Frank/Jamie McCourt Divorce - So Rich!

2/19/2010 9:30 PM PST

Frank/Jamie McCourt Divorce - So Rich!

And you think you got problems? Ousted L.A. Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt wants estranged hubby Frank McCourt to fork over temporary support -- to the tune of $988,845 a month.

The judge in their divorce case just unsealed more than 1400 pages of documents. But the best part is the lifestyle of the rich, the famous and the dysfunctional.

- For the last 5 years of their marriage, Jamie and Frank took $2.31 million per month in salaries and perks -- almost entirely on a tax-free basis.

- Frank's financial advisor testified, "During the marriage the parties used the business to fund whatever they needed, or wanted, as it was their personal ATM or credit card.

- Jamie claims ... Frank's 2008 personal financial statements put his net worth at $834,900,000 and valued McCourt Enterprises in excess of $2 billion.

- Frank spent $52,000 in clothes since November and dropped more than $81,000 on a December vacation ... according to Jamie.

- As for Jamie's request for just under a million a month, she claims it's necessary "to maintain her accustomed marital lifestyle."