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Nike Accepts Tiger's Apology ... Duh

2/19/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In completely obvious news, Tiger Woods' apology got the Swooshtastic stamp of approval from Nike -- who's already looking for their cash cow to get back on the golf course.

Nike Accepts Tigers Woods' Apology ... Duh

A rep from Nike tells TMZ, "Tiger has apologized and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf."

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LEAVE . . . TIGER (sob) . . . ALONE!!

1705 days ago

The Source    

What I find interesting in all of this is how this has become such a talked about topic. There are thousands of men that cheat on their spouse every day, and many in the public eye. For some reason this is actual news that needs to be reported on the Nightly News and on CNN? Seriously? We have two wars going on and everyone is interested in Tiger Woods apology?

And if we're going to discuss his apology, WHY does he need to apologize to anyone other than his wife, her family, his children, and his mother? Please explain to me why Tiger Woods needs to PUBLICLY apologize to the entire world after he cheated on his wife, (which is obviously an issue between them only) and yet, John Mayer offended AN ENTIRE RACE of people and an ENTIRE GENDER and RACE! NO ONE screamed for John Mayer to apologize. He only sobbed on stage because everyone was calling him a douchebag.

Would anyone even care about this entire Tiger Woods debacle if his wife was black? Just sayin.

1705 days ago


Give Nike's competitors a chance at the Cash Cow. We KNOW phony Tiger Woods. Nike rode the Gravy Train. Time for the Gravy Train to carry another logo.

Wearing NO-NIKE shoes will speak volumes to Nike. They are like Tiger Woods, they dance to a different drummer. Time for them to dance to our drummer. The Sound of Money leaving our pockets and into the competitors registers.

Nike ONLY understands money LEAVING their company.

RUN ON but NOT in Nike shoes!

1705 days ago


Tiger Woods' issue? Created a phony image of loving family and values?

Problem? Nike and sponsors supported the fake image to benefit Nike and Tiger Woods. They "screwed" the consumers/fans with the fraud.

Solution? Tiger can slither into the sunset, find peace and soon, no one will care or notice you. You won't have to blaze "PRIVACY" on boats or plead for privacy. You will find it like millions of others have on this Earth.

Wonder if Tiger wants to throw up when he looks in the mirror?

1705 days ago

Sonney Dey    

It was friggin' Nike and IMG that nurtured his skank tail chasing! BTW, Jaimee Grubbs and that other MILF were the hottest ones, damn straight!
I knew it would come to this when I seen a picture of him with his IMG handlers way back 5 months after he turned pro. He was at a VIP table and being doted over by high class Asian geisha girls.
When he said “Hello World” everybody in the know KNEW he was REALLY saying, “Hello Whores!”

1676 days ago
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