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Jen Aniston Goes Cruisin' in Style

2/23/2010 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston took her expensive gun metal gray Bentley out for a luxurious spin in L.A. on Monday.

Move over J.Lo, there's a new Jenny from the block.


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I agree she looks nervous driving, probably weaving thru the paparazzi. Bet she would be slammed for driving over someone's foot next. She made millions off of "Friends" alone and can definitely afford the damm car. The people dumping on her are just Brangelina fans (nothing wrong with that, I like them both as actors, notsomuch in their personal lives but whatever).

I bet if this were George Clooney's ride or Leo DiCaprio or ______ (insert your favorite star) you would care less. I wonder why Meg Ryan didn't get dumped on for doing the "same old movies, playing the same old characters", blah, blah back in her heyday.

I agree she plays romantic comedies 99% of the time. It's her "bread and butter". I'm not gonna lie, I have no problem with that. I think she's funny.

1652 days ago

Dirt Burger    

We get it Jen, you are very rich, you live in a 15 million dollar home and you drive a two hundred thousand dollar car. You are just so special and better than the rest of us. What are you going to do next to show us how rich you are, maybe a Lear jet? just go away already.

1652 days ago


I don't see the difference between her and any other movie star out there, either. Why all the vitriol towards her? What about Clooney in his Italian "bungalow", on his yacht (which I am pretty sure probably cost more than this car); or Mel Gibson or Johnny Depp owning their own islands? Oh, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have their own island, too, I think.

I am pretty sure John Travolta's 747 cost more than this car. I could go all night listing excesses of the rich and famous. But boy, does this girl get people all hot and bothered! At least she buys things she can afford. At present, I don't think she has homes (plural by the way, including castles) in foreclosure a la Nicolas Cage...

I think it is because people still favor Aniston on a morals/values level over Jolie so the Jolie fans have to come on and bash anytime there is any item on here.

1652 days ago


She's an independent woman who earns her own money. Not like she had to marry a rich jerk and live vicariously through him. Most women will tell perfect strangers what their husbands do for a living, as if it justifies their only purpose on earth. More power to women like Jennifer Aniston who do it for themselves. Go girl!!

1652 days ago


She could hardly see over the steering wheel.

1652 days ago


Neil Fifer gives her a better ride than that car!

1652 days ago


I am so sick of looking at pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods and Tiger Wood's ho's. Talk about insaturating the media. Geez, enough already!!

1652 days ago


And yet you still keep coming to a celebrity news site. Question: are you a retard?

1652 days ago


Gorgeous woman! Gorgeous car!

The JP loons are the ones that keep this Jolie/Pitt/Aniston triangle going. They are so envious of a woman with NO responsibilities, except herself. They are stuck sitting on their rears all day, eating cheetos while waiting for the next government check. Pathetic!

1652 days ago


post #10 - cancerboy, I couldn't agree with you more.

Well, since she can't keep a man, guess she wants to drown her all her loneliness with money.

1652 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Maybe every woman's life isn't about keeping a damn man! Maybe that's your life ambition, but that's probably why you're on this site complaining instead of Jennifer Aniston! Her priority is success and independence then summon a man when she is ready. Think about that! You've just been served some common sense, eat it and indulge in it!!

1651 days ago


You idiots. You have no idea how much money this woman gives to charity. Just because she doesn't old a press conference like Brangelina doesn't mean she doesn't give.

I for one, thinks it's more admirable to give anonymously.

Per dollar, she donates more than Pitt and Jolie combined. Come to think of it; what happen to the 14 million that Jolie and Pitt received for selling their childrens pictures. Seems they only gave away half of that.

1651 days ago


what makes you people think she is a bimbo!!! Your calling the wrong person names , the BIMBO that took Jen's husband from her should be called these names, not Aniston! Think about it, your all mixed up! What has Jen Aniston done so bad? She is out there dating, that's all. Leave her alone.

1650 days ago


What a bunch of idiots. If you had her money, you would have whatever car you wanted, also. And Jennifer does alot for charity, she just doesn't like to flaunt it everytime she does, unlike two real publicity whores I can think of. She looks great, I enjoy her movies, and she has every right to enjoy her life and her money. And I doubt very seriously if she is losing any sleep over anything you jealous hypocritical jerks are saying. Leave her alone. What did she ever do wrong? Did she cheat on her husband who left her right at the time they had agreed to start having children. (at the end of "Friends", one of the greatest shows ever that I can watch over and over) She is single and going on with her life. People can be so ignorant it really annoys me.

1612 days ago


Brad Pitt found the love of his life alright. That's why he looks miserable 99 percent of the time. He looks old and tired, and is very rarely photographed not looking hungover. I hope he is miserable now that he is with "Skeletor". They both deserve each other. Jennifer is so better off without that loser. She can now date real men, and since she is single, she can date whoever she wants. Looks like she's doing really well in that department. I would love to have dated some of the guys she has, except Brad Pitt, who has never been my cup of tea. As for Jennifer saying he didn't cheat on her, that is because at the time she believed that. That is until "Skeletor" just about came out and admitted they were doing it while they were making that loser of a movie. Jennifer is a classy lady, and I hope she gets the happiness she deserves.

1612 days ago
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