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'Deadliest Catch' Star Busted for DUI

2/19/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake HarrisTMZ has learned "Deadliest Catch" star Jake Harris is currently behind bars -- after cops say the 24-year-old got into a car crash while intoxicated late last night.

Washington State troopers have confirmed that Jake -- whose father Captain Phil Harris passed away earlier this month -- was arrested in Seattle on suspicion of DUI, hit and run, and driving with a suspended license ... all three misdemeanors.

Jake was taken to a nearby jail, where he was booked.

Bail was set at $1,500.


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DUI, hit and run, and driving with a suspended license ... all three misdemeanors.

What BS! This is the problem, lock him UP!!!! Make DUI a FELONY and geeeeez hit and run a a misdemeanor...WHAT

Posted at 4:25PM on Feb 19th 2010 by bootzy

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Maybe put him before a firing squad. His actions were wrong, but he did just lose his father with whom he was very close. Perhaps since you must have been through this, perhaps you can offer him some help with his grief.

1615 days ago


Gotta be a little further south or east of Seattle, where there are drunks all over the roads. Too many Californians in Seattle, if you're not driving a Prius you're a suspect for something.

1615 days ago

Booger McGee    

Anybody who's paid attention knows he's had these problems BEFORE his Dad died. He's needed help and support for some time now. Don't enable him with a get out of jail free excuse because of his Dad. The kid needs honest and real help.

1615 days ago


This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to comment on one of these articles.
My heart bleeds for this young man right now but this needs to be treated as a one time only wake-up call. His family and friends don't need to baby him. But this is also not a time for the "tough love" approach. He needs to maybe serve a few days in jail and get the counseling he needs to deal with both his father's death and alcohol. This is the one chance he has of turning his life back around. He has the blood of his daddy running through his veins and and is a very strong young man. Maybe this is his once chance to make everything right and make his daddy proud.

1615 days ago


i hate to say it..but i remember going through a similar thing when my mother died. i simiply didnt care (yes its wrong) but i was so deeply in pain that nothing matter. its a good thing he is in jail, it will give him time to think. hopefully his family will come in and see if they can get him any help.. or just a swift kick in the ass (from phil) to get him out of this funk hes in. i dont blame him.. he is going through allot.

1615 days ago


Doesn't surprise me in the least. Both of his sons are following in their dad's (God rest his soul) footsteps. Hard drinkers, hard smokers and unhealthy lifestyle.

1615 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

When my dad died, I didn't get drunk and threaten the lives of innocent people. I took care of his affairs and went on living. If the stress was too much for him, he is where he belongs where everyone is safe. If he is dumb and doesn't care about others or himself, he is where he belongs. If this was a one time error in judgment, give him a break.

1615 days ago


Well we all know whats troubling young Jake. Dude lost his dad who he worked closely with. Not only did he lose a dad, he lost a best friend to. I know its really tough for the Harris brothers these days. Someone should be watching Jake at all times, making sure he's able to cope with the emotions hes having.

1615 days ago


To take this warning:
Do you watch the show? Phil is not the only Captain they have on there. The show will not end because of the tragic death of Phil and I for one would love to see how the Cornelia Marie moves forward and also see how his sons manage on the boat. We don't know...perhaps Jake and or Josh will try to take the reins as Captain or a co-captain. I don't think it's fair to say Jake is drinking because he is afraid of losing his show and income, I mean come on...he just lost his DAD!!!!

1615 days ago


I feel so sorry for Jake and all his family but it is no excuse for doing stupid things. My husbands parents were murded and he and his family diden't turn to alcohol and drugs. I know how much it hurts but he needs to stop and think about his family they don't need the added pressure I am sorry Jake but grow up

1615 days ago


yeah, i feel strongly on this issue as a widow in recent years (a very young widow) 24. good for you. We all grieve differently and you clearly are better than Jake and the rest of us who don't "just get the affairs in order and move on". If this earth was filled with more yous, clearly it would be a perfect place.

25. if you know him so well to comment on how he lost his license, get off a forum and offer support. Last I checked, you could lose a license for overdue tickets. Nice way to assume, you know what that makes you.

To Jake and those who support him, this time will pass. It won't be easy and it won't be quick, do YOUR personal best to get through it and lean on others when that best is less than stellar.

1615 days ago

TV Gord    

Some people will do anything to get out of writing a eulogy.

Sorry, but when my dad died, I drank...AT HOME...NOT behind the wheel. Everybody suffers tragedies in life. If we gave everyone a pass for driving under the influence and potentially killing someone, the roads would be open-season-carnage!

Your dad's dead: sympathy. You drive drunk or stoned: NO sympathy.

1615 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

well i allways thought that his brother would be the better captain i hope he gets to prove that this guy is a little punk and it is not good to drink and drive no matter who has passed away if you want to get drunk fine call a cab

1615 days ago


Jake, your family is in our prayers through this trying time! It's sad when people turn to drinking during their grief, but hopefully he'll pull through this and learn. Poor kids have to step it up and take over for their dad..the stress and missing him must be so hard.

1615 days ago


Come on Jake. I know you're hurting. It's something nobody can understand unless they've been there. You're grieving now but it will get better, it's a process and it can be pretty frickin ugly. Just hang in there Buddy, you won't find your Dad in the bottom of a bottle. Prayin for ya and your family.

1615 days ago
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