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'Idol' Reject Complains Out Loud ... And Sings

2/23/2010 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Golightly -- who was disqualified from this season of "American Idol" after reaching the Top 24 -- just sang his heart out during a news conference he set up in an effort to be reinstated on the show.

Chris Golightly: Click to view!

Chris started the whole thing off by stating his case -- that he did in fact sign this non-"Idol" recording contract on May 30, 2009 ... but claims he was released from the contract a month later and should not have been disqualified from the show.

Chris handed out this document today ... which he says released him from his contract in time to appear on "Idol."

That's when Chris busted out "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson ... and it was priceless. After it was all over, we interviewed him ... and got him to sing another song.

Below are the updates we posted as they happened...

UPDATE 9:28 AM PT: It's about to start, even though nobody really showed up.

UPDATE 9:30 AM PT: Chris calls the whole thing a "misunderstanding." He says he in fact signed the contract we posted earlier today ... but claims he was released from that contract in June.

Chris says he wants to be reinstated. Good luck with that.

Yes, Chris is singing "Man in the Mirror" right now. That was special.

Chris is doing interviews, but we're gonna try to get him to sing again. Get your lighters ready.

UPDATE 9:41 AM PT: Oh hells yeah ... he just sang another song. You're welcome.

UPDATE 9:43 AM PT: It's over ... we'll post the video shortly. Stay tuned!!!!

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1705 days ago

Darren W. Wood    

he messed up and now he is making his own audition (whats with the crappy tune) and what planted reporter asked him to sing?

amateur hour all the way. not even worth covering unless Harvey is gonna spend at least 5 minutes cutting into him on TMZ Live.

go back to singing on youtube, about the only music career your gonna have.

1705 days ago


heres a new flash.. NO ONE CARES.. GO AWAY ...

1705 days ago


ok, ok .... stop singing already! Sheeesh!

1705 days ago


"I never had sex with that woman, Miss Abdul"

1705 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

Harvey, I'm going to hold a press conference about how crappy my life is and how I deserve a second chance. How soon can you get the cameras here? If everyone writes or calls in, maybe I can force some corporation to make me an executive or something. Microsoft - I want to work for Microsoft. C'mon people, make this happen. I deserve it. Uhmmm. I've played with computers all my life. I started with Pac Man and flipped the board on DOOM. I deserve this. C'mon, my mother died.

1705 days ago

Floridachik must be slow over at TMZ..if there giving this nobody all this attention...***YAWNS***

LMAO @ #8 comments ....

1705 days ago


Well shoot, I missed it..sounds by comments that I didnt miss much...although...i will play devils advocate here and say that if he did truely break the rules then "them the breaks". If they did place him in top 24 then I will assume he can sing and has talent. That said, why the heck not?? Get as much coverage as you can..maybe he comes out with a contract. If it was a misunderstanding, and AI acted too quickly in replacing him before finding out all the facts...then great to him bringing that to light...I am amazed at how AI seems to pick and choose what rule breakers they will allow and what ones they won't. Remember Frenchie...she was fabulous, and made it to the live show, but got tossed for something really stupid, a small charge of some sort, memory fails me but I recall it being a misdemeanour. Also another top 24 (forget the name), also very good, she was tossed as pic's found on web, I don't think she was even totally nude...yet...this season they have a guy (forget his name sorry), is a convicted felon. He did serve his time, and good for him for turning himself around, and I am glad he made it, but why ok for some and not others? Last season had a contestant in top 24 who did do completely nude photo's, and sex on web to if i remember right..but she didnt get tossed..AI is very inconsistant with inforcing their rules. I know it's their show and they can do what they like, but lets face 24 is a big deal, most get contracts and go on to make alot of money for getting top 24. I think if this was a mistake, they should let him in the top 24 and let America decide..I mean really...what would it hurt..if anything AI ratings have been slipping, and this would make them look more would be a win win to let him in...

1705 days ago



1705 days ago


the title says it all.....REJECT
Go home you moron

1705 days ago


#24 LMAO!!! True that!!! I would watch sweetie!!! and yes..actually I do have a ustream account...hmm...right now ltd is giving me a crap load of problems..maybe i do press conference on ustream..and yes, i do believe i could actually cry....maybe tmz could cover that?? I am sure it may help me out!! Harvey if your reading...after #24 can i be next plz...

1705 days ago


Desperate much? Lame.

1705 days ago


His new name is "Chris GoHome"

1705 days ago


Go away you Sideshow Bob look a like

1705 days ago


He violated his terms and conditions, that's life he'll have to try next year.

Not that it matters. Even if they let him back, He's not near good enough. If you watched at all, they got some amazing talent this year, and he wouldn't stand a chance.

1705 days ago
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