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Octomom's Laugh Infects Daytime

2/24/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Real Doll on uppers, Octomom Nadya Suleman brought her own brand of crazy to "The View" this morning ... where her self-proclaimed "obnoxious" hyena cackle took center stage.

Octomom: Click to watch
Whoopi's expression says it all.


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Lippy Loo    

Good Gawd!!! She can't even keep those nasty fugly lips closed, because she had to much crap injected into them. What a nasty looking attention whore! She should be home with her brood of 80 rugrats.

1700 days ago


Toxomom just lied her way through The View and the ladies let her do it. Joy and Whoopi looked like they were enduring a Level Red Cootie Attack.
Maybe because they couldn't possibly do any worse to her than what she was doing, as usual, to herself. Which is probably just why she was no co-host, either.

Still lying that she was using up her last six frozen embryos implanted when the California medical board cites them as being fresh and intentionally planned and her ex-assistant Victor Munoz insists she told him it was eleven. Five and a half times the recommended medical number for women her age.

And that there is a possibility that there can be up to a hundred more frozen eggs somewhere. Or that there may be kids walking around SoCal that don't know she's their biological mother.
If I knew any of Kamrava's infertility patients that had given birth, I'd strongly suggest doing both maternity and paternity tests. Anyone that unscrupulous might have slipped them one of Toxomom's spare eggs. And she has a high rate of impaired kids.

Then Toxomom saying that this life she has was "thrust"upon her. How do you lie there and deliberately put eleven embryos up your uterus and tell the world that the way this happened was accidental and that you were powerless over it? Her words: never wanted this life-- and that she was just thrown into this without being aware. Really? You accidentally had Kamrava stuff eleven eggs up your uterus? How exactly does that happen by chance?

Still saying she had no plastic surgery. Here's a hint: Ask Simple Simoni.
And look at the before bikini pictures all over the web that haven't been photoshopped where the many scars, sagging implants and half-covered tattoos are visible. And start looking for her osteoporosis hump soon. Her hair can hide it for only so long.

Still saying she was at school with six kids and no nanny while she has repeatedly stated that her Merry Poppins or whatever Nanny Service has been with her for about six years now.
Still saying that the thirty something thousand she made while working paid for eleven series of invitro treatments when just one series is somewhere between $20,000 to $25,000 in Beverly Hills. That is at least $250,000 to 300,000 unaccounted for. And the drugs needed would bring that up to quite a bit more.
No one asked her about the $169,000 over ten years in Workers Comp fraud that meant that money was withheld from people who really were hurt.

Or the $50,000 in student loans that went into cloning herself into Angelina Jolie while she had only six kids and no income. That also means that was $50,00 unavailable to another student to use for actual college expenses, by the way.

And when she left the foreclosed house it was stacked to the ceiling with toys and the closets jammed full of clothes she simply left behind and walked away from.

But it's still my usual favorite. That Toxomom has had to learn to let go and forgive her own mother for the terrible crime of an entire lifetime of paying all the bills for not just this monster but taking every penny of her pension and even losing her home to support her grandkids. Talk about a criminal act.

I am very disappointed in the women of The View. Asking someone if they are all there instead of nailing them for so much deliberately criminal behavior and not looking deeper into who fathered these kids and over period of ten years why he did so repeatedly and whether since he is well off why he isn't supporting them is just such neglectful journalism. Someone needs to find out why the state has to pay for their kids when they have a father who likely is very, very well off and can easily afford to be financially accountable for them. It's not the state's responsibility to pay for his spawn.

They have staffs that could have given them all the relevant data and not let her skip her way through all those lies. It is really regrettable that you can get on TV and make it all up out of delusions and excuses as you go along to keep it all about you while 14 kids will have to suffer for a lifetime for it. And so will elderly parents.

1700 days ago


Tangled- you missed the best part. In TODAY'S version of the IVF story, she says the doc implanted 6 but then her uterus contracted and they thought she expelled the eggs so they had to shove 6 more up there. A grand total of 12 embryos.

If she wasn't high, the she is purely nuts. Either way CPS needs to be watching those kids very closely.

On the upside, I think she finally killed off anyone's delusions that she could ever be a talk show/ game show host.

1700 days ago


Oh, and that outfit she was's a SHIRT from Guess, not a dress.

Yes, her braying did infect tv land today. So who has the antibiotics to pass around?

1700 days ago


And she KNEW it was a TOP, not a DRESS because TMZ caught her wearing it in another photo op!

1700 days ago


why is she on it in the first place? Is her 15 minutes of fame not up yet? I am still waiting to hear one of her kids has been seriously injured or child services has taken her kids. She belongs in a mental facility and her own mother said so....

Her kids will probably grow up to resent her I know I would if my mom had me just to try and get famous

1700 days ago


OMG! Train wreck inside and out~~~and 14 kids to follow in her footsteps. God help them. And the hooker outfit? And the "View?' Shame on you! Why didn't you parade the children out onto your stage to complete this tragic scene. Unbelievele!!

1700 days ago


Someone needs to tell Sheri to cross her legs. She has to be one of the ugliest creatures on TV.

1700 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I have no doubt that pig has infected a lot of places.

1700 days ago


I watched the show live today. DUDE! She had to be on drugs. She was all over the place and did not make sense at times. She has got to be on speed or meth....talking 90 miles an hour.

1700 days ago

Pat M    

I used to be a loyal fan of The View. I stopped watching the day they had Kate Gosselin on as a guest host. Why would they give a forum to these women who are clearly out of touch with reality?
Since when does having too many kids make you a celebrity? I will never watch The View again.

1700 days ago


Diana --

Thanks I forgot all about the the part where her uterus sneezed --don't you hate it when that happens---and the implants fell out and another batch were shoved in. Right.
You gotta give her a fraction of a point for creativity. I assume she is so grubbily dressed because her luggage got lost. Looks like a red-eye outfit. But like everything else about her it was just the usual fail.

Bottom line is obviously that she's too toxic for TV. It's a backwash level of echoing creepiness that no one wants to be around. Unless you are into porn, you've likely seen the last of her. She'll be hosting at porn conventions until the last 8 graduate from college or jail, whichever comes first.

This is an historic occasion. It's the first time she has been seen to wear any cruddy name-label twice. She has to wear something to cover her lower legs because they are heavily tattooed . Rumored to be with babydaddy's name running down one lower leg. It's why she was in the surf and kneeling in bikini pix.

1700 days ago


I could not believe what I saw on The View this morning...first of all...the outfit was horrible...her butt was hanging out...the laugh is sooo fake...the womqn MUST be on speed....very very powerful one acts like that if they are not on something! It is a very frightening thought to think she has children to raise...those poor kids do not have a chance with a nut job like her for a mother. Please someone stop that lunatic from having any more babies!

1700 days ago


I watched the longer version of this video on another site and I can't tell if Octomom is drugged .... she is whacked out. Her behavior doesn't suggest that she is "hyper" - her behavior screams MEDIA WHORE. I kinda feel bad for the kids .... it isn't their fault that their mother is a waste of oxygen.

1700 days ago


OMG,, i had to change the channel.. she sounds very manic to me,,
what a wacko

1700 days ago
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