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The 'Lost' Diary -- Lighthouse

2/24/2010 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LostWelcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I judge people based on the TV shows they watch. For example: I met a girl at a bar last night. Extremely attractive, at one point she became infinitely more attractive when she told me she loved "The Wire" and couldn't wait to get home to watch "Lost." Had those two shows been replaced by "Law & Order" and some reality show on VH1, I probably wouldn't have liked her as much as I did. should start a personals section -- I'd be all over it.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am watching this Wednesday morning because of the above-mentioned social engagement and my kitchen flooding, which was awesome. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- Watching the "Previously on 'Lost'" makes me realize: I REALLY WANT TO SEE CHRISTIAN TONIGHT.

9:01 -- Jack doesn't remember having his appendix out. Odd, right?

9:02 -- Jack has a son that inherited his hair. That's even odder.

9:03 -- "I could eat." -- Hurley. Not odd.

9:04 -- When Jacob told Hurley that "someone is coming to the island," every hair on my arms stood up. Liking where this is going.

9:07 -- Jack and his son don't seem to have a good relationship. Is "who is the mother of Jack's son?" gonna be the big reveal?

9:09 -- Claire seems totally normal except for the fact she doesn't bathe and is now Rousseau 2.0.

9:11 -- "I'm a big fan of temples and history and Indiana Jones stuff." -- Hurley

9:12 -- I have come to the conclusion that every scene not involving Hurley and Jacob is going to suck tonight. I hope I am wrong.

9:13 -- "He's dead, turns up wherever he wants ... like Obi-Wan Kenobi." -- Hurley

9:18 -- So Claire is crazy, and she thinks The Others have her kid.

9:19 -- "I'm not by myself." -- Claire. Christian, perhaps?

9:20 -- "Jack (laughing), I almost shot you." -- Kate. Oh, so hysterical.

9:23 -- A lot of boring talk between Jack and his mom leading up to the Claire revelation. Again, more Jacob, please!

9:24 -- So Claire is nuts, but she's only kinda nuts cause she thinks The Others have her kid. Sound familiar? Rousseau 2.0, for sure.

9:25 -- So Christian is still on the island poking around, but who is Claire's "friend"? Jacob?

9:26 -- If a crazy woman asks you if you are still her friend, you always say YES. Jin is no fool.

9:30 -- Jack and Hurley found Shannon's inhaler and the caves.

9:31 -- "What if these skeletons are us?" -- Hurley

9:32 -- "Because he wasn't in it." -- Jack

9:33 -- Jack's son has gone MIA. When a guy says "Whatever I did, I'm sorry" -- that's usually reserved for a woman.

9:34 -- "Very old school. You and me, trekking through the jungle to do something we don't understand. Very old school." -- Hurley

9:35 -- "I was broken. And I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me." -- Jack

9:36 -- Jack is amazed they've never seen the lighthouse before -- AND SO AM I.

9:37 -- "Kate took Aaron." -- Jin

9:38 -- Despite all the evidence, Claire still hacked that guy in the stomach with an ax. So, yeah ... she's nuts.

9:42 -- I've always wanted to kick open a jammed door.

9:43 -- So Jack's kid can really play the piano -- do we know of anyone he may have inherited that from?

9:44 -- "I don't know." -- Jack to Dogen. That had to hurt.

9:45 -- I paused the TV as Hurley made the mirrors move around, and there are names crossed out at each degree. "Linus" is one of them, and it appears "Wallace" is at 108 -- but that's crossed out too.

9:46 -- Jack found his name on the wheel and is turning the lighthouse to that number.

9:47 -- "It's the house I grew up in ... He's been watching us the whole time." -- Jack

9:48 -- If you want answers, try not breaking the magic mirrors. Just saying.

9:53 -- Scene where stereotypical father/son issues get resolved.

9:57 -- "I had to get you and Jack as far away from that temple as I could ... because someone is coming there. Someone bad." -- Jacob

9:58 -- Now Jin has decided the correct course of action is to lie to a crazy person. I do not agree.

9:59 -- "Am I interrupting?" -- Not Locke. This must be the bad man headed to the temple.

10:00 -- "That's not John, this is my friend." -- Claire

People complain about "Lost" all the time, but there is really only one time where "Lost" really annoys me -- when you know nothing in the middle really matters and they are just setting you up for the last 10 minutes.

Those last 10 minutes are cool, but parts in the middle really blow.

So the question becomes, is the end worth the middle? In this case, I vote ... maybe a little.

(By the way, this same theory works when judging women in the crazy/hot debate. You can deal with a crazy woman so long as she's hot ... but at some point the crazy outweighs the hot. See: Jolie, Angelina)

I give this episode a C-. I am willing to accept that this episode is a bridge to another episode, but on its own I found it more frustrating that anything. But I loved the Hurley/Jacob stuff, so that kinda saved it.

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After seeing this episode, this is my theory: The cave we saw last week with Sawyer, belongs to UnLocke. The walls are HIS scorecard (of sorts). While the lighthouse belongs to Jacob. The lighthouse wheel is HIS scorecard. And I say this because why the double work of crossing out names on the wheel and the cave walls.
Light and Dark opponents: the dark cave... the light house. There's that them again.

UnLocke is recruiting Sawyer. Jacob is recruiting Jack. These adversaries obviously need proxies to battle because they can't fight directly with each other. Something about those rules... I'm sure the recruiting will continue. Sawyer will be campaigning for UnLocke while Jack for Jacob. A war is coming.

In the end, a theory I can't take credit for, the flash-sideways is the outcome of the war. We are seeing the outcome where not only did the plane not crash, but entire lives took a completely different course. We are seeing in the flash-sideways that histories are different even before the plane landed. We are being treated to what happens to the losties lives at the end of the season; kind of like a bonus season 7.

Anyone on board?

1672 days ago


Hahahahaha!!!! I admire those of you that can at least create a theory. I'm so confused that I can't even come up with a lame one!!!

1672 days ago



I love it!!! Light and dark, cave and lighthouse, brilliant!!! Question though. If the cave is Not-Locke's, then why did he seem somewhat surprised when he saw the stones on the scale? He chucked one (I'm guessing the white one) when he noticed it. Other than that, I totally see your theory being very plausible!!

Sawyer tries to be good, but has a difficult time doing it. Jack is very good. They seem to mirror Not-Locke and Jacob!!!

I like it!!!

1672 days ago


Does anyone have a theory as to how they even learn about the people/candidates in the first place? How can Jacob and Not Locke know of Jack, Kate, the Kwons, Hurley, etc????

1672 days ago


Another one, Syid!!! He tries to be good too, but has a very dark past, just like Sawyer. And if I remember correctly, the people at the temple think he is a candidate for Not-Locke!!!

1672 days ago


Thanks for the insight everybody..I have watched since Season 1 and I will stay to the bitter end..Whatever happens!!!!

1672 days ago


#108 on the wheel is Wallace...this could be interpreted as possibly Desmond - Wallace is a scottish surname.

1672 days ago


Okay - the producers keep saying flash sideways universe which is becoming really annoying!!! All exploding the Jughead would do is change the Island from the 70's - that said Jacob & Black shirt have been there for centuries!!! Mrs Faraday and Whidmore & Richard & etc.etc. didn't go pooof in the white light explosion. The bomb may have changed the oceanic 815'ers lives but that wouldn't have effected the rest of the islands history or its prehistory. God I'm rambling!!!! My daughter and I have not missed an episode from epi 1 on the night it aired!!!! So you have to forgive me if my brain is on overdrive.
The best thing about lost is - with the exception of the twits buried alive & randomly bringing back the science teacher because he is a fairly recognizable TV actor - the writers are being true to the fans and delivering something we can discuss to the airwaves.
After Lost what - are people going to do? Count how many tadongs we hear in a Law and Order epi or if Charlie Sheen looks high on a 2 1/2men epi.
I think I'm going to start writing that book I've been meaning to get to & get ride of basic cable!!! Thank you ABC, Misters Abrams, Lindelof & Cuse!!!

1671 days ago


9:2525 -- So Christian is still on the island poking around, but who is Claire's "friend"? Jacob?

Dude, I thought you were following LOST? Claire's friend is the Black Smoke/Nemesis/Fake Christian/Fake Locke.

1671 days ago


Did you know that the book that Jack picked up in his son's room is titled The Annotated Alice by Gardner. It contains the works of Lewis Carroll titled Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The combined total of pages, of the two books, is 108 pages. The same number seen when Jack first goes down the hatch?

A mirror is also called a looking glass.

Lewis Carroll's real name is Charles.

Real Life Alice had a daughter named Rose.

Her father's name is Henry.

Jack's son's name is David, which is also the middle name of the character Desmond

Claire's mothers name is Carole.

Anyone else have any other tidbits? I'd like to know them.

1671 days ago


Does everyone remember when Juliet is dying she says something to Sawyer like "Let's go for coffee. We can go Dutch." and then Miles hears her dead body 'say' "it worked."

I think this is totally the key to everything. Whatever happens on the island, I think the final result is a totally successful, happy place in LA where everyone's lives actually work out to be totally wonderful eventually and I think they all find each other just the way we all hope.

I predict in the final episode Juliet and Jack will 'meet' in LA, make plans to go for coffee, to pay dutch and we will all find out that destroying the island worked and that everyone is happy and in love and all that jazz.

1670 days ago


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