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Frank/Jamie McCourt Divorce - So Rich!

2/19/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And you think you got problems? Ousted L.A. Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt wants estranged hubby Frank McCourt to fork over temporary support -- to the tune of $988,845 a month.

Frank and Jamie McCourt

The judge in their divorce case just unsealed more than 1400 pages of documents. But the best part is the lifestyle of the rich, the famous and the dysfunctional.

- For the last 5 years of their marriage, Jamie and Frank took $2.31 million per month in salaries and perks -- almost entirely on a tax-free basis.

- Frank's financial advisor testified, "During the marriage the parties used the business to fund whatever they needed, or wanted, as it was their personal ATM or credit card.

- Jamie claims ... Frank's 2008 personal financial statements put his net worth at $834,900,000 and valued McCourt Enterprises in excess of $2 billion.

- Frank spent $52,000 in clothes since November and dropped more than $81,000 on a December vacation ... according to Jamie.

- As for Jamie's request for just under a million a month, she claims it's necessary "to maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle."


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We need tax laws that make people with this kind of money pay for their share. There is a lot wrong with some things I read in the article. Using the business like their own bank is illegal, I hope some government official read this article.

1705 days ago


Greed on both sides but she is a douche bag (5 years?) why do men think they have to marry these gold diggers? Wait awhile, it's lust not love and it wears off stuptd!
Don't they have anything better to do with their money? The part I love is 'TAX FREE' while they rest of us keep paying the taxes because we can't afford the write off's.

1705 days ago


I dont know about Mass or NY but CA is a community property state. The McCourts have been married since 1979.. shes no gold digger, she gave him 4 sons, prob contributed much of the family income as an attorney for many years and bought the Dodgers WITH her husband... He is living in a fantasy world if he thinks he can win this.. he may be able to fire her and make it look like she was insubordinate but...... she is going to walk away a VERY wealthy woman, I guarantee dammmmm it....

The whole 'tax free' thing, that statement really bothers me.

1705 days ago


"most of it's tax free?" OMG!!I'm trying to figure out how the hell to pay all my bills, fix 3 cars,feed 6 people on lss than $5k A MONTH!!! And it all taxable!! Even his military retirement! Goes ro show if you've got the $$ foe layers, you can get away with almost anything!!

1705 days ago


I forgot the most important $5000 TAX BILL!!!

1705 days ago


That is disgusting,and greedy. What about the children in Haiti ?
wHAT IS SHE A gold digger , hooker and she is the one who cheated.
So it now pays to be a CHEATING,GOLD DIGGER,HOOKER, B..TCH.

1705 days ago

Jomica Man    

I really feel sorry for the die hard Dodger fans and their families that have enjoyed going to many home games for many years if not decades. Having read about the money the McCourt's rake in for their personal lifestyles, as well as 600K combined for their sons, is disgustingly revolting. I realize the filthy rich need to live in a category that 97% of working class paying fans will never encounter. Yet, they have justified over the course of five years to continue to raise the prices of parking, concessions, and tickets. You'd think our bad economy would keep prices down, though with this dirty divorce going on, they'll raise again for the sake of maintaining that all important lifestyle. To hell with going to anymore games I say, tv is fine with me.

1705 days ago


There's people losing their job, on the balls of their ass and these two just blow through money like it's nothing! She wants a million a month "to maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle." Well howbout this....CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE
It makes me sick!

1705 days ago


The sooner this pair get the hell out of L.A. the better.

1705 days ago


They are both disgusting. They should stay together... they deserve each other.

1705 days ago


this bitch needs to get over her "material lifestyle" and start living in the real world, these type of women make me sick. she can get a job and earn her own money. it's surprising more women like this don't end up in dumpsters or the bottom of lakes.

1705 days ago


A million a month? Most people don't earn that in 10 years!
I understand that it's their money, but geesh...with all the unemployment and people struggling, she wants a million a month for the lifestyle she has become accustomed. I would be happy to have that for a year, or spread it out over 5 years.....or even 10 years

1705 days ago


Two desperately delusional and emotionally crippled people.

1705 days ago


$1 million a month?! I thought someone said she cheated on him and that led to the divorce?!Obviously not a state where the divorcing spouse can claim 91% of all assets if they can prove their partner was cheating on them lol!!!
Seriously though, I mean $1 million a month to keep her in the lifestyle she grew accustomed to - get real golddigga the lifestyle went with the divorce so get a job as you famously claim to have been CEO you must have some skills lol!! Whether its a male or female with the money why the hell should they pay for their ex to live in luxury doing nothing all their lives hm?! She must have got a settlement amount too so this is pure greed and sickening to hear about when the rest of us are living in credit crunch times with jobs no longer guaranteed, businesses and therefore jobs going down the toilet daily, every cent means something to us all nowadays!!
I'm not a one normally for allowing men to get off easily with pitiful support for kids and low maintenance by quitting jobs or suddenly declaring bankruptcy when payments for both are announced - however, you have to be one sick puppy to figure she's earned the right to $1 million per month!!

1705 days ago


What I'm mad about is that he gets 2 million dollars a month tax free.Thats messed up,this country is all f*d up.Were in a economic crises here.And these a-holes get 2 mil a month? Some people just make to much money.shes complaining A mil a month to maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle." get outta here what could she be buying thats worth a million a month? i swear they would not last if we hit a deep depression they would probley kill themselves.

1705 days ago
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