out of the required 52 domestic violence classes.

The Chief of Richmond, VA wrote a letter to the judge saying Brown is doing a good job.The judge said Chris can now travel out of the country, provided he gets permission from her in advance.

In fact, the judge already signed an order allowing Chris to travel out of the county for concerts from May 18 to June 27.

Brown is back in court May 11 for the next progress hearing.


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ray ray    

I don't want Chris to fall or fail, but once you cross a line and beat up a woman, you have to work pretty hard to gain my respect again. Im not sure this woman beater has done enough to change. Start by changing those glasses. Forget you Chris Brown cheerleaders who support this chump who beats up women.

1645 days ago

Glory Bee    

Honestly, abusers very rarely change. That being said he's doing what he should. Sometimes people can change,but it takes a lot of work. Yes, he will always be marked as an abuser. His victim will always know the fear and pain. Now, let's see if the greatness of the human spirit will prevail. Healing for all.

1645 days ago


Why doesn't everyone in here just get a God damn job and stop talking about how "you don't care about Chris Brown"? If you don't care about Chris Brown then what is your ass doing in this thread commenting? Let his FANS talk about him then. Second of all the ones saying they missed TMZ live because of Chris' progress report, ..... um get a life. So what if you missed TMZ live... BIG EFFIN' DEAL!!!!

I just came on here to say that I am happy Chris is doing well with his punishment. I hope he can come back on top soon but I hope he realizes that that behavior shall never be seen or heard of again. I want the best for him, he is cool most of the times..... he has a LONG way to go with the completion of this whole thing.

1645 days ago


10. {Why do you care about this loser?} This was useless. When you guys f-up you f-up good. Waste of time, you should have staged someone stealing the camera, again. Not that i think you staged it last time.

Posted at 5:13PM on Feb 18th 2010 by bntrbl
Why do you care about this loser?????????

1645 days ago


"33. He should have been put in jail for what he did to Rihanna, you can never forgive someone for that when you know he says it was the only and last time yet you know he will do it again in his future but hopefully he will go to jail that time. I don't know how you could be supportive of a guy that could do that??? It doesn't make sense, I have an ex that was similar to chris brown and I won't forgive him or let anyone forget what hes capable of doing. So explain to me why you support someone that beats women??? I really want to know your answers
Posted at 6:10PM on Feb 18th 2010 by Julz

Read more:"
I don't know why it would bother you if people like Chris Brown. I don't see what it would do for your life if everyone hated him. You don't know Chris. He doesn't know you. You never dated Chris nor have you been his friend so what right do you have judging him based on one act? Are you telling me you have never done anything nasty to anyone in your life? It was not your situation anyways so you shouldn't even be bitter about it. Stop wasting your time asking people questions about why they personally like someone, that is their business.

You sound pathetic. You are basically trying to promote hatred, so i don't see how that makes you a better person. You should be worrying about yourself and making your life better than it is now. If everyone in this world was like you I don't think I would want to see the sun go up. To tell you the truth I am glad Chris beat her up because it helped him mature and remove himself from a toxic relationship. Maybe in the future he will pick up another woman, way better than Rihanna; with more self-respect, intelligence, manners, and treat her like a queen. This is what you call a life lesson, my friend. Everyone has been linked to an abusive man or woman or has associated with them, depending on who you consider abusive.

If you say people who abuse people should be hated for the rest of their existence then I am thinking that you believe Black people should hold a grudge against whites for slavery up until Armageddon . But since y'all don't want to feel guilty for the rest of your lives [for what you still do today] I guess we should just all forgive y'all...RIGHT?.

1645 days ago

ray ray    

This guy is a baby, cry baby who beats up girls. Who does that? A p u s s does.

1645 days ago

loving RiRi    

Chris is taking his punishment like a man...only God can judge. So many of you in here probably have done far worse. The boy is paying the price....Leave him alone. I also think Rihanna needs some kind of counseling herself....she wasn't innocent in this either. I'm not condoning what he did...But Rihanna has been slapping this boy around for a long time. I hope they both come out of it stronger and wiser.

1645 days ago


As I recall, RiRi refused to go for help..and she has been accused of throwing first punches too. Yes, no man should ever hit a woman but at the same time, no woman should ever hit a man either. Nor should they push each others' buttons to get the fights going. I know what I'm talking about---daughters need to be informed not to take any sh!t but they shouldn't start it or fight like fool either.
Violence sucks in any form..physical, mental or verbal, in male or female. Playing the victim to sell records is not cool either.
Do your punishment, Chris, humble yourself and learn. Violence is never the way, don't hook up with those types of women and watch out for those trying to SET YOU UP now.

1645 days ago


ROTFLMAO! The haters are fuming right now. I can just feel their anger. I bet they were about to break their damn keyboards trying to get their daily dose of "Chris Hate" in for the day. I said it before, and I'll say it again, "The Devil Hates Progress". When demons see you trying to move forward with your life after having a shortcoming, they can't stand it because they have miserable live theirselves.

Anyways, glad to know he's doing what his suppose to do. If he continues to do what is asked of him, and he stays prayed up, he's going to be just fine.

1644 days ago


Well, I am happy to hear this news. I love Chris Brown despite what happened. At least he can go out again to make some concerts!

1644 days ago


i just don't understand how celebrities can get away with these crimes with hardly any sentencing, just because they are famous

1565 days ago
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