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Brad & Angie -- The Face Sucking Continues

2/23/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie took a break on the set of her latest film in France earlier today ... to remind herself what the inside of Brad Pitt's mouth tastes like.


And action!


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I could careless about these two.They are old new and a waste of space.Brad is overrated and Angie is a homewrecker.Really in the end Jen came out the winner.I have never ever thought that Brad was hot let alone kinda cute.He is a boring actor and so is she.The kids are adorable though.Most have been a slow news day and they have to prove that they are in love.Who cares, drop off the face of the ploanet already

1611 days ago


I do not understand why anyone anywhere are at all interested in the lives of people like these that live outside the real world, never experiencing the hardships, pain and suffering faced everyday by normal working class people.
Even worse is the fact that the media find it necessary to publish these crap stories instead of the real news.

All I can say to the people who find stories like this interesting is they need to get out and get a life of their own..

1611 days ago


OMG! I think its some of you guys that need to take a serious look at yourself - why is it some people can't stand to see a happy couple! They have kids together for goodness sake! Live and let live LOSERS!

1610 days ago

lora c    

Damn you people will never be happy. If they do kiss in public it is for publicity and it is fake. But if they don't show any affection they are breaking up. If you don't see pictures there is something wrong and if you do see some they planned it and it is fake. Get a grip people they are just a couple with kids that are in the public eye. Let them alone. They do alot for different charities and try to give back. But unlike others they give even when there is no disaster. Their foundation works year round and all over the world. They are still working to help with the Katrina disaster, even when most have gone and forgotten about it. They seem like good people. I am thankful that they are there to help those in need all the time, not just when is is good publicity.

1610 days ago


Before Brad and Angie got together, Brad and Jen were already losing interest in one another. By the time final ending of Friends sitcom was to an end, Brad was no longer coming to the set and was not there on the last episode as like the other cast members. All this occured months before he worked with Angie.
They both were checked out of their marriage. Angie was not the wedge between these two.
He and Angie has better chemistry, same interest and humor. Jen was forever concerned about her looks and age.
After Jen and Brad were over, she has had many men she's bedded with. Why do you think any have not continued a long relationship with her?
A women and a man who are parents to their 6 children should still show affection and love to one another. Bless these two, they continue to preserve their love and protect their family.

1610 days ago


I want to know if these two are married or not?

1610 days ago


Most of the haters are past life livers that live off the past they live in the past people divorce everyday. You haters are jealous otherwise you wouldn't have nothing bad to say they must love each other they have a family so haters get a life of your own. That is like so old and Jen Jen is trucking on with her wildish ways so to poor mortal souls stop the crap and get a life.

1610 days ago


for crying out loud, it's been 5 years and counting.. you people still on the 'Team' crap!!! stop living in the pass like it's still '98 (JM lol)is miss Aniston the only human on this planet who's divorce??? I thank God every day BP left that horse face selfish TV girl!
to you all 'Team' JA, 'Lie' is the only thing left,that can make you HAPPY!!!

1610 days ago


Of course he's kissing the beautiful mother of his children. Jennifer can always put on her old wedding gown and kiss her old wedding photo albums and play that 70's song by Barbra Streisand "Memories", whenever she wants to kiss Brad Pitt again.

Jennifer Aniston in her old wedding gown, Streisand music begins: Memories... like the corners of my mind. Like the way we werrrree. Sweet water-color me-mo-ries. Like the way we were!! Got a pic-ture...

1610 days ago


Brad was good looking when he was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Now he is just trashy looking and she looks years older
than she did then. It's just pr and they need to start
thinking up some new stunts. These are getting old and
boring. The kids are the ones suffering from all the pr.
They've been in the tabs more than most adults. If Maddox
does read it, can you imagine what he thinks. They
aren't even thinking of the kids.

1609 days ago


I wouldn't kiss a man who didn't groom his beard and mustache. The hair is growing over his lips--eewww! Gross. I don't find Brad Pitt that attractive anymore.

1586 days ago


for you idiots that think you see 7 fingers, it's part of her glove DUHH! and for the ones that are haters, you must be very miserable with your own life. Get your life right and maybe you can be as happy as Angelina and Brad.

1561 days ago


Ew. His facial hair makes me want to gag.

1545 days ago

Dell Vera    

I still kiss better Brad! and she knows it!

LOL-dam some of you must be dam bored after reading coments in here! or jobless..
best wishes Dell Vera!

1529 days ago


they are both gross both full of disease, they spread disease on a regular day each day her nasty skelton melting looking face appears on a cover of any magazine. she will NEVER compare to jen she told him he can sleep around 'just not with jen" she is mentally ill i believe her father anyday over her.i could name so many sick twisted things i have seen her do throughout the years but it would be way to long on here. her donations are for PR and who couldnt wouldnt be able to donate when they have that much money and homes in every country blah blah blah.she makes the magazines report it when they donate or or one day trips of concern to other countries. wake up angie if you concentrated your selfish ass to your OWN country and help the people here in OUR country. There are people here huting, homeless ect..but then you would not get as much pr right?guess all the cutting you did/do caused you to lose so much blood from your brain and that is probably why your so mental yet still today. you will NEVER be as sexy as Jenn NEVER and NEVER have the class she has and that kills you. you are a control freak the only movies of your that do any good are the ones u take ur clothes off when you actually have to act like a "drama" they bomb!your simply a sex fantsy and that is it.if my daddy was an actor i would have had open doors my entire life as well.regardless of my life i would never have slept with my own moms boyfriend talk about "betrayal"......breaking up 3 marriages,bragging about screwing in limo on way to red carpet and shaking hand with everyone.cutting yourself and your lovers because there is not enough emotion?lesbo affairs,horses? tat's dont are a sick human being. and according to internet research most hated. for all the bragaloonies im far from jelous and i am only 109 pound 5'5 dark tan and long hair so not not jelous just dont like liers and homewreckers. only a matter of time before she ruins another. who will the 4th be?

1514 days ago
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