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Mel B's Shaved Head:

Mommy & Me Edition

2/24/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Supercuts must have had a 2-for-1 special, because Spice Girl Melanie Brown and her adorable Eddie Murphy daughter have matching $12 punk 'dos.

Mel B and little Angel Iris showed off their scary weaves in L.A. on Tuesday.

If you wannabe my daughter, you gotta get with a shaved head.


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Isn't that child abuse! Poor kid, cute though

1704 days ago


#10-Eddie pays child support but has never met his daughter. He's such a poor excuse for a man for not being a father to this beautiful little girl. He made the decision to have unprotected sex and father a kid, he should take responsibility for his actions!

1704 days ago

Black Power    

Some of you people talk about Mel B as if she a musical genius. Please! She was a singer in a horrible band that went away ten years ago. She is no longer relevent to the music business. And as for those haircuts, they look stupid. I know it's hip to shave the side of your head now days, the same haircuts that people laughed at twenty years ago, but try cutting your hair like that and listen to the snickers from the people around you.

1704 days ago


Give your kid a bowl cut and it's a 'tard.
Give your kid one of these doofus things and they're a musical genius?

1704 days ago


I think she looks awesome and the kid is super cute! Rock it!

1704 days ago


Eddie's wikipedia article shows he has many kids. Eddie gets around!

1704 days ago


Only losers with no self esteem try and be cool via their kids =( What a terrible parenting decision on her part. Let kids be kids not accessories to your wanna be coolness. Take note Gwen Stefani and all you other celebs & parents who use your kids to appear cooler than you are.

1704 days ago

Cynthia J.    

The child is adoreable. Shame on that phony Eddie Murphy for not being part of his daughter's life. Well, I guess he has, like, 5 other kids. I just hope he's supporting the kid. QUIT BREEDING, PEOPLE!

1704 days ago


okay mommy - let our kids wait until they are old enough to decide how THEY want their haircut! jeez! i stressed getting my 18 month old sons hair simply trimmed because his curls are so beautiful and everyone said not to cut it but it needed a little trim!

does she not feel she is getting enough attention having EM's child? please - and as far as EM goes - it sways both ways - who knows if Mel told him she was on the pill or whatever - come on everyone - let's not play one side here!

just like tigers porn mistress - like she was pregnant twice? she wishes she had that meal ticket!

Mel - let your little one be herself - there is one of you enough in this world already..........In the long run, it will not matter so much what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves.

1704 days ago


Hey, I'm a big fat white woman. Yes, I'd love to have a body like Mel, but a don't and I can look at her without hating her. While I would never cut my hair like Mel's, I think it looks good on her. Her baby is adorable. Her hair will grow back, people. This isn't the end of the world. Maybe she just wanted to look like mommy. I think it's cute!

1704 days ago


The kid looks like one of those troll dolls... I think its horrible for this mother to do this to her daughter. This is not for the little girl, its for her. You knwo kids are going to make fun of her behind her back. If the mother wants to look this way; then so be it, but she shouldnt force this look on her young daughter.

1704 days ago


I don't care for either of their hair styles, but it's only hair. It will grow back and provide them a laugh when they look back on it years from now!

1704 days ago


Beautiful mom and daughter! I think they're adorable!

1704 days ago


Well, what have we here?
Another "Please, look at me! I'm so different!" pic of a washed-up celebretard attention whore, shamelessly pimping/humiliating her unwitting offspring for even more attention.

To the previous poster who said that Mel B always had a "punk style" and this was just her way of showing it off...oh, please!
Do you even know what punk rock is???
2012 can't come soon enough...

1704 days ago


I never comment on here but to call the little girl an Orangutang is NOT acceptable.

1704 days ago
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