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Amanda Seyfried -- Dog Lover

2/22/2010 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget her boyfriend Dominic Cooper or co-stars like Channing Tatum or Megan Fox, this weekend Amanda Seyfried was caught sucking face with her dog.


That's some big love.


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Every dog and owner understands

It's a cute pic.

1670 days ago


I agree with #1

1670 days ago


I think any pet owner understands. Doggie and kitty kisses are a sign of affection and I accept it as such. Hell, I used to share popsicles with my pooch when I was a kid. A kiss is nothing.

I will admit though, I got a little grossed out when a friend's dog licked inside my mouth when I laughed.

1670 days ago


I have a dog, but Iam not kissing him. I found that nasty

1670 days ago


It's cute..It isn't like her mouth is open or anything. It could've been for a second.

1670 days ago


It's okay because her mouth isn't open? Really? Then by that logic she should just kiss his ass too.

1670 days ago


I agree with Cammie, its gross. I don't want to a kiss from an animal that licks its own a** every 10 minutes.

1670 days ago


Yep, and he just got finished licking his balls/cooter, no doubt did the same to another dog and who knows what he's been eating or sniffing himself! American's are some of the nastiest critters in this world. Why would anyone let a dog lick them in the face or mouth! He licks his balls all day and if he's bi- he's licking the neighbors balls, including the neighbors dog's! It's like spreading STD's/Herpes, it's just gross!! Kinda like the HogAssTrashians

1670 days ago

Outback Boy    

Disgusting, it's like licking Lindsay Lohan.

1670 days ago


Haha the cat comment made me laugh, I envision plastic surgery in my future if I ever try to kiss my cat.

1670 days ago


If your dog is licking his ass every ten minutes, there's something wrong with your dog. Just sayin'.

The funny thing about dogs is... you can't predict what they're going to do. You can go to give em a peck on the head and they turn and surprise ya. Personally, I'd rather see this... a person who you can tell genuinely cares about their animal, than someone who simply treats it as an accessory.

1670 days ago


NASTY! If you let your dog lick you on the lips and you think you are not a nasty person, you are in DENIAL! Because, you ARE nasty! And for those that allow the dog to do that to your infant, toddler, or child, shame on you! (P.S. I love animals and have a dog. That being said, I see the NASTY stuff it licks on outside or on itself!) Stop being in DENIAL nasty people!

1670 days ago


I wish I was the dog :-)

1670 days ago


I love my dogs unconditionally. They have offered me more real love and companionship than ANY human ever has in 60 years. Yes, I kiss them on the mouth. I also brush their teeth. I'd rather kiss them on the mouth than some human who smokes, drinks, rarely brushes their teeth and then spews toxic crap all day long when they speak. My doggies are kind, fun and the best loyal family members. Read the posts here to find out what humans are like.

1670 days ago


And you think humans don't lick butts? OMG lol. Studies show that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans. Less bacteria found in dogs mouths. Study uP and then comment. GET EDUCATED-I did.

1670 days ago
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